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Topic: A Very Brief History Of Fallout Online.  (Read 1623 times)

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A Very Brief History Of Fallout Online.
« on: December 18, 2018, 10:21:17 pm »
A very brief history of Fallout Online.
In 1988, Interplay Productions released Wasteland, a post-apocalypse CRPG.
Plans for follow ups were canceled, but in 1997 Interplay released Fallout, in which the PC, known as the Vault Dweller, is sent to recover a part needed for the survival of Vault 13. They discover the great plot of the Master’s plan to convert all of humanity’s survivors into Mutants via FEV. The Vault Dweller defeats the Master.
In 1998, Fallout 2 is released. This too was a stand-alone game, where the grand daughter of the Vault Dweller is sent to recover a part necessary for the survival of Arroyo, the village the Vault Dweller built after the fall of the Master. She discovers her grandmother’s old nemesis’ shadow, as a human faction called Enclave has discovered the FEV virus and developed a retro virus that will kill anyone infected with FEV. Chosen One defeats the enclave at an oil platform off the Oregon coast.
In 2001, Interplay released Fallout; Tactics, a mixed standalone/multiplayer in which the PC, a Brotherhood Of Steel initiate, must return order to the Midwest and defeat both a traitor within the BOS and an pre-war supercomputer bent of restoring the wastes. (Wait, what? Just go with it, I didn’t create it.) The game could be played either in single player or multiplayer mode by the player’s preference.

Somewhere between the release of FO2 and FO;T, about a dozen gamers started experimenting with making FO2 into a multi-player game. This eventually became Fallout Online (FOOL) also referred to as Fallout 2238, as the game was eventually set in the year 2238. In 2012, shuttered their offices citing “exhaustion.” Before doing so, CVET released FOOL 2238’s source code; Several people saved the files, including Kilgore, who established Reloaded, originally put out as an unmodified version of 2238’s last source code.

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Re: A Very Brief History Of Fallout Online.
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2019, 09:31:26 pm »
Half of it is wrong, do your research ffs.
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Re: A Very Brief History Of Fallout Online.
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2019, 09:28:38 pm »
around 2004 some ruskies including cvet started work on fallout online, after some time cvet became main developer and continued work through years. around 2009 were done some open beta tests of first fonline project - the life after, not so long later fonline 2238 obt happened. at 2010 fonline tla sdk was released. with time appeared multiple projects based on it like tlamk2, requiem, fonline2, ashes of phoenix... in the meantime 2238 died, released 2238 sdk then reloaded popped up. 

worth mention that around 2006-11 Interplay did attempt to make fallout online but due to conflict with bethesda project was cancelled


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Re: A Very Brief History Of Fallout Online.
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ok vlado, now go back to your cave