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Survival Guides / Calculation, part I: Renegades and Master Crew Elite
« on: April 19, 2021, 08:36:48 pm »
So, I've been hunting some Renegades and Super Mutants from caravan encounters. Of course, XP from them are not great comparing to Floaters and Centaurs, but You can collect some caps!

What do You need to start?

- Caravan
- ALT: Tank/Flamer
- Tactic
- Plenty of ammo, depends of weapons are you using.

Best weapons: Incinerator/Avenger [Minigun] and P90c for using remaing AP.

There's some calculations:

39 bulks of weaponry and armours:

Minigun [after downgrading Avengers]
Combat Armor [after downgrading CA Mk. II]
Laser Rifle

Caps: 117.000,-
XP: 128.700

Downgrading destroyed CA Mk. II and Avengers:

XP: 12.000

Dismantling useless weaponry and armours [including CA mk. II helmets]:

XP: ~16.000

Caps gathered from enemies: 30.000,-

Additional XP from enemies: 3.000-6.000XP per encounter

Time of one encounter: 2-3 minutes

Time spend on encounters: 2h [120 min]
Time spend on dismantling, sorting and selling weaponry: 1h [60 min]

XP from encounters: 120.000 - 360.000

XP per one hour of playing: 92.000 - 172.000
Caps per hour of playing: 49.000

If You're hunting some Super Mutants pets, You can experience... expected results of fight . By fighting with Renegates or  Master Super Mutants Elite Crew, depends of placing your Caravan.
If Your caravan gonna spawn near enemies, you have 25-30% to survive.

Tip 1: If You're spot a SM Elite, hunt first Avenger and UNARMED Super Mutants ['cause they have M60].
Tip 2: If You're spot Renegades, hunt first M60/LSW/Grenade launcher/Rocket Launcher. LSW/M60 can deal great damage, and explosive grunts can push you out from you hideout.
Tip 3: Hide and Seek. Run to your caravan, hide from your enemies; shoot twice, hide and wait for their move. Move, shoot, hide.
Tip 3.1: Use Jet, Psycho, Buffout, Nuka-Cola and Ciggarettes; You can have additional 2 AP. With first move, you can shoot twice and hide.

After hunting, you need to check every armor and weapon you find. Downgrade Avengers and Combat Armor Mk. II by "sciencing" them and sell them in NCR by talking with Oswald [tent near Buster's tent]. Oh, you can sell Super Stimpacks too, 6 by 1000 caps and 1500 XP!

Game Help / Looking for: FOnline: Shelter.
« on: March 25, 2019, 06:22:52 pm »
Hello, guys. Maybe do you have a link for this modification for FOnline?

I cant open files from links contained there. Someone can help? :)

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