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Topic: Bugs report from test server late S3 updates (OCT2020)  (Read 773 times)


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Bugs report from test server late S3 updates (OCT2020)
« on: October 05, 2020, 02:29:27 pm »
1. New Reno Gas Station garage door can be run through even if closed

2. Vault City car spawns on the west side blocks the moving/searching through the map until you zoom in/out

3. Several wanted signs can be looted using the new highlighter (Redding signs, Hub signs)

4. Bookshelf incorrectly highlighted by the highlighter, capturing the part of the shelf that can't be searched through/looted, the character is trying to pick the whole shelf when clicked.

5. Radio/StealthBoy/Motion Sensor spams the "received/lost" loot feature

6. The new feature showing "received/lost" loot reappears everytime the char enters a location (even if nothing was lost/obtained)

7. If a char is moved off the npc / machine he's having a dialogue with the dialogue is not being cancelled - old bug

8. If one open a chat during having the dialogue, they can type any word but numbers, as numbers trigger dialogue options. - old bug

9. The scavenge icon is a bit glitchy, as one cannot properly aim if there are two scavenge-able barrels next to each other

10. when picking the certain item and redropping it (and continue this activity) the "received/lost" feature slightly bugs out showing the char received or lost "?" amount.

11. "Put all" is missing from the interface, "take all" is included.

12. Entering and leaving Old Town in the Hub crashes the game
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