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Fan Art / Faction Emblems
« on: February 27, 2018, 08:27:12 pm »
Got bored and started drawing Faction Emblems.
(Not this tiny shit you put in the game, but the one you could put in TS in the main channel, or in vids, or on forum what ever.)

NOTE: I draw these pics with a simple pencil, then just take a photo of them (cuz I am a lazy ass to scan it). I slightly modify the contrast and use the sepia effect. The pics will reedited later, when I'll have the mood. I'll add only most known pvp factions.

The Black Sun Gang

Spoiler: show

Ultra Violence

Spoiler: show

The Khans

added 01.03.2018
Spoiler: show

The Muhosransk City

added 02.03.2018
Spoiler: show


Tools and Modifications / Lada Pack [Verhicle Mod]
« on: February 19, 2018, 10:43:21 am »

Replace: Highwayman
Installation: art folder to \FOnline Reloaded\data\ directory.
Original author: Engardo

Tools and Modifications / Station wagon [Verhicle Mod]
« on: February 18, 2018, 09:26:55 pm »

Station wagon [Verhicle Mod]

Replace: Highwayman
Installation: art folder to \FOnline Reloaded\data\ directory.

Tools and Modifications / Back To The Future Time Machine Vehicle
« on: July 30, 2016, 01:03:29 pm »
DeLorean Time Machine [Verhicle Mod]

Replace: Highwayman
Install: \FOnline Reloaded\data\art\items\Highwayman\Highwayman.png

The Workshop / Mapping From Scratch!: Commands and Tips by Urukhai!
« on: July 06, 2016, 09:45:14 pm »
Hello Guys.

This is a mapper guide for those who would like to start mapping from scratch.
It should help you to learn the basics and allow you to create maps yourself.

Those who are already experienced enough can share their tipps in comments and help to improve this guide.

Let's start!

1) Main Commands.

There are three main commands which allow you to:

- Make a new Map     => *new
- Save your Map      => ^map_name
- Load your Map      => ~load_map

Saving a map obviously overwrites your previous work, so DO NOT FORGET to save your map and do a copy of it just in case you overwrite
it accidentally with something else

2) Keyboard keys commands and Additional commands

Keyboard commands

Enter                 => Opens your console
Shift+Esc             => Close your mapper (don't forget to save :D)
Alt+Esc / Alt+Tab     => Minimize your mapper, but it actually has a bug when you try to open your console afterwards
G                     => Shows the tiles grid (helps a lot with tiles placing
F1 to F6              => Hide: Items/Sceneries/Walls/Critters/Floor/Tech (all roofs are hidden by standard)
F7                    => Hides the working panel
F8                    => Locks your screen
F10                   => Shows the hexes grid
F11                   => Shows rain
Tab                   => Allows you to select drawn objects in square/diamond mode
F12                   => Minimizes you mapper without bugs
Scrolling             => Zooms in/out
Pressing on the
mouse wheel         => Switches between floor tiles and roof tiles pasting. If you are placing a critter you can press on the mouse wheel aswell
                       it will make him rotate
up and down arrows  => Allow you to browse all previous commands you typed in the console

Additional commands

*size x y           => Allows you to change the size of the surface you are mapping on (x and y represent width and lenght)
ctrl+B              => This is special command which shows up red and green dots. Green dots represent a hex you cannot walk on but you can see and shoot
                       through. Red dots represent hexes you cannot shoot nor walk through. This is very helpful when you are making buildings. Thus you
                       can eventually check if you don't have any holes in your walls
ctrl+c/ctrl+v       => Copy/paste. You can open another map and copy paste things you need
ctrl+x              => cut objects/tiles
Shift + scrolling   => Doing this in the working panel allows you to skip next 20 sceneries/tiles (faster scrolling)
Ctrl + scrolling    => Same as above but skips 100 objects
Alt + scrolling     => Skips directly to the end
- / +               => Change the time. It switches between day and night making the map brighter or darker.
ctrl+s              => Blocking the screenmovement to the screenlockers hexes
ctrl+a              => Select all objects.
ctrl+q              => Shows blocked hexes ( with vertical rectangles ) of regular walls green and angles red
ctrl+e              => Shows the number of each Tile on the floor
ctrl+e+f10          => Shows each number of each hex on the floor

3)Techs and some additional tricks

Maps                => This is the second button from the left on the second line. This is actually somekind of short memory which allows you to 
                       swap between maps you have been working with or just loaded. It avoids you retyping and reloading maps
                       that you have loaded previously.
*unload             => this command will actually unload the current map and it will disappear from the list of maps you have opened
Techs Hexes         => Each of these hexes has a specific function. They are all invisible in the game.

Green S             => A hex which is usually placed around sceneries that you cannot walk on but still are able to shoot through
SAI                 => Has pretty much the same function as the Green S but is more specific for shores or mountains (~e_coast1 for example or ~redding)
White S             => A hex which function is to block your screen. It represents the border of the map
Green W             => A hex you cannot walk through nor shoot through. Used to fill holes in walls
Yellow W            => A hex you cannot walk through nor shoot through. Placed around big Sceneries
Blue T              => Trigger hex which activates a specific script you design for your map (pop up of a text for example like ~bos_lh_0)
Pink ENT            => Entrance hex. The hex on which you spawn from WM
Dark blue EG        => EG for Exit grid. Whenever you walk on it you leave the map
Light Bulb          => Light source hex.
Crossed Light bulb  => Light source stopper hex.

Light Configs

Light source hexes are pretty intersting. You can notice that during the night they are highlighting specific sceneries. Like for example Casinos in New reno, bruning barrels, fire camps etc.

Here is a short explanation of what you can actually do with these hexes.

Step One:
type in console ~e_desert1
Remove all useless techs and sceneries
press " - " (minus key) until the map becomes dark

Step Two:
Choose in your panel "Tech" option
Paste on the floor a Light source tech

Step Three:
Click on the tech you just pasted on the floor
A config window appears
LightIntensity 50 => This is the light brightness. It's value can be changed from 0 (almost no light) to 100 (very bright).
LightDistance 8   => This is the radius of the light. How far its rays are spraying You can modify it to any reasonable value
LightColor 0      => This is actually the color. Depending on the numbers you are typing in, the color will change
LightDir 0        => Depending on the value, it choses the direction in which the light will glow

Step Four
Paste some Light sources
Modify each parameter by simply clicking on the line and just typing on your keyboard numbers
Get this

Step Five
Using Light source stoppers.
Paste them around your primary light source
You notice that the light cannot glow beyond the light stopper

Step six
Party time!
Try out some funny stuff :D or simply imagine what you could do with all these light sources and light blockers

My works and re-works on 2238/Reloaded Maps
Spoiler: show

Klamath squared

Gecko with New reactor on the top right corner

Necropolis WIP

Suggestions / New Map for Hinkley
« on: July 01, 2016, 07:00:30 pm »
New Hinkley Map : God of War

Version 1
Spoiler: show

As large as Warzone

Version 2
Spoiler: show

slightly smaller

Would you like to see in Hinkley ?

The more people vote the better it is :)


Hexing Maze.
Just a small map for those who like hexing  :P
Spoiler: show

Toxic Caves / Re: PvP fast regear bases
« on: June 29, 2016, 11:00:17 am »

Fan Art / PvP fast regear bases
« on: June 23, 2016, 08:40:10 pm »
Compact bases for those who like to be ready fast, or just want some variety...
I started with the first base. People seemed to like it, so I will try to do some more stuff.
I can't promise that I will do a new base every day/week, but all updates will be refreshed in this post. If you have some reasonable suggestions you can pm me.

Here are the options.

Base 1.

Spoiler: show

Note: For those who wonder how the heck could a vertibird land in the vault, I explain => The verti is standing on a closed
silo. So in a cohesive way you can imagine that the missile pit of the silo above is open (as the entrance to the rocket silo in Ares). Vertibird is simply descending from the sky directly into the open silo, and lands at the bottom.

Spoiler: show



Spoiler: show

In this version, you have no vertibird, but you can get water from the pipes also, I would like to add a script to both entrance and inside door which would you make use the computer and type a password in order to be able to open the door. It could prevent you from an eventual base rape. Yet can't promise you anything because I am not scripting. Should be discussed with devs


Spoiler: show
destroyed vault. Only one parking slot. The exit grid begins on the cave soil.

Spoiler: show
Another fast regear vault. Probably the fastest one...

Wait for some more stuff. Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe on fa... shit. Wrong thread  :facepalm

Let's rock the vote...

Русская территория / New Muhosransk
« on: June 14, 2016, 09:33:39 pm »
Вобщем мыл я тут посуду и у меня встал... вопрос  8)

Как вообще жители Мухосрани представляют свой город ?

Если на минуту задуматься, какие основные "достопримечательности" хотели бы вы видеть зайдя в Город ?

Судя по тому что поклоняются все Енутрю, то как миниму должна быть церковь!

Что-то ещё ?

Sell / WTS Advanced Brotherhood Armor
« on: December 16, 2015, 07:57:46 am »
As it is said in title. A very good Brotherhood Armor with a 100/100 condition.

The real stats of the Armor are:                   and compared to a Power Armor

Normal     46 / 13                                            40 / 12
Laser        80 / 8                                              80 / 18
Fire          50 / 7                                              60 / 12
Plasma     60 / 7                                              40 / 10
Electro     60 / 6                                              40 / 12
Explode    47 / 8                                              50 / 20

It is almost as good as a Power Armor except for some minor changes.

It was never bought from the auction, sorry for those who could have won it for a lower price.
So here we go.

Send me a personal message if you are interested!

[Time Zone: GMT+1]

Toxic Caves / Re: Открытая Фракция БСГ
« on: December 09, 2015, 06:44:54 pm »

Tools and Modifications / Lada Sedan Baklazhan [Verhicle Mod]
« on: December 08, 2015, 06:56:50 pm »

Replace: Highwayman
Install: \FOnline Reloaded\data\art\items\Highwayman\Highwayman.png


Всем Привет!

Мы старая фракция ещё со времен 2238. Играем активно на рилодеде, и переформировались здесь после того как побегали в разных фракциях.
Сейчас комманда наша интернациональная и все запилы на английском, но есть и русско-говорящие игроки. Все настроены на пвп, захват городов, выпиливание данжев да и просто любят побегать ради фана по пустоши.

Мы пока открыты для всех игроков, если среди вас окажутся старые соты то можете смело нам писать так как основная часть нашей орги играла с вами на фо2.

Рекомендуется знать английский или хотя бы понимать что от вас требуется на запилах.
Есть свой тимспик и там каждый день есть народ.

Го к нам !

Наша эмблема


Toxic Caves / Re: Hiring moderators
« on: November 28, 2015, 07:51:14 pm »
I can moderate french.

ps: jokeusa, people start thinking that your event is fake, you shuld delete it :D

Toxic Caves / Unique Gatling Lasers
« on: November 22, 2015, 11:21:50 pm »
As in the title

Starting price 400k
minimal bid: 50k

buyout: 800k

until 26th of november

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