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Bigger default font
« on: February 25, 2019, 09:54:11 pm »
Version 0.9:
 - English characters, numbers and some punctuation marks only. I'll do a full transformation later.
 - 1.25 times bigger font.
 - Mainly to replace the too small in-game fonts, like HP, dmg numbers, etc.

You can find it here:

How to install:
  • Copy "Default.png" and "Default.fofnt" files to "../data/"
  • Delete "Dialog.png" and "Dialog.fofnt" files from "../data/"
  • Copy " inv_big.png" to "../data/"

 - Dialogs won't work if you don't delete the Dialog fonts, this is a bug atm in FOclassic.
 - Some interface screens have minor mistakes due to size, like after a while you can't see the 'Next level' number on character screen, etc.
 - I'll release proper dialog font later on, hope until that time FOclassic does the fix.

P.S.: Give it a go for 30 minutes, but save the orginal files in case you want to back. For me it's a better game experience but it's up to taste and eyesight I guess.


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Re: Bigger default font
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Are you a scaffold builder?