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Forum rules
« on: August 06, 2013, 11:26:20 pm »
1. Nothing illegal. This includes everything and anything that can be considered illegal. If you are not sure if it's illegal, don't post it, or ask admins/moderators about posting it.
2. Discussion is allowed, everything else will get you banned. This includes flaming, double posting, offending, insulting and similar.
3. Use English or post in the proper forum section if you want to use some other language provided.
4. Make sense. Post something meaningful and in the proper thread/section. Don't post about the subjects already available. Before posting, ask yourself if your post will contribute this forum at all. Golden rule: read first, post later.
5. Respect others and expect to be respected.
6. Don't double post, use the 'Modify' option. This way you can edit your post if you forgot to tell us something.
7. Re-registering, especially if banned, as well as using more than one account is not allowed.
8. Be sure what you're posting when it comes to pictures, videos and any other media/content. Anything illegal, offensive etc. will get you banned.
9. Anything improper for this forum is not allowed. If you are not sure what's proper or improper, ask admins or moderators.
10. Adverts for anything not related to FOnline: Reloaded are not allowed.
11. "+1" and similar posts will be removed. If you don't have anything interesting to post, then please do not post.
12. Reports about players breaking game rules should be sent via PM to administrators, otherwise they will be ignored/closed.
13. Do not post real-money deals for in-game stuff.
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