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Topic: Ultimate shooting build  (Read 7980 times)

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Re: Ultimate shooting build
« Reply #15 on: May 08, 2015, 08:09:44 pm »
Thx zinthos, still I don't know from where you get these news I don't gonna take drugs on my char ? o_O

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Re: Ultimate shooting build
« Reply #16 on: June 15, 2017, 12:56:33 pm »
Well first off, this build is NO way appropriate for PvP. Maybe not even PvE lol, it's really rough through and through. If you want a good farmer/crafter build for both TB and RT, go with this.

ST - 5 (Average amount to use any weapon)
PE - 7
EN - 10 (Lots of HP)
CH - 1 (No need for it, companions are quite useless)
INT - 5
AG - 10 (With small frame)
LK - 3 (Enough to generally avoid retarded bypasses)

Small Frame
Fast Shot (Good for Turn-based and also real time for +5 dmg bonus)


Small Guns (Or whichever weapons you prefer)
First Aid

Perfect for universal builds.

Level 3 - Take either Adrenaline Rush (Tanky) or Bonus move (action point spam)
Level 6 - Toughness
Level 9 - Even Tougher (These will obviously help cushion shots)
Level 12 - Action Boy
Level 15 - Action Boy
Level 18 - Bonus rate of Fire
Level 21 - Lifegiver
Level 24 - Lifegiver+

So it should end up 245 HP, 12 Action Points and really good damage resistance. You do NOT need drugs, but if you want to take them its all good. Psycho, cigs, buffout and nuka will be ok.

I use a similar build. Currently level 54

S7 (Effective Big Guns handling)
P6 (*shrug* Cautious Nature, I guess.)
E10 (Decent HP)
C1 (Useless)
I4 (was for spear selling when I was doing it as a new player, but otherwise, you'd just need 1. unless it's a leveling build)
A10 (10 AP plus the x2 Action Boy, and BRoF allows for doubling bursting of most big guns, or a double burst from an LSW and a reload.)
L1 (Because f*** Luck)

Tagged Skills:

Big Guns
First Aid


Bloody Mess


Adrenaline Rush
x2 Action Boy
x2 Lifegiver
Even Tougher

Support Perks:

Pack Rat
Strong Back
Cautious Nature

At level 54 my primary skills are:

Big Guns: 212%
First Aid: 150%
Doctor: 107%
Science: 101% (Dismantling. And stuff.)
Repair: 103% (Big Guns Gunsmithing 2.)
Outdoorsman: 150%
(4 Intelligence, 13 Skill Points every level)

[Level 54 - 267HP]
[Damage Res. - No Drugs - Combat Armor : 55%]
[Damage Res. - With the 3 Drugs below - Combat Armor: 75%?]
[Carry Weight with support perks and Strength: 171KG]
[50 Poison Res.]
[40 Radiation Res.]

The only drugs that would work best with this build for a decent damage resistance, is Nuka-Cola, Pyscho, and Cigarettes.

Note: This build is one that I have mostly for TB PvE use. It's quite effective at TB PvE. I don't really use any PvP builds due to my satellite internet.
I rubber-band too much to PvP effectively, and I'm normally 4-6 seconds delayed compared to most people with wired connections.



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Re: Ultimate shooting build
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