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Topic: Player farm have found a few bugs  (Read 1134 times)


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Player farm have found a few bugs
« on: December 08, 2018, 04:09:49 pm »
First bug is broken dialogue with rancher.

Ive unlocked the Rancher and as I had few crops which means few farm dollars so decided to bring couple of tamed cows to him for slaugtering and future breeding. I have managed to tame 4 cows and lead them into a pen through a dialogue opntion "How is the pen looking?" (smth like that) I had my companion follower with me all the time. On the 5th cow rancher bugged and currently he is gining an "Internal server error dlg1: Dialogue link is broken" for that dialogue opton so i can't bring any cows from the wastes to my farm. I disbanded the follower then killed the cow and got another one then even killed the rancher (thanks to God he respawned). But the problem is still is.

Another thing is about Preacher. I renovated church. Settlers are all avaliable but then i used an "blessing option" in preachers dialogue just to see what it does and he became locked again and no any options exept [Leave] are on dialogue at the moment.

Please take a look at it. I co-own this farm originally it is bought for the name of Rutik.

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Re: Player farm have found a few bugs
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2018, 05:30:22 pm »
He's right. I thought it was player error so I didn't report the bugs a couple weeks ago.
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