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Topic: Enclave Combat Armor Reskin/Helmet Icons  (Read 360 times)


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Enclave Combat Armor Reskin/Helmet Icons
« on: January 19, 2019, 05:16:40 am »
ah hello there
Never really liked the look of normal combat helmets on Enclave combat armor, so currently I'm working on a sprite texture on a Black Combat Armor texture off of NMA (found it off of STALKER's armor recolor thread: that will change the look of all Mk. II combat armor; best case scenario it will be done before the first of February (a good portion of the male sprites are done but none of the female ones are) because I am doing most of it by hand and reconverting it to a .frm. Depending how much free time I have I might make something similar for Ranger/NCR and standard combat armor because no post-war soldier would want to breath in a pig rat's turd on the wind nor contract super-AIDs and neither would a pre-war soldier want to breath in communist fecal matter nor contract an airborne version of the bubonic plague the chinese think is a good idea releasing during the occupation of China

Move the inventory icons into FOnline Reloaded\data\art\inven and rename the files (without the parenthesis): inv_encca_helmet (standard) inv_encca_helmet_broken (standard broken) inv_encca_helmet2 (mk ii) inv_encca_helmet2_broken (mk ii broken)

Did not think that imgur would change the file names so sorry for the hassle; when it's all done I will make a dropbox for the sprites and icons

There is a small blue outline around the bottom of the icons, it is easily fixed and will be so when i am done with the sprites:

Mk. II Enclave Combat Helmet:


Standard Enclave Combat Helmet:


Some of the sprites, i'll see about making gifs of them soon:

Spoiler: show

I am hoping the left/right bobbing of the head will look decent in-game:

I also made some new helmet icons for all the combat helmets, desert helmet isn't done very well so I will work on that in the future:

Spoiler: show


Mk II:



Sprites of helmets dropped on the ground:


Mk II:

update: i have no idea how to turn .fpr files or .frm files into gifs but trust my word i think it's coming out pretty well; will leave an attachment of an .fpr file if you have an something that can run it

another thing to note is this is my first texture work on the older fallouts (ive done several for 3 and NV) so expect the final result to be subpar, although right now it is looking pretty good; the anti-aliasing unfortunately comes off with both and GIMP so the quality may be a bit low in those terms

And here are other sprites and the descriptions/unbalanced stats my LARPing ass made because I do not want to make another thread and these are not worthy of their own thread, feel free to use any of these sprites in FOnline or any other games:

Spoiler: show
.50 Cal AP: (reskin of .50 box from Tactics)

DM: 3/4 DR: -50% -30 AC

.50 DU

DM: 1/1 DR -80% -40 AC

Heavy Rifle (reskin of the Bozar)

"Handled like a sniper rifle and chambered in the ~5 1/2 inch .50 cartridge, the FN-FAB (Fusil Anti-Blindé) is an incredibly rare and incredibly powerful weapon that was ordered by the US military to be made by Fabrique Nationale before the war and was made in the event other nations should begin using power armor of their own; meant to be used by infantry in power armor like a normal rifle to tear clean through power armored soldiers or punch through lightly armored vehicles. Chinese Communists invading Alaska abhorred this weapon, due to the fact any round that lands will always be a kill if the person isn't behind 80mm of tank armor."
Weight: 35 Lbs., Ammo Cap.: 6 Perk: Penetrate St Req: 8 Damage 75-105, single shot uses 6-7 AP, no burst mode, may use big guns because of the size or small guns skill because it is handled like a sniper.

Captured Dragoon Rifle:

"FN-FAB captured by Chinese Communists during the invasion of Alaska and was subsequently chambered into 14.5x114 with even more power than .50. Often used by Dragoon Snipers, how this ended up in California is unknown. A faint star is carved into the magazine." Weight: 30 Lbs. Ammo Cap: 4 Perk: Penetrate St Req: 7 Damage: 80-125, all other stats similar to Heavy Rifle

7.62 AP with metal casing

DM: 2/3 DR: -50% -25 AC

7.62 HP

DM: 2/1 DR +35%

.223 AP

DM: 1/2 DR -50% -30 AC

14.5x114 AP-I

DM 3/1 DR -60% -25 AC, original 14mm round is shortened but retains the bullet, this retains the whole cartridge and results in extremely good armor piercing coupled with AP-I giving it the ability to burn through flesh and armor. This is essentially an anti-tank rifle round, and will shoot through power armor with ease. All types of 14.5x114 are very rare in the wasteland as it is of Soviet origin.

14.5x114 AP

DM 1/2 DR -65% -35 AC

DkS-530 Sniper (7.62)

"A DKS-530 Sniper Rifle. Often modified post-war to fire .223, this one is still chambered in the more powerful 7.62x51 round. The DKS-530 includes a longer barrel and a x4-x12 scope."  Weight: 13.5 Lbs., Perk: Long Range, DM: 30-72 Ammo Cap: 5

Gauss Carbine/SMG (reskin of the M-950 from Tactics)

"Odd looking carbine chambered in 2mm EC, bearing resemblance to the 9mm M-950 Calico. Uses a unique system in which the magazine on the top of the gun is surrounded by coils and the energy generated by the coils are transferred into the barrel through a conductor. This results in less power but allows portability and an automatic fire feature. An Enclave insignia is etched into the back of the stock." Intended for use by Enclave vertibird assault teams and rarely patrols, possibly able to be bought with faction points when the Enclave faction is finished.  Weight: 7.5 Lbs., Dmg: 20-28, Ammo Cap: 30, Burst fires 5 shots, Str. Req: 7

Brotherhood Gauss Carbine

"Odd design of an SMG or some form of carbine made by the Enclave captured by the Brotherhood from fighting with the Enclave. Various upgrades that are made are standard upon capture, including a foregrip, longer barrel, and some of the coils are overcharged, unfortunately overcharging the coils results in the user having a hard time with automatic fire, although the feature is still left in the weapon." Weight: 9.5 Lbs., Dmg: 25-38, Ammo Cap: 30, Burst fires 3 shots, Str. Req: 7 Perk: Accurate

14mm Mauser C-296

"C-296 of very well-received Mauser design chambered in the very powerful 14mm round that performs great against armor. Includes a digital ammo counter located beside the rear sight. How a weapon originally only distributed to German forces before the bombs dropped ending up here is anyone's guess." Weight: 4.5 Lbs. Dmg: 35-45 Ammo Cap: 15, Perk: Penetrate Str. Req: 5

14mm Automatic C-298

"The rare C-298 varies little from the C-296 and is visually identical and performs the same, however, it allows for automatic fire." Same stats as previous but has a burst function, firing 5 rounds each burst.

14mm SMG (pixelated version from FNV):

"Funky looking SIG Sauer sub-machinegun originally chambered in 12.7 mm, now chambered in 14mm. Proves extremely powerful against heavily armored opponents." Weight: 10 lbs, Dmg: 22-32, Ammo Cap: 21 Str. Req: 6, Perk: Penetrate

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Re: Enclave Combat Armor Reskin/Helmet Icons
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2019, 08:04:11 am »
i have no idea how to turn (...) .frm files into gifs
TeamX to the rescue! Check frm2gif on TeamX utils mirror. You probably gonna need master.dat-->color.pal, but other than that, i never had any issues with it.
Default switches are fine, but it's worth to check frm2gif --help anyway.
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Re: Enclave Combat Armor Reskin/Helmet Icons
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2019, 08:46:07 am »
TeamX to the rescue! ...

Holy Moly! What a Repository!
appreciate it hustler, I will definitely see if I can get my master.dat unpacked later tomorrow and see if I can get this frm2gif lathe rolling - for now; in the absence of high quality moving images, I have used a .bmp to .gif converter online to get the job done - albeit, rudimentary...

don't look at me

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Re: Enclave Combat Armor Reskin/Helmet Icons
« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2019, 10:30:24 pm »
I'm seeing you're good at arts and so on. Would you like to fix Desert Combat and NCR Armors' ground arts? Helmet and armor should be splited as normal Combat Armors did it.


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