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Topic: Blond guide to Fonline [LOT-O-PICTURES WARNING]  (Read 24801 times)


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Blond guide to Fonline [LOT-O-PICTURES WARNING]
« on: November 09, 2013, 07:31:35 pm »
So, You downloaded the client, installed it and read some info on the wiki, but You have no idea on how to start? Fear not, for this guide is for You!

tl;dr -> skip to point VI if you know how to make a valid character.

I. Know Your Gun.
Before You even login for the first time, You need to know what guns You will use. There are a lot of options and choosing a gun is not as simple as picking the one with best stats. Let's first look at the categories we have:

1. Hand to Hand
Some new players make the mistake of selecting HtH/melee for a first character - don't do that mistake. HtH weapons are cheap (like your hands - they are free, can't lose them), but they have no range at all, low damage and usually lack the bonuses that other weapons can gain from crafting. Some people prove that HtH is playable, but it is one of the hardest way to play this game.

2. Throwing
Not as bad as HtH, but still not the best choice. Throwing knifes and grenades are easy to craft and do just enough damage to bu usable. If You really, really, really want to use them You can, but there are better choices.

3. Big Guns
The bad boys in Fonline, some of the most powerful and most used guns are Big Guns. At some point You will want to use them, but not at the start!! You would need blueprints (they cost caps), an advanced workbench (they are in dangerous places or require some time to get access to) and high quality resources (available in dangerous places or in costly private mines). There are low-tire big guns and if you're not afraid of a challenge, then you might start your Fonline adventure as a big gunner.   

4. Energy Weapons
Energy Weapons deal high damage but on the other hand most enemies (and players) have high resistance. The more powerful weapons need rare ammunition (Micro Fusion Cells) and all of them need Electronic Parts to craft - getting them is not always that simple. The extra challenge is getting a profession to craft these -you need to go to some dangerous places and you can lose your caps. Having said that - if you manage to buy the Energy Expert Profession and get some Electronic Parts then you will find the Magneto-Laser Pistols a worthy companion in the wasteland, whether your level 4 or 40.

5. Small Guns
What ever other people say Small Guns are the best guns for first time players. There are a lot of guns in this category, but I'm gonna focus on these few essential ones.
Combat Shotgun
Learn to love this gun, it will be your friend for some 20 levels. Why is is so important?
-good damage
-can be crafted from basic resources (just as ammo)
-acceptable by most traders for a fair price
-crafting it (and its ammo) gives nice amount of experience
-single and burst mode
It's only downside is the low range, but until you gen your gun skill over 150 you will not shot targets from more then 25 hex.
Hunting Rifle
Just as the Combat Shotgun  it is easy to craft, but it doesn't have the damage potential of the former - what it has is range, 40 of it. It is a good sidearm for shooting far away target - if you have the perception and/or skill to shot at far away targets. Once enemies get closer, switch to the shotgun. 

Once you have some High Quality resources and extra caps you can (and should!) use better guns then these two (XL70E3, Pancor Jackhammer, .223 Pistol, P90c). Don't waste your time on crappy guns, there is no excuse for using a Tommy Gun or a Mauser. Just don't.

II. Mad Skillez
So, you know what guns you should use, so tagging Small Guns on your char-gen screen is the first thing you should do. But you still have 2 more skills to tag (tagged are much easier to raise), let's see what to select:
First Aid and Doctor
I put these together because they are similar and almost equally important. First Aid allows you to heal yourself and others, Doctor is for fixing broken limbs. You will lose Hit Point way more often then brake limbs, but since crafting Healing Powder is so simple and cheap you may not need high FA on low levels, but at some point first aid will be the best way to heal yourself. Tagging both of these is not a bad idea.
Science and Repair
Both skills are important if you want to do some crafting (and you want that), Repair is also quite useful on it's own. Both of these skills can be raise with books. If you don't want to make/use Energy Weapons then you might as well ignore Science, but you really should get Repair to 50 (sometimes even before putting points in your gun skill), later on getting Repair to 100 is a good idea, maxing it at some point is also recommended - both these skills max out at 125% so tagging them gives less benefits then say FA or Doc. 
Outdoorsman is an important skill, but You can do well with Outdoorsman as low as 100 and you can buy books to raise this skill (up to a point). With more Outdoorsman you can travel faster and avoid encounters. You don't need to tag this skill, but you need to get it to 100 ASAP.
Lockpick and Traps
Most of the time these skills are not worth the skill points invested in them ... but then again you can find some nice stuff in lockers in urban areas and these two skills are needed to open these lockers. For a first character - ignore and even if you want to use these, don't tag them, you can only raise them to 150% anyway.
You will get more caps from traders for your items, if you have any leftover skillpoint you can dump them here. Don't focus on this skill too much, merchants don't have that many caps anyway.
Sneaking starts working around 200-250%, so it can take a while to see any benefits from using this skill. Tag it and invest in it every level (and get the Silent Running perk) or forget it and never regret that decision - the choice is yours.
There are benefits from owning slaves and having mercs and companions - but for a first character they only steal xp and you need to equip them and care for them - would not recommend.

III.Choose Your Destiny! (...or Traits)
Just a quick look on what we have:
Bloody Mess- no real bonus
Bonehead - more resistant to headshots, -1 int. For PvP characters.
Bruiser - for HtH, don't take it.
Chem Reliant/Chem Resistant- your first toon will not use (much) drugs, don't take these.
Fast Metabolism - not worth much
Fast Shot - can't do called shots, but shoots faster - good if you have low Luck, bad if you want to snipe
Finesse - don't take it
Good Natured -not for first time players
Heavy Handed - for HtH, don't take it.
Jinxed - don't take it
Kamikaze - don't take it
Loner - not worth much, but it's something
One Hander - if you will use Combat Shotgun/Hunting Rifle then don't take this
Small Frame - a good one
Skilled - more skill points less perks, but you can have unlimited skills as long as you keep gaining levels and only a few perks (last on on lv 24). My first character (that I still play) has this trait (and I don't regret it), but I don't feel confident recommending it to others - it will make your character weaker in the end.

IV. That SPECIAL feel...
I will not recommend one build that is best, I'll just point out what is good, roll your own stat
Strength (4-5)
Combat Shotgun needs 5 Strength, no need for more. With less you will have -20% hit chance, but you can live with that, you just need more gun skill. I don't recommend going lower then  4 - you will want to carry some stuff after all.
Perception (6-10)
Perception is good. If you want to use cigarettes you can take 9 Perception and lose nothing. Don't go lower then 6.
Endurance (4-10)
For a PvP character 10 is a must-have, your first character will not be a PvP toon. Put all the point you have left here.
Charisma 1
No choice here, 1.
Intelligence (4-10)
8 is a good number, you can take the Educated support perk and have 23 skill point per level. 10 is not bad for a first character, but 8 is enough in most cases.
Agility 10
Take 10, 9 if you want to drink Nuka Cola all the time. 6 if you must, but really - take 10.
Luck 1 or 10
If you want to make aimed shots - take 10, if not - take 1.

V. Private Parts... I mean Perks!
There is a really good list here:
just pick the perks that allow you to shoot faster and stronger, if you don't know what to take, take Toughness, Lifegiver or Action Boy. Never take Gain X and perks that give you AC, same for throwing and hth perks.

VI. Adventure Time!

This isn't Kansas
You start of in a hole in the ground of some sort, look around and talk to the person you see (there may be more the one). You'll get a quest - do it, most of the time it's just a matter of getting to a city and talking to someone.

Go West! No! Wait, go South!
No matter where you start - go to Junktown. You will die on the way, but that means nothing, but before you leave check where you are.
If you're in NCR:
Buy cigarettes for Buster
Pay back Mira's debt.
If you're in Hub:
Bring a shovel to Dan (go to a brahmin herder for a free shovel)
Lift some caravan boxes
In Junktown:
Bring radscorpions tails for Mark
Doing these quests takes no skill at all and they will get you to level 2 and at level 2 you will get a new quest
A Tent in the Wasteland, do that quest and now you have a tent and some tools. If you can't make these quest or still don't have enough xp for level go, to into the wasteland and look for broc flowers and/or xander roots, press "F" and turn them into weak healing powder.

Set your ten half way between Junktown and the mine and start mining, but first search for some trees to upgrade your campfire and some flint and junk for a primitive bench

Hi-ho, hi-ho!
Mine. Mine as much as you can carry, take it to your tent, turn it into metal parts and gunpowder. Take the metal parts and gunpowder to Junktown and  turn them there into 10mm JHP ammo then sell them for caps. If the trader in Junktown has no caps, then take the ammo back to your tent and go mining again. Repeat until you have gain some levels, raised repair to 50 and got 1500 caps - go to Boyce in Junktown (near the workbench) and get yourself the Profession: Gunsmith (Small Guns). From now on you can make Combat Shotguns

American Guns
Get some wood, mine some ore and minerals and start making Combat Shotguns big time. Make 5-6 of them and some 100-200 shells, try to sell them for caps, you need another 1500caps. Hub, Junktown or NCR is your best chance - if you get attacked shoot if you think you can win or run. You need to get to Rondo in NCR with the 1500 caps - if you have the caps but you are in Hub, then put them in the bank - you can pull them out in NCR with no risk. Why do you need to get to Rondo ? - to get Profession: Armorer.

Ride'em Cowboy!
Now you have a tent, guns and ammo and you could craft your own armor. Could if you have all the resources.
For a Metal Armor you need metal parts and alloys - that's not a problem, fibers - get a knife, look in the wasteland for plants, and a Brahmin Hide.
Brahmin Hides can be tricky to get, look for cows around Hub first, but don't use them yet for making armors. Trade some combat shotguns for armors in NCR and use the Brahmin Hides to craft a Folded Tent. The best place to hunt Brahmin is around Modoc and that's the place you will want to setup your second tent. Before you move there, invest all the money you have to buy scouting books in the Hub Library (market district, behind the shop, well both shops).

Sky is the limit
Whatever happens next, now you always have a fast way to make new armors and guns and a place to store them. Keep putting up tents in interesting places, earn caps, do some quest for Gunrunners, buy blueprints, buy a private mine and buy/catch some slaves - play as you want, make items for your other characters, join a gang, have fun.

This works!

So, here are the pictures of me fallowing my own guide, step by step:

...a few posts lower or here:

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Re: Blond guide to Fonline
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2013, 08:57:35 pm »
I remember how you used to help me in my first steps in FOnline. This is a very nice guide for every new player.


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Re: Blond guide to Fonline
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2013, 10:10:25 pm »
or you can just mooch off me and I can get leveled up and stuff


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Re: Blond guide to Fonline
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2013, 01:32:51 am »
Pretty much good guide, but your guide has same problem as I do have now.. I should add some pictures from game and how it looks like.


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Re: Blond guide to Fonline
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2013, 05:53:25 pm »
It is going to be hard for me to win this contest with guides this good ;)

Pictures help, i agree, but it's a lot of work to do a good guide. Mine is taking way too long.
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Re: Blond guide to Fonline
« Reply #5 on: November 10, 2013, 06:57:17 pm »
I've got about 80 screenshots documenting step by step how I'm fallowing my own guide. At this moment, after about 2-3 hours of semi-intensive playing I have two tents (and materials for 3 more), a bank account, level 11, a collection of combat shotguns, armorer I and gunsmith I professions and didn't die once - this is without any help from my alt or other players (even gave one shotgun and armor to someone in NCR)  8)
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Re: Blond guide to Fonline
« Reply #6 on: November 11, 2013, 06:36:47 pm »
Woud be nice if You could update Your guide with screens.


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Re: Blond guide to Fonline
« Reply #7 on: November 12, 2013, 03:53:10 pm »
I put all the pictures in a gallery here:

It's kind of a pain to get it all on the forum wit thumbnails and all, not sure if I'll have time to do it :P
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Re: Blond guide to Fonline
« Reply #8 on: November 14, 2013, 01:17:06 am »
You can do it ! Newbies count on You !


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Re: Blond guide to Fonline
« Reply #9 on: November 14, 2013, 02:34:44 pm »
Can't change the original message, it's too long, so here goes:


This is the starting location, well... one of them

Start location

I got out of my hole in the ground, as you can see there are some items to pick up. Not much.

First quest

In every start location there are some NPC, some will tell you abut the nearest city, others will give you a simple quest. The ghul here gives a quest to go to VC


VC is the worst place to start (in my opinion). This green haired chick is the person to talk to to finish the starting quest.

Moving on

Not much to do in VC, so I went south, as you see in the log, there where some encounters but I managed to run away from all of them

On the road

So I got to NCR...


This here is NCR, you see me getting the quest from Buster

I make this look good

Quest done, my new leather and lace

The bar

If you like to know here's the bar to get the smokes from, there's also a quest here, repay a dept


This is Dusty, pay him the money, the dude in the corner is also worth talking to


Talk to this guy to get a good, free perk, just don't use the option to attack him, you'll die.

Tent part 1

So, after the quest in NCR you will get to lv2, go to the world map and you'll see a new location, go there

Tent part 2

...there you will find some NPC, talk to the woman in the tent and say you'll help, a new location will get marked on your map

Tent part 3

In the new location - find the BB gun, unless you have something better with you - I had no weapon, you have enough time to pick it up and put in in your hand before combat starts

Tent part 4

Use the BB gun to shoot the rats, it's simple

Tent part 5

If you get hurt use First Aid...

Tent part 6

If you get hurt and you can't use FA, look on the shelf, there's some healing powder there.

Tent part 7

After killing the rats take a moment to look around, there's a hammer here...

Tent part 8

...and a hatchet here

Tent part 9

Go back to the first location, talk and the npcs will go away, but they will leave a folded tent

Tent part 10

...and some rope

Moving on

So now I got my folded tent and I'm going in the direction of Junktown, I've stopped on the way to pick up some flint...


..and I stopped again to pick up some junk, there was no junk

Junk part 2

This is where I was looking for junk, but someone else was here so I decided to move on

Crafting on the fly

I picked up some Broc on the way and turned them into Healing Powder, some extra xp


I bumped into some mantis on the way, they are easy to kill even with a BB, the cave was empty.


So I finally goth there...

My tent

This is a good place to place a tent, so I did

My tent part 2

So this is my new safe corner of the world, before I start digging in the mine I need to get some extra stuff, so I left everything but one knife, the hatchet and BB gun -went looking for timber

This in not timber

Before I found any wood to chop I found this, a nice find and a reason to always have a knife


so I cut the fibers


...and picked up the fruit - no use for them now, but You never know


After some more time I found some wood to chop

Pig Rats

This is why I took the BB with me, Pig Rats are easy to kill

More crafting on the fly

More broc, more healing powder, more free xp, you can almost see in the background where I went to look for junk... should have made a screen showing that place, oh well

City junk

In this urban area I found some junk

City Tree

I also found some more fruit

14x junk

Got 14 junk, not much but It's all I needed, got back to my tent, dropped all this loot, took a sledgehammer and I went to the mine


Here you see me entering the mine with just a hammer


Here you see me exiting the mine with some minerals and ore

Tent again

So I left some of my minerals/ore here and took the rest to Junktown


The green arrow here shows where is the workbench, I went here to turn the minerals and ore into metal marts and some 10mm ammo, the metal parts will be needed to craft a tool so that I can make a workbench at my tent


Well, what do we have here? No caps but a tool? Well, might as well trade and save some trouble

But wait

I will also buy some rad scorpion tails, theres a quest with that

Look for this guy

Look for this guy, he will want some radscorpion tail, just what we got


If you take any tool as a reward you will get less xp, I took nothing and got 300xp


Back at the tent, add wood to the fire and then talk to the campfire, with the tool and some more wood you can make an upgrade

Ore into metal

Now I have a workbench, can make the rest of my ore into metal parts

Back to the mine

Mine in the mine, boooring, but well- what else?
But be careful! Here you see someone fallowing me. That's a tent-raper, I tried to tel him that he'll be saved on a screenshot but he left... don't know why?

Level up

After crafting some metal parts and gunpowder I got a level up, now at level 4 and with 50 repair, time to get some caps

Quest in Hub

I made some ammo to sell, but there where no caps in Junktown, went to the Hub, and might as well do a quest


They guy asks for a shovel, talk to this guy and get a free shovel

XP or reward

Just like the rad scorpion tails, 300xp for not taking anything


No caps at traders, but got some for lifting boxes (sorry, no screen), I put my caps in the bank here.


No caps, but there's something worth buying - brahmin hides


Still no caps, I got despaired and went to the Boneyard, I wanted to find and sell junk, here at the Audytum talk to a guard to get the location of the Scavangers.. but I didn't go there after all


There's a shop here, and look, they had caps, I sold some 10mm ammo for almost 2000 caps, yay!

Back to Junktown

oh, look an encounter..


so this is Boyce, talk to him, give him 1500 caps, and now you can craft some nice guns, and that's what I did


So I made some combat shotguns, time to test them and sell th


The shotgun also works on slavers and bandits, and look, a bandit gave me a new armor, how nice.

Back at NCR

Merchants at Hub and Junktown still had no caps, so I went to NCR, and look what I found!


I went to Rondo to  get the armorer profession (sorry no screen) and put the rest of my money in the bank.

Tent nr2

I went back to my tent and used the rope I got and the brahmin hides I bough to make a new tent. Now I'm going north, near Modoc to hunt some Brahmin

With a little help

I decided to go to Modoc the long way - via the desert, on my way there I met some Bos patrol fighting monsters, I waited for a good shot and took the monsters out, good xp

More help

There was more then one encounter like this, here again using the same trick. I let them harm the centaurs and then finish them of.


I bumped into some aliens, they give nice xp. Just shoot and move, shoot and move.

Fire geckos

This also works on fire geckos, shoot and move. I didn't have the perk to skin them, could get some nice caps for their hide

Out of Ammo

Oh, dang! I didn't make it even past New Reno when my ammo was all gone, well... I'll need to run.

I'm there

I got lucky, two encounters and I was where I wanted, I set my tent here


I went to VC to trade one of my shotguns for some ammo for the way back and I bumped into some Brahmin.. well I still got 11 shots....


Sold what I had in the bar, got some ammo, the nice type of ammo

Time to go back

Going back ....


If you, just like me, would bump into some ants... move on. Bad exp, not worth the ammo


...you can shoot molerats on the other hand.


Back at the tent. Tent->Mine->Tent->Workbench and after that you end up with these. This time I'll make some more ammo....

Back north

Going back to my tent#2, the same way as before hunting some monsters on the way, they give nice xp

Level up

Before I got to my tent - look, level up!

At the north tent

I was ready to hunt some brahmin, and then I remembered - I should have taken the Pack Rat perk! I'm leaving all of my stuff at the tent and going nakid to Redding


This is where you can get the Pack Rat support perk


Oh, look, you don't see this often. A "ruskie" player, in a un-guarded town, not trying to kill me. See? They are not that bad, no need to set their embassy on fire....

Hunting brahmin

Back to the tent, get gun, ammo and hunt for brahmin.. they should be here somewhere...


This is what we are looking for, find them, kill them, skin them. Do so until you have 30-40, then go back to craft some metal armors

Bad Girl

When I bumped into some npc and shot them all dead I figured that's about it for this guide, from this point You can go alone and do some damage to anything the wasteland throws at you. Good luck.

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Re: Blond guide to Fonline [LOT-O-PICTURES WARNING]
« Reply #10 on: November 14, 2013, 03:49:53 pm »
An awesome guide, thanks.


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Re: Blond guide to Fonline [LOT-O-PICTURES WARNING]
« Reply #11 on: October 23, 2014, 10:43:02 am »
From all guides at this forum, this one helped me the most.
This smart advices + WIKI can teach a new players everything what's needed to feel comfortable in wastes.

Thanks 3.14.
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