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Topic: Stop creating thoughtless suggestions!  (Read 9615 times)


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Stop creating thoughtless suggestions!
« on: December 13, 2015, 10:17:25 am »
I wanted to pick up some suggestions from here to create and test them how they'll work. I found here those which are thoughtless, stupid and sometimes I have feelings that they don't relate to the game. :facepalm

Some suggestions for it:
1. Before you'll suggest something play a little bit and get real with it. FOnline:Reloaded is the easiest FOnline game and instead make a suggestion for tweaking some part of it to be even easier maybe you should start play first.
2. Think about topic with description what you want to suggest.
3. Get both, the good side and bad side of your suggestion for all game, not only you.
4. Remember that this is MMO game, not another single player mod for Fallout game.
5. You have to be prepared with good argumentation for negatives, and vice versa.
6. Try to make your suggestion in few lines, not wall of text. Don't know what the official dev-team think about it but I'm very tired with reading those. Same for quotes - try to cut from these text-walls just this part what you want to tweak or negate.

Thank you!