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General Game Discussion / Re: Glow, Warehouse and Reno...
« on: August 17, 2018, 10:00:51 am »
I just kept and keep enjoying the game even if all my friends left and I and know who would or could kick my ass easily, if they returned.

;] TB to Reno haha

Fan Art / Re: New Reno on ONE map
« on: August 17, 2018, 08:14:53 am »
Digging old threads and I wonder how big the map is? Isn't it too big?

I've mapped it out before and I'd say that the map is too big that it takes some time to render portions of the map. Any sort of player versus player encounter will most likely encounter lag. It will  happen with any large map.

However Urukhai is good with the larger maps, so it's not a distant thought  to think that it is completely far out of reach.

River of Tears / Re: Loot Drops And PK’s.
« on: August 16, 2018, 05:37:53 pm »
It's a shame that caravan experience rates no longer scale with current player level. The original pathway of grinding has been made even more monotonous and has been further dragged out with the set experience rate for each caravan.

RIP the process of gaining levels through junk crafting. It may have been viewed with upmost negativity, however it would be a lie to state that it wasn't done by most. It was a shortcut after all, and there is valued work behind it if you farmed and scienced gatlings instead of spamming WM over and over.

At least it was a viable alternative to the main pathway.

River of Tears / Re: I’ll Say It First… We Miss The Khans.
« on: August 11, 2018, 07:17:55 am »
Flagged for being controversial.

« on: May 30, 2018, 01:27:03 pm »
𝓲𝓽'𝓼 𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓲𝓷 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓭 +1

« on: May 30, 2018, 12:54:39 pm »
There isn't a dynamic between us, that is absolutely correct. However that doesn't mean I have a problem with you: I see no issues for you and I. What I do see are copious volumes of texts that all contain a nature of absurdity. Continue doing what you do, the things you write are hilarious - the central comedic principle being the fact they are quite embarrassing and rooted from this season's misinformation.

« on: May 30, 2018, 09:44:57 am »
This will be my last message to you.. well, more of an advice..

Stop embarrassing yourself.


Buy / Re: WTB APA or PA
« on: May 06, 2018, 07:26:05 pm »
Standard PA was being sold 300k for full set  ;)

Also not to deter OP but, if anyone does have T4 this season, no amount of caps will change their mind because T4 is unable to be received anymore AFAIK and caps are pretty much useless this season due to ungodly rates of hyperinflation (see player farms) Good luck finding someone though! :D

Suggestions / Re: Sneaker armors
« on: April 03, 2018, 05:08:46 pm »
Energy weapons are usually the bane of a sneaker anyway, which is why plasma grenades are factored in as being the best anti sneak weapon used by other sneaks, and how gatling laser and laser rifles exterminate in one hit (via volume of damage or critical, but usually the former.)

However I was recently refreshed with how the laser resistances of the sneaker armours are more protective over the plasma resistances of the armour, hence why plasma grenades were choice over one handed energy weapons. In fact LAMK2 had the same laser resistance as LAMK1, CLJ and LJ (Laser DR = 20%). Contradictory to all this is how the Laser DR of a robe is at 25% , effectively meaning that you would effectively have more chance of surviving against laser in a robe.

However since laser should remain the bane of a sneaker, I do think that plasma resistance should be reworked on current sneak armours, especially how they all share a 10% damage resistance throughout with 0 threshold.

In spare time I will come up with something for this because I believe it should be resolved. This includes laser and plasma res rework.

Suggestions / Re: Sneaker armors
« on: March 28, 2018, 12:19:47 am »
I don't see what you mean by deterring people due to the last post?? :D

I have a lot in mind for a rework of the concept of sneaking overall that includes the dynamic of sneaking armours. Keeping with the armours itself, and in relation to the idea of the tier 3.5 armour for sneaks, I propose to think about the aforementioned "recon armour."

I believe that this would be a fitting idea due to recon armour in later fallout games being associated with sneaking, so why not include that retrospectively to the world of fallout 1/2 and fonline?

I previously considered branching off the recon armour into respective faction paths, namely an "Enclave Recon Armour" and a "Brotherhood Recon Armour." I will suggest differences between them below that, although share similar bonuses for being a recon armour, will have unique traits to identify with their faction status.

First and foremost is the base line for recon armour that is universal, and for that I could see it as primairly being a bonus to sneak skill. Additionally could be the idea of a lessened AP cost to activating sneak mode, perhaps by 1 action point. It could even be an armour that incorporates a sneaking perk, for example containing the ghost perk or extending the effectiveness of ghost perk to be, say, 10 hexes from a wall.

Now for the faction divergence, I wonder what could be applied here. Enclave is universally known to be resistant towards energy weapons which, if applied here, would increase the resistance to the BANE of all sneaks (laser) or against plasma grenades. However doing so would be counter intuitive to my last post of survivability of sneaks, but hypothetically this would only be a slight increase to the physical defence of a sneak which relates to the armour of choice which refers to aspect 3, meaning it a viable topic of discussion.

An enclave recon armour will therefore have such energy resists, allowing it to withstand against pure anti sneak roles (surviving against plasma grenades) A laser resistance increase should be expected here, however I am unsure if a sneak should ever survive a gatling laser shot at any range, so this may need to be thought out more, or maybe laser is dropped altogether. Further more, since enclave is of a darker colour, and as artifical as this sounds, perhaps increase sneak skill under darker conditions. Just an idea, but not one I would flesh out without thinking of any substance to back it :D

As for brotherhood, that is where I must admit a fault: I am at a loss for this divergence. I do know that there should be different types of recon armour as there are with combat armours, but brotherhood is the best armour before power armour, and a started brotherhood armour is better than a power armour if the normal res is higher. How to instead implement this into the recon armour without it being the better choice over the enclave is a challenge.

Having said that, it could be that the brotherhood, instead of covering their recon armour in reflective polymer sheeting or what have you, decided to increase the performance of their recon suit. This could be a bigger bonus to sneak, a further reduced action point cost to sneaking (perhaps even going far enough to say 0 action point for sneaking.) Dare I even include the ability to sneak even when enemies are facing you. To offset this, we could believe that the installation of the technologies used for this meant a drastic reduction in defensive properties to allow room for these changes without affecting the weight of the armour to compromise the ability to scout. The resistances could therefore be worsened to a leather jacket, or even a robe,but with a weight just over that of an lamk2.

I also would like to bring in the idea of these recon armours giving a bonus to movement speed of the player character, perhaps one of 10%. Just something for added flavour since they are modified suits of stealth after all  8) In fact lore has it that they are suit's used underneath power armour, so there must be a little credit to the mobility of the suits by themselves!

Suggestions / Re: Sneaker armors
« on: March 27, 2018, 01:38:03 pm »
Capped at 270? With items required to get to 300? That's a really interesting addition to the mechanics! I guess that it is good to finally have some use with the stealth boys! Are they frequent to come across? I feel half inclined to register for this season to see the changes for this.

I guess having an armour that increases sneak could be viable BUT what is the argument to NOT apply the sneak bonus to the already available sneaking armours already? What would the different amount of sneaking bonuses be for the armours without it being arbitrary?

This is a good thread mate, got me thinking about this game again :D

Suggestions / Re: Sneaker armors
« on: March 27, 2018, 11:42:45 am »
A higher action class (AC) could be something to look into with regards to sneaking, but I have no clue whether that system is functional on this season since it wasn't really something anyone put any weight on prior. Furthermore nobody would think to use it in a player versus player situation due to other styles and mechanics being far more preferable and, objectively speaking, being on the base line of practicality over AC.

AC can also be a problem again with the concept of the sneaker role. I presume the hypothetical high AC boost is to increase the chances of survival for a sneaker, and I hold strong belief that that should not be the case.

From experience I can state 4 aspects of the sneaker role that are INTEGRAL to the role itself and not added flavour:

|1) The ability to sneak; mainly the ability to run and sneak successfully: (300% sneak + Silent Running)
|2) The ability to scout; continuous learning to understand the map and positioning.
|3) Armour of valid choice + weapon for anti sneak and/or anti sniper.
|[3:1] - Based on previous season there were 3: 223/Sniper; Big Guns/Plasma Grenade; Solar.
|4) The ability to survive.

The ability to survive consists of being able to utilise all three prior aspects successfully and harmoniously. If you fail in one or more areas then you fail the ability to survive as a sneak. For example you may have 300% sneak and respective perk, and you know how to use a .223 properly, but if you do not know the map layout then you have failed aspect 4 and are expected to die. Another would be knowing only the map layout but not knowing that you need 300% sneak and using melee for weapon of choice. These reasons are typically why newer players who want to play sneak give up because it's either too challenging to learn, they drop themselves into this hard role expecting for things to give way, etc - main reason why disinterest occurs.

Why I chose to state all of this is because I do not believe AC to have a place in any of these aspects or being an aspect in itself. Sneaking requires attention and learning, not a mechanic based on giving even more chances of survival from being shot. The role is to scout and give information about the enemy, and if you get caught then chances are you are going to die due to either making a mistake (of which to learn from) or an enemy sneaker has found you. I see no reason why this should be changed to accommodate surviving when being found so you can just run away and be safe, knowing full well that your high AC will save your sorry behind from damage that should, in all respects, decimate you for your own mistake.

Now curving that tangent back to subject topic, I believe you have some very nice initial ideas for sneaker armour and bonuses. Robes, due to being extremely light, could be utilised better. Subjectively I think that maybe the AP cost to sneak in them should be reduced by -1 or -2 action points due to their weight, or utilise a code whereby the sand robes have lessened action point use to sneak on desert tiles (aspect of camouflage). Weaknesses are, of course, the disastrous defences.

A combat leather jacket MK2 I would welcome with open arms! Definitely containing a better resist for laser and plasma than an LAMK2 but with a malus for all other resistances - this could be due to reflective properties such as slathering the leather to increase against this type of damage, but reducing the amount of impact that can be attained by all other. FIRE resistance always being the lowest due to leather burning effectively.

I totally agree that the different types of sneaking armours should have different and unique properties to them that can benefit different types of sneaking on different types of maps, etc. Currently LAMK2 is the go to for sneaking because its just the better in defence bonuses over the others, but if alterations are made to make the others unique, for example the robe idea, then each will have a moment of thinking before a choice is made due to independent bonuses and weaknesses.

I will do some more thinking in later hours and will report later when I think of a suitable change for armours that compliment the model where each armour is unique and not one ruling supreme.

PS: That's great to hear UNI is out of the way mate! I have almost finished first year, with another four years to go R.I.P Hope things are going well for you lad

Suggestions / Re: Sneaker armors
« on: March 26, 2018, 10:00:51 am »
You are a sneak narcissist Blarney, why attempt to suggest differently? :D
What would be the boosts to such a new sneak armour besides being a darkened reskin of leather armour? Would it increase sneak, decrease view range of seeing the sneaker, increase sneak according to time of day (night)... What would you believe it to have?

I ask because I simply do not know what would be an appropriate yet effective bonus for this new armour you suggest to implement, although that's not to say I have a few ideas for bonuses to sneaking.

However the idea of a "high end sneaker armour" is pretty debatable: why would a sneaker need a high end armour? Most to the time in previous season I had heard so many sneak suggestions to buff defences of the sneaker, which understandably was turned down because why the hell would defence be buffed for a scouting and anti sneak role? :D

However if "high end" would refer to a bonus to the sneaking character that hasn't a slither of increasing defence, then we need to refer back to my first paragraph and discuss what the bonus would be, and how often it could be gained. A T4 armour for sneaking, IMO,  is redundant in practicality and design. For example would a sneaker really wish to give up a sneak version of the power armor or hpa? Even more so when you factor in how weak in defences one is? :D

My suggestion would be something like the TIER 3.5 last season, with the same way of acquiring too. I believe it would be an uncommon item on the same levels as NCR/ENCLAVE/BROTHERHOOD but would only be useful for sneakers obviously, and hence could find faith, if we use last season, in the economy as sneakers would trade front line combat gear for the stealth gear. It could be the Chinese stealth suit or just a general stealth or, for the realism heads like me, some sort of recon armor?

Think enclave and brotherhood recon armor, both sharing similar undiscussed bonuses to sneak but with respective uniqueness for their background, again which I believe could be discussed further!

However the incentive for the armour? I do not know... Care to share some ideas for the bonus?

PS: Its nice to see you back Blarney mate :) Thought uni locked you up and threw away the key!

Suggestions / Re: Fonline reloaded Map pack
« on: February 28, 2018, 11:49:55 am »
You have took the initiative to create an abundance in maps that is often overlooked; more random encounter maps create variation and less boredom... GG  :)

While definitely aesthetically pleasing, there is one problem:

Y O U  N E E D  T O  U S E  T E C H  H E X E S  P R O P E R L Y
Example 1:
Spoiler: show

Example 2:
Spoiler: show
MAP: FO_Map_Desert_Wild_14

In example 1 I utilised the command [Ctrl+B] to provide an overlay with green and red dots. Green dots represent hexes that can not be walked through, red not being able to walk nor shoot through. Disregarding the rectangular scrolling blocker hexes, you can see that there are many objects that you can walk through: multiple stacked boxes, desert flora, the walls of the tent, etc. This is also found in example 2 where, even using the command, nothing came up besides the appropriate screen blocker hexes coming up red.

Additionally, now referring to the scrolling hexes in example 1, the player won't be able to leave the area, nor will he/she be able to enter! Scrolling blockers are used on the exterior frame of the map in order to prevent seeing where eyes should not see, and also prevents the ugly black border from being seen. Some call it an easter egg, but those individuals pour milk in their cups before the boiling water.

Unfortunately this misuse is in ALL of the maps that you have made. However do not let this piece of text deter you! Your maps are quite relaxed and most definitely will be utilised since I remember the dire need of encounter maps just to shake things up. They are very nice looking, lore-friendly/non game-breaking and I would be surprised if they don't get hooked up to the server at some later point.

Just remember to utilise tech hex, otherwise Corosive will lunge at you for not heeding this warning in future attempts.
Or you could circumvent the upcoming one if you choose to apply the tech hexes now :D

General Game Discussion / Re: Season 3 Thoughts
« on: February 01, 2018, 09:16:46 am »
Game is deceased. However life sprouts from death.

I am not happy with how this season went, but I won't bludgeon what the developers are attempting to do with it now.

R.I.P my lads from Season 2, and if any of you are playing this season I wish you good times :)

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