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Sell / WTS few pieces of T4 [Cheap]
« on: September 13, 2016, 09:18:44 pm »
4x Gauss Pistols, 80k each
310k for the lot

2x TPR, 110k each
200k for the lot

Auctions / WTA Statted Plasma Rifle Bundle
« on: September 09, 2016, 09:09:31 pm »

The bidding will begin at 80k
Minimum bid = 10k

Happy Bidding! :)

End Date: 16/09/2016

Game Help / Broke my version of FOnline
« on: September 06, 2016, 08:47:37 pm »

Any chance to get a replacement FOnline Reloaded CD-ROM? Maybe a season 3? ;D

Sell / WTS 2x TPR
« on: September 06, 2016, 03:41:05 pm »
Willing to sell 2 Turbo Plasma Rifles. PM for discussion

3. Adding new locations to the world, using the World editor.

This isn't hard as well, but here u can mess things up pretty easy if you click around while experimenting.
  • First things first, before you forget, delete the world save files. I always forget this and launch the server two times bc of this.
  • Launch Mapper and open a map to copy from, I used: tent_mountain (Type in console: "~tent_mountain")
  • Add a new robot NPC (critters->others->Robobrain)
  • Save the map: "^tut_map1"
  • Go to the Server\Maps forlder, you should have a new map file here named: tut_map1.fomap

Now, time to place this map on the world.
  • Launch the World editor located in the Tools folder. (You might need to get .NET framework v4, this is a freely downloadable framework for Windows, don't be affraid of it, programs written in C# use it. Most Windows Service  Packs have it, so you probably won't have to dl it.)
  • Add the new map:
    • Press Ctrl+M (or in the menu Tools->Mapdata Editor) and Add New Map
    • Name your nap: Tutorial1
    • Press Assign Free PID (but the default 128 should be free as well)
    • Browse the map file recently made (..\Server\Maps\tut_map1.fomap)
    • Save.
  • Add the new location:
    • Press Ctrl+L (or in the menu Tools->Location Editor) and Add New Location
    • Name the location: Tut_Loc1
    • Assign a free PID. (Default 90 should work fine as well)
    • Set size to 6. (24 is a town size green cirle, 6 or 8 should be small enough)
    • Set max players to 0. (In case you leave it at 1, and you test it later with multiple chars, they won't be able to enter until the one inside leaves.)
    • Set description ("A strange robot in the middle of the wastes")
    • Set visibilty: Check Visible.
    • Add Map: Sort by PID, scroll to 128 and select the recently made map, Tutorial1.
    • Save and exit Location Editor.
  • Set the location on world map:
    • Press Ctrl+A (menu Worldmap->Add Location)
    • Sort by PID, scroll to 90 and find your recently added location named Tut_Loc1
    • Add this location. Now you can place your location on the map, place it near the spawning point for easier testing.
    • Check what you done, by searching the map in World Editor near Hub, your new location should appear.
    • Save the world map, press Ctrl+S (menu: File -> Save) and exit World Editor.
Test what you have done. Make sure you delete the World saves, start server, launch client and with a new char you should see the new tutorial location nearby.

Toxic Caves / Hardened Difficulty Critter Special Loot Drop Proposal
« on: August 04, 2016, 04:00:29 pm »
Alright so Reloaded has many NPC's/Critters that range from easy difficulty to somewhat challenging, ultimately ending up with fighting the latter in turn based and for no other reasons besides farming for gear. What I would like to propose is the idea of such enemies to drop an item that can lead the player, or a group of players, to a unique dungeon/location in response, and in the theme, of the enemy NPC/Critter they received the drop from. The location will of course require a harsh difficulty level, but the purpose of said location is to provide the player(s) with very interesting and definitely useful loot, maybe stretching into the bounds of unique gear unobtainable anywhere else. The chance to do all of this, however, is to be severely stunted to the extent where getting the chance to obtain a location is to be very rare, maybe 1-2% chance in any of the enemy encounters to receive the drop.

The drop itself can be in the form of any object specific to the enemy, though for easier method of transferring this idea across, I will limit this to perhaps a unique radio that has a specific radio frequency tuned in. For this example I will discuss this idea with the Desert Hunters enemy NPC in mind, and I have also created a custom Desert Hunter Outpost map for visual aid and eye candy.

So, as the example goes, a player, or a group of players, are out in the wasteland, challenging themselves with the task of killing Desert Hunters. Their aim may be to collect the Desert Combat Armor that they drop, the super stims they can collect, or maybe purely for the challenge that they present. After a good amount of time "farming" Desert Hunters, they happen to find a sand coloured radio tuned in to a frequency not found on a normal radio. The player that picked up this radio, once exiting to the world map, finds that a new orange circle has appeared on the world map and the group decides to go and investigate.

Desert Hunters Outpost

The location itself, despite meaning to be very harsh in difficulty, is geographically sound and equal; there are no differences in location because entering either through north or south will present the same amount of challenge. The place of value is the room in the top right corner of the map with lockers and crates.

[Disclaimer] - I apologise for not using NPC with Desert Armor but I had no luck finding them at all in the mapper.

My ideas for the loot to be held in the lockers are to be of worthy value. This can range from, and not limited to, a whole load of statted combat gear with unique prefixes, a high sum of medical aid (we are talking about a lot of super stimpacks and other combat drugs), either a higher chance of obtaining t4 or a solid chance of obtaining a piece of t4. There could also be the possibility of finding either an Adv/Uni prefix on items you certainly could not get it on besides through special encounters, for example Bridgekeeper robes, alien blaster, solar scorchers, even g11's. As for implants, well if the drop rate of the item that gives the location is rare in comparison to the hidden bunker special encounter, then a decision for that can be made.

My current list so far of enemies that have the chance to drop the special item, be it a radio or some other device, currently are:
  • Desert Hunters
  • Enclave Patrols
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Renegades?

Since this entire proposal is of relatively destructive difficulty, both in terms of combat and chance of receiving, the ability to somehow "bot" or "abuse" will be very hard to do: You can not spam multiple accounts and wander world map to receive a special encounter like this; you actually have to fight NPC's.

Post thoughts and suggestions below, anything will be taken into account and I will discuss it with the lads over at WIPE HQ  8)

Suggestions / A talk about plasma weapons.
« on: July 10, 2016, 04:08:36 pm »
The plasma rifle has the secret +5 on the critical roll but is only to be seen on the plasma rifle. This is not found on the plasma pistol nor the plasma pistol ext. cap. While there is the argument that it is for the weapon itself, I argue that this roll should infact be applied to the plasma pistol ext cap too. This will not be in effect for standard plasma pistols.

My reasons for this are:
1) Why would it only be for the plasma rifle? The ammunition itself should be the instigator of the +5 critical roll effect, not the weapon.

2) If this were in effect, then the possibility of a plasma pistol build in the form of a sneaker can be achievable. This would not at all be overpowering or differ people to change into plasma pistol sneakers simply because of the low damage output it would have against targets in combat armor; the effect of this would be so a dedicated crippler sneaker can arise, but can only do so with the effect of +5 crit chance on the plasma pistol ext cap and not just the plasma rifle.

3)On the topic of plasma pistol sneaker, it would make do for a good anti sneaker role since leather armor mark 2 and below would have low plasma resistance, so the other outcome of this sneaker would be purely for scouting and successful anti sneak roles, eventually managing a crippler role too on combat characters, something wanted by the developers in the first place.

4)Energy snipers can now use a pistol for a secondary back up weapon at close range if this were applied due to the lower ap cost and effectiveness it would have. Refer to sniper/223 builds who do the exact same thing.

Finally is the talk about the range of the weapons. Maybe an increase to plasma rifle range by a couple hexes, say 35 hexes to compensate the fact that a plasma pistol can somehow out do it in range. Honestly why is it like this? Surely a rifle would have superior range to a pistol.

Auctions / WTA 2x Vindicators
« on: July 05, 2016, 09:00:46 pm »
1 is 94/100, the other 100/100.
Starting bid is 600k
Minimum Increase is 25k.

Auction will end on the 7th July.

The Workshop / Zek's Standard Encounter Map Tutorial
« on: July 02, 2016, 01:16:00 pm »
Alright, so you have checked out the forum and have directed your attention to the workshop which holds many interesting mapping threads. You click on one and see absolutely stunning maps that, if all goes well, will be seen in game post wipe. A sudden feeling from within inspires you to download the mapping tools to bring to life creations you have wanted to make since first opening the FOnline reloaded application. However, as soon as you managed to set up the pathways to folders and open the mapper for the first time, you are left confused and shaken. Wondering how anyone can make a map in this application is too much for you and, after several minutes, and in my case cigarettes, you shut down the mapper, log into FOnline reloaded and get back to levelling your character powered with the frustration from moments ago.

That was exactly how I felt the first time I was introduced to the mapper. Starting from square 1 with no background information and no knowledge of the program left me utterly exhausted with trying to create anything. It was only through persistence and wanting to help add to the game that got me to where I am today, working with the developers of Reloaded and making new content for everyone to enjoy.

The reason I am making this tutorial is because I had very minimal guidance on how to do anything in the mapper. The only resource I had available was this tutorial by Slowhand which managed to explain a little to me. While I can look back at it now and understand everything he had put in, as it stood back then I was as lost as a a blue suit going to warehouse for the first time.

This tutorial will assist people who are new to mapping and want to try out making maps in their free time. As such, the easiest way forward is of course to create standard encounter maps which is quite simple to do. However I must stress that for a map to be good, it does not mean over cluttering and throwing anything anywhere to make it feel... post apocalyptic. Having said that, let us begin!

The Basics

1)The cursor -  Self explanatory, allows for clicking on everything in the program.
2)Show - This menu reveals/hides the specific categories. Green border reveals category on screen, no border hides.
3)Select - This menu allows to select categories on screen. Green border can be selected, no border cannot.
4)Items - These are things such as containers, doors, vehicles. Anything that can be interacted or used.
5)Map - The main part. This is where you can place down walls, floors, scenery, all the good stuff.
6)Critters - Enemies and NPC. Mainly used for scale purpose.

As you can guess, the blue screen that the cursor is on is infact the main part of the mapper. Here you can actually create and view what you are making.

Useful keys/tips:
G = Displays Grid for ease and accuracy.
MouseWheel = Scroll in/out

For a realistic view of the mapper like you would view in game = zoom at 100%

A Simple Start

Standard Encounter maps are the simplest maps that can be created in the mapper. The reason is simply because you can copy and paste a pre-existing encounter map and customise it to your own personal preference. For this tutorial we will be using a very commonly used encounter map in the desert.

Hitting the "Enter" key will cause a search bar to pop up. In the search bar type in "~e_desert1" and you should get the following map on the screen:

This map may be familiar to you; it is one of the variations of maps you can encounter randomly in your travels in the desert. It is quite uninteresting but standard encounter maps are a necessity, and the more variations there are then the more differentiation of maps can be encountered in game. This is where this tutorial comes in.

Using the cursor, drag around the map and delete EVERYTHING with the exception of the tech border. It should begin to look like this:

Now comes the time for an important step: SAVING. A lot of people can get confused with the mapper tutorials out there on the issue of saving. The easiest and most efficient way to save your map is by inputting the following into the command bar:

^= Save
Insert name of the map
/text = To be truthful I have no idea about this, but general assumption is a text format of some sort.
/nopack = Prevents parts of the map being lost upon re-opening.

Now before moving on I advise closing the application and then opening it up again. Then just like how we loaded the desert map in the first place, open up the command bar and load your map. In this tutorial it would be ~StandardMap1. If this works then great, read on into the next section. If it does not work then you may not have saved your map properly. Luckily enough the first section is fairly easy to replicate, so just repeat the steps above to get a blank encounter map again and attempt to save. Once you have it under control, head onto the next section.

Dry Deserts are Dull

So you have made it this far and have yourself an empty desert encounter with a tech grid, and are able to save and load this blank slate. This empty map is the basis of any further encounter map you wish to make so don't worry about how bland it is currently. The fun part has arrived as it is time to start some mapping!

Important note - Do not over do this tutorial by creating a mega mansion instead of a simple shack. Remember the saying walk before you can run

The theme for this encounter will still be desert, but of course with some variation to make it more defined and interesting. What about a little farmer's shack out in the wasteland, similar to what was found in Fallout 2?

As shown in the basics section, select "Wall" in the "Map" section. The tab will now expand and list the types of wall available. Choose "Junk:Outside" and start placing down walls to form the first section of the farmer's shack. For corners, select "Junk:Corners" and for interiors select "Junk:Inside."

Within 5 minutes or less, depending on the kind of shack you decide to make, you will have a finished outline of your building. Here is a very simple one I made in under 2 minutes.

But what is a building without floors? Just like walls, select floor and the tab will expand. Select "art\tiles\crbm" and use the wooden plank floor tiles in there. Here is where the "G" button comes in handy as pressing it displays a grid full of squares. Each square is a floor tile and each of these wooden planks will fit in the squares inside the shack you have made. Dont forget that you can hide the walls in the show section shown in the Basics section.

And just like so:

We have constructed a shack and laid down some flooring. Basic shelter in the wasteland!

Dont forget to SAVE YOUR MAP. Now it is time to decorate.

Every place has it's features

This is also another important step. Cluttering an encounter is important because balancing the details out is necessary to prevent the standard encounter becoming both an eyesore and a unique location. Remember that this is a standard encounter map, not a commission.

All decoration and clutter can be found in "Scen" (Scenery) in the "Map" section. Just like the "Wall" and "Floor" the tab will expand with a list of clutter at your disposal. The current encounter map should be looking quite empty. This is expected, but now it is time to plant some dry grass, rocks and tress. Begin with selecting "Dry grass/Hay" and placing it ALL OVER the map. Make it as natural as you can; random placement can destroy the feel of the map.

TIP: Placing dry grass on the cracked desert tiles gives a really nice effect. I would recommend doing this.

Here is how the tutorial map is looking now:

It is up to you how you want to mess around with the natural environment. Place down rocks, trees, etc to really amplify the wasteland and surrounding area of this map.

Now here it is again with added natural clutter:

Slowly taking shape I might add. Hopefully so should your own! Now that natural decor has been placed, it is time to move onto man made decor. These are things like junk pieces, metal boxes, trash. Basically everything else. Look around and place things you feel will fit in with your own creation. Remember not to over trash the place, just add things here and there to bring it all out.

Here is my final cluttering of the shack itself:


Wait... No Roof?

Here is a particularly tricky part. Roofing any building is tricky at first because of how tedious it is to properly start it. To make this easier, have the grid show up with the "G" button and hide the floor in the show section. Now make the roof show. This will make the map look like this:

From here, select "Roof" on the "Map" section and, like expected, a tab will expand. Select "Art\Tiles\Ruf" and choose the tile "Ruf1000." Before placing anything down, click your middle mouse button and the tile should elevate. This elevation is the tile being in "Roof Mode." This can happen to all tiles, even floor tiles, so take care when placing down tiles of any sort, and make sure that if it is for floor then the tile is not elevated, and if it is for roof then it is. Pressing the middle mouse button once will cause all tiles to be placed in either "Roof Mode" or "Floor Mode."

Getting back to the point at hand, now in "Roof Mode" start placing the roof tile ontop of your shack. Once finished, and with floors revealed again, it should look like similar to this:


Alright so everything is pretty much done with your own standard encounter maps. The shack is down, the environment is set, clutter is prevalent across the map and everything feels alive. While you may think that this is it, you are happy with your work and you will start mass producing standard encounter maps, you are not actually finished; you are close, but not done.

Tech is very important in mapping. It prevents moving through solid objects, shooting through walls, it allows for actually entering and leaving the map in the first place. The latter has already been done with the tech border around the whole map. That area is the exit grid that players of the game all know. What you do need to know when mapping is that tech is VITAL. Tech needs to be put in so the map you make can actually function. The journey is almost at the end, but one last station must be visited.

Open the "Tech" tab in "Map" section, and you should automatically be choosing the green "S" tech hex. This is the hex that stops moving through objects; it blocks movement. Place this hex around objects that obstruct movement. For example this would be the caravan on the side of my shack, the cacti and smaller things around it too.

Next up is to block being able to walk through walls. This is the yellow "W" tech hex. These can be placed every other hex away from each other as to prop up a barrier for the wall, basically assisting the wall being a wall.

Green "W" tech hexes are for wall corners. They are an issue, so place them near yellow "W" tech hexes at corner intervals.

Next on the list is the "ENT" tech hexes. This piece of tech allows players to actually gain entry into the map from world spawn. Place quite a healthy amount of these in the centre mid of the map.

Finally, since this map is a standard encounter map, we will want mob spawn waves for enemy npc's to roam. This is the "mob wave" tech circle. Place roughly 5 or 6 of these across the map, preferably near the edges of the map.

This is the end result of the standard encounter map, complete with tech:

There we have it, a finished standard encounter map, ready for submission to the developers. Making a map takes a lot of time and dedication; the time it took me to make this standard encounter map, minus the time it took to write this tutorial up at the same time, was roughly under an hour. This is purely because I have been mapping for a good amount of time now and things just come naturally. For a new mapper interested in creating then this would most likely take up some more time. All standard encounter maps pretty much follow the method I have included in this tutorial today - ~e_desert1 and then deleting everything but the tech border, filling it all up with whatever you have in mind. As a matter of fact, it is how I create my custom unique locations too. Play around on the mapper, see what you can amount to and enjoy the things you make.

I hope this tutorial will be helpful to aspiring mappers.



Auctions / WTA Vertibird
« on: June 24, 2016, 06:13:25 pm »
I hate these and I have more than enough.
Starting bid: 200k
Minimum add: 10k

Will run for a couple days.

Character builds / Builds for PVP Flamers (Crit or Tank)
« on: April 11, 2016, 07:40:25 am »
I am not going to discredit the usefulness of flamers here but in the past I have always had a bad time utilising them in player versus player activities. Maybe the build I was using for them was wrong. However now I have decided to go back on my old legs and bring back flaming into my actions with Peace Keeper Squad. All I ask is if anyone has a standard pyro PvP build that can suffice long enough in combat to both deal some good amount of damage and survive long enough to get out of the fight alive.

Now, I know that there are flamers who follow the path of either of two builds: The Tanky Flamer and the Critical Flamer. From the top of my head a good guess for a tanky flamer would be following the usual 1LUCK 7 STR tank with complete set of tank perks, levelling big guns and perhaps swapping toughness and either Mos/Stonewall with the two pyro perks. Or perhaps I am thinking of it wrong entirely.

As for a critical flamer I do not even know if it would work at all efficiently on the battlefield. Recently I have been testing my luck (literally) with creating a critical flamer but it does not seem to work out. I have tried using several different variations; one with HtG (it sounded good in theory), one with better criticals (for the fun of it) and a few others. Out of all of them I felt like HtG was absolutely uesless and that somehow better criticals seemed to be more damaging WHEN the criticals even happened - 10 LUCK, 25% crit chance and the outcome was hardly any.

So yes, if any of you could share a good pyro PvP build then I would highly appreciate it; it has been too long that my love of the incinerator has went unfounded.

Toxic Caves / Re: Zek's Workshop
« on: April 02, 2016, 08:55:22 am »
I like that lately ppl have patience to make maps you should do maybe something for quest like gr mutie quest
That would be cool having more quests like that

Well currently I am planning on sticking with doing faction bases/dungeons/ML areas. I will be finishing up on the gas station magic locker today hopefully, however still wondering what to create for my next project. Maybe a pve dungeon similar to Ares? I mean something fresh - the overrated ruined vault tile set is getting incredibly boring for my taste. Vault 15 has it, Ares has it, Glow has it; time to make a change I suppose. Anything that the community wants? Post suggestions that I can grab ideas from! :)

The Workshop / Zek's Workshop
« on: March 31, 2016, 11:56:07 pm »
First and foremost I enjoy Fonline Reloaded and would choose this over any of the other "servers" out there. However I noticed a lack of dungeons and content and, as such, I have decided to create some maps to increase the small stockpile that is here. I will be adding to this thread whenever I have new maps made; current progress of maps will be released now and then too.

So, to begin with I have used the power of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit to manipulate this barren piece of land into a nice faction homestead:

Dont worry, I know having a space to park a car can lead to glitching when there are 2 cars in that space; that issue has been resolved by having only 1 car being able to park in that space. All the usual stuff is there such as computer and a rotgut still.

Now here is something I am working on. It is meant to be a new magic locker/pvp ground like reno or warehouse. It is not complete yet, but the background for the place is that it is a raider (slag) run gas station and that they have the tendency to go on distracting caravan raids; every so often they get something very nice that they like to lock up in a certain box at the back.

It is currently still WIP and the shot is zoomed out so the whole area can be seen. Will post close ups is requested.

Thanks, and any comments will be taken into account!

Barter / WTT Pulse Rifle
« on: March 22, 2016, 07:24:34 am »
I am WTT a pulse rifle, 100%/100% condition, for a nice number of caps and/or a good shipment of broc flower and xander root.

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