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Topic: A (somewhat) Comprehensive Newbie Survival Guide  (Read 8115 times)


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A (somewhat) Comprehensive Newbie Survival Guide
« on: September 07, 2013, 02:30:11 am »
Disclaimer: everything written here is an opinion and not a fact. Use this advice at your own peril.

Experienced FOnline players can stop reading here, I won't be saying anything that you wouldn't already know or that you wouldn't have chosen to ignore years ago.

I. I'm weak, how do I survive?

If you're looking to avoid confrontation, the only way you can survive is by being stealthy and careful as fuck. Don't make the mistake of thinking that by the time you reach Level 40 and buy yourself a power armor and over 9,000 gatling guns you won't have to apply this knowledge. In fact, you'll have to be even more careful since you won't be wearing all that combat gear all the time and there will be certain people that are hell bent on kicking your ass because, well... you probably kicked their asses on your way to that stuff.

II. Guarded Towns

a) Be aware of how much attention you attract
If you're wearing a jacket or a bluesuit, people won't care about you as long as you don't have a well-known nickname. It's really that simple, the best way of staying unnoticed is to create a separate alt for doing business and a separate alt for doing all the combat. What's more, good gear makes you a target. It's not that people will blow you up with C4 or burst you down out of spite, because that's a rare occurence. If you decide to wear a combat armor, you'll attract the attention of all the thieves within the city... and if some of them are somehow smart enough to use voice comms, their buddies are on their way with c4 to blow you up. Not out of spite, but to enable their friend to loot your corpse.

b) Gotta go fast
You have to know what you're doing. If you enter the town with valuable stuff, you need to know where and how you want to use it. Get in, get out. If you want to stay, leave all the important items in your tent.

c) Move stealthy
The fact that you're in the same location as 50 other players doesn't mean you have to make yourself noticeable for everyone who happens to GO FAST. This means that if you need to pause, you pause behind a building where nobody goes. If you run, you run through the back alleys, not the main streets. Think like a ninja, stealth isn't about skillpoints, it's about your mindset.

d) Chill, relax, roleplay
Despite everything I've written above, you might want to go to a city to talk with all the other people. Or roleplay. Or do something equally counter-productive. Yes, it's a vice we all have. But there's no reason not to do it the smart way. Pick the gear that makes you look badass without making the thieves flock to your location. If you want to be the dude in the shiny combat armor with a minigun standing at the NCR table, pick the armor that's beyond repair and that shitty gun you wanted to dismantle anyway. My personnal favorite is a leather jacket and a .44, but once you play for a while you're going to have all kinds of items for that kinds of stuff. But for the love of god, don't ever bring your best Avenger Minigun to a guarded town just to stand there for more than one minute. In fact, don't bring the good stuff there, ever.

III. Unguarded Towns

a) Be aware of how much attention you attract
Heh, if you expected me to repeat myself, you must be as green as you look. You're alive in an unguarded town, you aren't a member of the faction that controls it and you don't even know what's going on just beyond your sight range. Of course you attract attention... but this time, people will try to kill you.

b) Gotta go fast
I hope I don't really have to explain that. If you don't have a complete control over your surroundings - you aren't out there with your buddies, all armed to the teeth - than just get in, do what you have to do and get out.

c) Move stealthy
Once you enter an unguarded town, you have to realize you enter a combat zone. Even if there are no guns rattling in the distance, some guy might be aiming right at your head the moment you enter the town. This means you have to up your game. Never stop moving. Move through cover, use the back alleys. Never be that obnoxious dude that runs straight through the main street and gets gunned down as soon as he runs into a murderous cunt such as me. Always consider moving through buildings - it's a risky maneuver, because anyone looking at the map might notice that somebody opened the door, even without having vision on the doorway. If you decide to use a building to move, remember to close the door as soon as you're through. If you're after a quest, knowing what dialogue options you need to click really helps when it comes to minimizing your exposure. If you follow those rules, you'll die 1 out of 10 times - but in the end getting taken out from time to time is unavoidable.

d) Chill, relax, roleplay
Unless you have 20 guns backing you, just don't.

e) I've been spotted, what do
Well holy fuck son, you're probably dead. However, if your name isn't readily recognizable or nobody hates you there are some aces you can pull out of your sleeve. Pretend to be new. Say "stop" after the first burst. Don't try to run, they'll probably get you anyway once the combat timer has been started. Play nice. Tell them you just need to do a quest and get out. Generally speaking, the faster you type, the more likely you are to suceed this way. HOWEVER. Keep in mind that this only works if you have nothing valuable on you. People will usually shoot you just to make sure, but sometimes they'll just let you off the hook just to feel good about "not making another newbie ragequit."

IV. Random Encounters

a) Awkward
Meeting another player out in the wastes is pretty fucking awkward. Odds are high you're both going about your business and suddenly the game decided to pit you against each other for no apparent reason. Well, newsflash, you both don't want to die.

b) Discrepancy of force
If you have the advantage or the other player has the advantage, odds are high somebody will shoot first just to minimize the risk. If neither of you seems to have the advantage and you don't want to do anything risky just say "hi" and get the fuck out. The odds of the encounter ending in violence if no shots were fired during the first five seconds are next to none unless you go crazy.

c) You have the advantage
Unless you really want to play the nice guy, shoot the other person. Yeah I know, I'm a sad excuse for a human being... but hey, listen to this. A player I know entered a TB encounter once. He had a 10mm pistol and it was the turn of the two other guys, who happened to have miniguns. One of them said "hey, it's a 10mm pistol, he can't do shit, let's go." Once they skipped their turn, the 10mm dude flat-out killed them, because he had a shitload of action points and his build enabled him to fire 1 shot per point. You never know who you're dealing with unless you know who you're dealing with. If you take risks, the outcome is on you, not on me.

d) He has the advantage
Be as friendly as possible, say you don't want to fight, wish him good luck. You really need to type fast. Sometimes this won't help. Usually, you should just try to run.

e) Shots fired
This might seem counter-intuitive, but unless you're sure you can run to the grid before the other dude regenrates AP before he can hit you again, you can't do shit to stop him from killing you unless you resist. This means you fight. Yeah, your odds might be low, but you're dead anyway. I've killed a drugged combat character with a 9mm pistols back in 2009 with an insta kill, but since this game is less lethal you should aim to disable your target and get the fuck out.

V. Single combat

a) Play dirty
Never engage in a honorable duel, unless you can afford to lose your stuff. A good 1v1 fight is the fight in which you score a sniper hit to the head, KO the other guy, loot him as soon as he's dead and get out of Dodge. After the first few shots, always assume his friends are on the way. If you can't conclude fast, get out. Obviously, sneak, distance weapons and quick bursts that don't let the other guy react are your friends.

b) You've been played
Obviously, some people may be aware that playing dirty is the best way of solving things. Read c).

c) You're fighting, both combatants are alive
Make sure you're cranked up for the battle to come. This is the moment you consume all the drugs and do all the healing, because guess what - once you die, you won't be seeing any of that stuff anyway. Try to keep moving. Never barricade yourself inside a building with no exits - you'll stay there forever. If the other dude knows you're inside, once you go out he'll kill you. If you don't move, you waste time and the location is insecure since you're in combat. If you log off... well, better hope he doesn't find you.

d) I might be weak, but I've got many friends
If your buddies are on the way, disregard that and hide inside a building. You'll drop him once he moves through the doorway - and once the cavalry arrives, you don't have to worry about dying since they'll return your stuff anyway.

VI. Combat

a) Listen to your commander
If you're reading this, you're new. If you're new, you should listen to experienced players. Obey the word of your commander as you'd obey the word of god.

b) I'm isolated, the battle is going on
Use cover, understand that rejoining your team is your highest priority. Move through the back alleys and anything that can shield you from enemy fire and link up, if you can't feel free to go to WM and await further orders - it's generally better to re-enter the map than to die like a moron.

c) I'm the commander, halp
You really shouldn't be reading this.

VII. Notoriety

a) This is my battle character
Don't worry, you can kill people and act like an asshole as much as you please. They'll know your name and hate you after a few battles anyway.

b) This is my barter/miner/crafter alt
Keep your profile as low as possible. Actually, since you won't be moving through guarded towns with plenty of combat gear and a lot of HP, it might be better to get killed on purpose than to make someone angry and remember you.

VIII. Stealing

a) You're losing time
There are better ways to earn money in this game. I'm sorry bro, you're losing your time.

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Re: A (somewhat) Comprehensive Newbie Survival Guide
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Re: A (somewhat) Comprehensive Newbie Survival Guide
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It's a bad guide... because it lacks colors to keep my attention. I want flashy lights and a disco ball here, please!

Nah, kidding, not bad.