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Topic: Pure Evil Interface v14 by Doctor Eex  (Read 28148 times)


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Re: Pure Evil Interface v14 by Doctor Eex
« Reply #90 on: February 19, 2017, 07:08:26 pm »
I use this version and it seems to be okay but I'm not sure if everything is fine. Blue rain is so much ugly with these mismatched elements, including colors and textures. Everything is green or yellow and this blue color, meh it doesn't fit.

Let's see what is fine:
  • all screens except online button in character's screen
  • fixboy's buttons
  • craft all button

What more could be done here?

Check put all, craft numbers, ammo counter, items filter in containers and traders.

It seems everything is included but what do you mean by ammo counter?

Made it black to fit the rest of the interface:


(The fix all button are now the parentheses.)

It's the best interface but is it up-to-date? It looks much better than blue rain edition.
yes, it is perfectly up to date. just make sure u r not downloading the one from the OP.

I downloaded this one https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/60501031/PureEvil.zip (black).