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Topic: Existing location rework  (Read 245 times)


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Existing location rework
« on: May 31, 2024, 07:06:52 am »
My list of nonsense loc:

La Grange - bugged loc with 10 sec CD ultimate FA 2k+ HP NPCs and tons of Hypos spawned in the basement.

V4 - t1 loot doesnt fit the dungeons difficulty

Winchester's family - couple of cops and 9k HP NPCs with almost no CD FA which heals for 4k+ and the best loot Caws shotgun.

Gecko Sanctuary - little pond with geckos around and a fucking alien mother in the left hand corner and a deathclaw in the right hand corner. Someone was doing schrooms when adding critters to this map.

All these little random places such as highway crash bandits or w/e the loc is. NPCs with unbalanced Fa but luckily no family-bond so you can take one by one ez no issue for some crappy loot. Other locations are crowded with a complete mix of critters. 1 little loc with: 50 rats, 5 ultimate rats, 30 scorpions, geckos, brahmins, 2 super mutants, 1 deatchlaw living in a house - motherfuck???

Ridgecrest hotel - great map with poor NPC placement + crap loot - iirc the place is radiated for no apparent reason.

Whst is great but could see some love is:

Caravans - if they were more rewarding, people would maybe group up more doing this fun type of an activity.

Warehouse - make it loot drop with the same locker as in Dayglow.

Ares - make it loot drop with the same locker as in Dayglow.

LAGR - disallow players from entering in a sneak mode rushing into the treasure room looting all the crap within 2-10 mins (depends on the LP luck) and leaving the area without a fight and with 75k+ caps in the pocket. Lagr would require npcs to be able to spot sneaks or at least have 2 doors unable to be opened only until a certain npc or more are killed.

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Re: Existing location rework
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2024, 08:24:00 am »
Personally I found "Gecko Sanctuary" to be OK.