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Re: FOnline Reloaded RANT
« on: October 18, 2017, 01:41:07 pm »
Right now I can't write what I want but I can say that season 3 needs a lot of fixes both in PvE and PvP content.

I can understand PvP players, they want to have PvP-oriented game with simple quest like "go worldmap's circle, kill everything inside, take payment" and places for killing others. I like this kind of quests too because they're great addition to daily FOnline tasks or main quest.

On the other hand we have Fallout's players who remember first Fallout games with great storylines, dark ambience and long dialogs. They won't like TES: Skyrim's or any other MMO primitive quests like "go, kill 10 X, take payment". They want deep and well-written storyline with walls of text. I think these kind of quests is important same as MMO's quests because we should remember that FOnline is based on Fallout game. Fallout whic is cRPG, not shooter or RTS game.

In conclusion the developers should care about both PvE and PvP lovers. Slow down, don't rush content, don't create a lot of useless features and nerfs. Buff and balance current PvE quests and activities (example caravan runs). In parallel take care about PvP content. Think about Town Control, loot during TC, new PvP games for small groups, solo players or totally newbie PvP guys who want to dive into PvP world.

As I said before I don't have time to write everything what I wanted but in short I worry about Reloaded because it's my favorite server and personally I think it is the best FOnline server.

Please don't ruin it. I don't want to FOnline 2238's history for FOnline Reloaded.


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Re: FOnline Reloaded RANT
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2017, 01:15:56 pm »
Well small players counter isn't good too because it shows players are bored and don't play. I think we shouldn't focus too much on mystical "new players" because most of them probably won't like the game or quickly get bored after some time. We have to agree that only veterans keep alive FOnline's servers at all. Of course we need new players who will become veterans but we shouldn't fuck current community.

I don't like trolling discussions, raging and saying "you're fucking noob, go kill yourself", "devs make fonline shit game, game dead" or "go noob play Counter Strike, no pvp apes allowed". I think we should talk, yes talk with players and developers. Kilgore or DocAn or whoever is Reloaded's developer should come here and discuss. Honest talk about advatages and disadvatages of game features. I really like @Seki's post because he has written very constructive criticism which is great. He has pointed what is good or bad. Devs should come here and say what they're going to do, what are their goals and plans for next months. Instead we can read "ragequit tutorial" and I don't think pasting it is a mature behaviour.

According to plans and goals I found:
WIP: pvp reward system, other fixes and adjustments, more dungeons and pve activities
Something like that is enough but we don't know what is actual progress. Communication between players and developers would be helpful for both groups. I don't see any moderators or global PR guy who will write more often about game. We're really small community so we should be like a family and try to solve the problems.

Peace to players and developers. Remember not to ruin this server because it's the best one we have. Remember FOnline Reloaded is a solid brand but slightly feels lost right now.


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Re: FOnline Reloaded RANT
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2017, 06:52:20 pm »
I needed some time but now I think I understood why you are here Wichura.
You are a very clever person in my opinion now, I completely changed my opinion about you.

You ve put a lot of efforts to try to defend the shitty current state of reloaded with broken PvP, broken economy, broken playerbase and hello kitty PvE. You were here when we posted on forum to try to prevent us from talking saying the same things over and over. I questioned myself...

I finally found why, it is simply because you don't want reloaded to leave this shitty current state. You want Reloaded to stay as it now, because you know that all the players are going to quit and then what will happen ? Some of them will completely quit, but some of them will join Fonline2 ! And since you worked for fonline 2 in the past as you said yourself it becomes clear as daylight mate.

If you let us talk and Kilgore is fixing everything, people will stay here without any problems. That's a good plan isn't it ? Funny thing is that maybe you are doing all of this unconsciously  ;)

I'm thinking same now. You can be right because there might be some people who actually give positive feedback for broken stuff because they want to sabotage the server. I hope Reloaded's developers have common sense and see what is a bug and what is a good feature.

And I hope they play their own game.


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Re: FOnline Reloaded RANT
« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2017, 03:25:53 am »


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Re: FOnline Reloaded RANT
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Re: FOnline Reloaded RANT
« Reply #5 on: September 12, 2018, 04:09:50 pm »
Well, just play Survival game XYZ for 1k hours.. and you will eventually get tired of that mechanic.

So I do not comprehend the constant complaints about the changes whatsoever.

I mean.. I get the appeal of gear loss on death and other players being capable of picking it up..
But the current concept isn't overlly diffrent from what I can see.. gear is harder to acquire, making a death/condition loss more bothersome - it's diffrent, yeah, but it somehow results into the same doesn't it ?

Anyway, I do not really care about this debate, I think I could enjoy both and didn't a new survival hit just release ?
Google "Scum" (lmao), it's merely 15bucks.
Or... idk..