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Topic: Changelog 01/09/2013  (Read 3750 times)


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Changelog 01/09/2013
« on: September 02, 2013, 09:09:58 am »
Changelog 01/09/2013
- Removed CH/INT requirement from Cathedral shopkeeper in Necropolis,
- Added guards at Junktown northern gate,
- Junktown gate should be open all times,
- Skum Pitt will be no longer closed during the day,
- Fixed a nasty bug with Stables map,
- Added respawn of caps at traders,
- Fixed car repairing via Tools and Super Tool Kit. Old items might still be bugged, use new ones to repair cars,
- You can now carry weapons safely inside NCR, Junktown, Vault City,
- Decreased number of Electronic Parts needed to craft Small Energy Cells to 4.