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Topic: Bad Karma Affect Reactions At Respawn Points  (Read 2891 times)


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Bad Karma Affect Reactions At Respawn Points
« on: July 25, 2021, 08:57:46 am »
I've already posted a question in help regarding this issue i've faced. (Respawn points, safe or not safe?) No replies, no responses at all.
I found something that needs changed at respawn points. I'm not sure if any of the players out there have faced this similar situation but looking at no responses, no replies, i take it none maybe?
Karma affects relations and chances either with good, neutral or bad reaction between NPC sides. The part one could get stuck at is when respawn points have guards that you have bad karma with. To make things worse, the current game mechanics does not respawn you away from the same location after each death.
With weakened health points and armour, the chance of survival is completely gone from the very same respawn location especially when bad karma brings the guards to get hostile on you immediately.
My bit here is to remove the guards or any NPCs that one would have bad karma upon or make the game mechanics allow respawning at other random locations and not within the same location every time. 
Else, it'd be an infinite death trap and make one lose a character account completely. I state this especially for those who have reached level 25 and above where death causes loss of experience points each time.

If it was something i did wrong in the game by not following something through the guides, there must be something wrong with the game itself. This is not a game to really end when all missions have been completed, right? This is an online multiplayer game. If one was to follow the guide, it had to be complete or never even have the guides as much of what to do. Because if the guides weren't complete to not cover all areas that were never encountered before, the game devs need to look into it if the game should be continued on.
Finally as Admiral Ackbar said it, "IT'S A TRAP!" That's where i'm at.
Help fix this. I can't play the game no more unless this is fixed and using chat to reach a game master while in the game is of no help when i have to wait minutes for any to appear while i only have a countdown time of 1 min for replication and death again within secs of respawn to lose about 1500 experience points each time.
Weigh that condition too.
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Re: Bad Karma Affect Reactions At Respawn Points
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2021, 09:43:04 pm »
Looks like a bug, thanks for reporting.

Contact me on discord if you're still stuck in there.


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Re: Bad Karma Affect Reactions At Respawn Points
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2021, 09:46:25 am »
Thanks and yes, still the same for now. Can't always be starting back to game without it being fixed. Risk of losing more than more points.