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Topic: The Gentlemen's Club - Classy since 1832  (Read 1685 times)


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The Gentlemen's Club - Classy since 1832
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Greetings, future Gentlemen, and Ladies! We are the Gentlemen's Club! And we're indeed looking to spread our exclusively Gentlemen & Lady's Club to this savage wasteland of California! Bringing only the finest suits, dresses, and slaves, we've built our grand Estate for all to admire with gleaming eyes. And have opened our golden gates to those who are willing to embrace the civilized manner of the olden days. And to those who wish to flaunt their caps in style! We of course aren't only looking for the rich, or famous. We will welcome all who week companionship with fellow Gentlemen, and refuge from the harsh environments of the Wasteland. We seek to aid the population as best we can, and provide a more eloquent, and classy influence to said population.


Here at the Gentlemen's Club we follow a strict etiquette and hierarchy. All members are expected to show respect to their superiors, as they work hard to maintain the faction itself, and the members of the faction. Our hierarchy is as follows:


Lord - He is the Lord of the Gentlemen's Club, and the Gentlemen's Estate, he manages the day-to-day tasks of the faction, and is the most gentlemanly man among us. He guides the faction into prosperity, and manages the faction itself.

Headmaster - The Headmaster answers directly to the Lord of the Gentlemen's Club, and passes down his will to the Masters, and Noblemen of the Club. The Headmaster oversees the faction and it's members, and advises the Lord of the Gentlemen's Estate.

Master - The Masters of the Club are the very core of the Gentlemen's Club. They advise the Headmaster, and help guide the faction. The Masters also handle the faction's more important business like crucial decision making, and supervision of the lesser ranks. Masters are also often given a "core task", like being the faction's Treasurer, or Quartermaster.

Nobleman - The Noblemen are esteemed and trustworthy members of the Gentlemen's Club. They are often given more menial tasks by the Masters. But are also frequently responsible for the training and supervision of the Gentlemen, and Trainees.

Gentleman - The Gentlemen of the Gentlemen's Club are the basic members of the Club. They get to enjoy activities with their fellow Gentlemen, and thrive in the glory and wealth of the Club itself. They represent the sheer class of the Gentlemen's Club, and our will to spread class throughout the community.

Trainee - New initiates of the Gentlemen's Club begin as Trainees. The Trainees are often put under the supervision of a Nobleman, or Gentleman. And are given all kinds of different tasks around the faction, and are as well helped with leveling and other tasks.


Following these ranks, the good Lord Dane has established specific requirements for these ranks to be obtained:

Rank Requirements:

Trainee - Must be invited by a Nobleman or above.

Gentleman - Serve in the faction for two weeks on good behavior to rise to a true Gentleman.

Nobleman - Have become completely trusted by the Headmaster, or Lord Dane himself.

Master - You can only become a Master if a previous spot is open, and Lord Dane himself appoints you to this position.

Headmaster - Unattainable.

Lord - Unattainable.



If you have any questions, or you would like to speak to the Headmaster, or Lord of the GMC, contact us on Discord, here:


And remember, stay classy!
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Re: The Gentlemen's Club - Classy since 1832
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Re: The Gentlemen's Club - Classy since 1832
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Re: The Gentlemen's Club - Classy since 1832
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a previous spot is open become completely trusted


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Re: The Gentlemen's Club - Classy since 1832
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Said everything was fully simplification is not as difficult as you think.