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Topic: Changelog 08/05/2021  (Read 801 times)


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Changelog 08/05/2021
« on: May 08, 2021, 06:50:21 am »
Changelog 08/05/2021
FOClassic v7, Reloaded rev 1050
Work by worldremaker, thanks.

Changes and fixes:
- Configurable item highlighter added (more info below),
- Trading with NPC is now possible with overweight,
- Added "pop" sound for message box, like in Fallout/Fallout2, and dots in message box are back,
- Fixed companions stacking and blocking in doorways,
- Improved server stability,
- Fixed tree respawn in towns,
- One-time spawners will not be refilled anymore after server restart.

Run UpdaterEx.exe to update your client.

Item highlighter:
Edit Reloaded.cfg to switch it on.

In [Reloaded] section:
ShowItemContours=7 - set the item contours for pickable items, containers and misc items, combination in range from 0 (none) to 7 (for containers and misc items)

    Available combinations:
        0: All off
        1: Mark pickable items only.
        2: Mark pickable items and containers.
        3: Mark all.
        4: Mark pickable and misc items.
        5: Mark containers only.
        6: Mark misc items only.
        7: Mark containers and misc items.
ItemContourColors=128 255 128 - contour colors for pickable items in RGB format, accepts three values (0-255)
ContainerContourColors=128 0 255 - contour colors for containers in RGB format, accepts three values (0-255)
MiscContourColors=255 128 255 - contour colors for misc items in RGB format, accepts three values (0-255)

In [Bindings] section:
ShowItemContours=Y - switch combinations of item marks by contours