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Topic: Fr O'Shaughnessy  (Read 1164 times)


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Fr O'Shaughnessy
« on: February 02, 2021, 09:47:34 pm »
Go click on this NPC in Hub's church, and text box says his name is "Too Much Blood and Broken Bones", which is a Quest that has nothing to do with this NPC. Something is broken here.

This problem blocks your ability to dialogue with Fr O'Shaughnessy, so you cannot complete Into the Great Wide Open, and you cannot begin Old Traditions.

This is a very new problem - i have been running these quests on multiple alts with no issues until very recently.

Slowhand had a great idea and we tried it, but the bug persists even after Fr O'Shaughnessy returns to life.

NOTE: The doors to this church open and close, but you can ignore them and run right thru them.
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