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Topic: Can somebody help with adding Smart Cursor / Less Click to FOReloaded S2 Server  (Read 742 times)


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I have a custom FOReloaded S2 server I use to play co-op PvE with friends - and to test new maps & dungeons I'm working on...

Can somebody please help me add smart cursor to it, RT combat just isn't the same without it.

If somebody has a compatible version i can add to the server that would be amazing -- or if anybody can help me to get it working on the FOReloaded S2 SDK that would be great too!

Any help is appreciated.



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Hi, the does contain the S2 season + S3 tutorial zone + bunch of improvements. For a more detailed improvement log, check:,30344.msg263172.html#msg263172

It is mostly untested by players or other devs than me. There you should be able to use the smart cursor and even right click move. (Also the smart cursor there is fixed, it had some bugs before)

If you prefer to keep developing on the old S2 release, you still can check how the smart cursor is implemented in the FOClassic+ PReloaded scripts, and go on from there...

If you are in need of new (old) maps, check this thread:,30579.0.html