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Drug trade
« on: April 01, 2024, 01:43:16 am »
I've had an idea of you being able to buy property from a New Reno mob where you can create chems which take materials in and get chems such as mentats, Jet, Rad X, and things of that nature. you'd hire people, do it yourself, or have slaves do the work. You can take and use the drugs for yourself, or sell them back to Reno or anywhere else in the game. You can get the materials from another place you can purchase/find on the map.

Positives: this gives not only more content overall, but a larger experience for those using slaver builds. I would enjoy participating in a chem trade within the game, which could create a larger slave economy. consisting of people purchasing slaves from other players to take in free labor.

Negatives: It's kind of a niche to those in the game. There are more proper ways of making money such as caravans and dungeons. Hiring employees for the business would cost the player currency, slaves are typically restricted to people with slaver builds or individuals gifted/sold slaves.

(I am kinda new to the game. So I understand if I may have lesser knowledge of the game and what it needs as a whole)