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[RP] Malachai's Domain
« on: September 28, 2017, 10:40:45 pm »
(( Malachai's Domain is meant for serious roleplaying and such and the fun way like skilled in roleplay in honesty.  grammar is not a problem and length of the text. c: oh and a proper roleplay name. most likely a first name and the last name. or something fitting that counts as a first name even ))

Malachai's Domain is a title of the man named Malachai Covain, Sounds arrogant or boastful to some but that is not the intent it is to show it's his domain if someone may find parts of land that he claimed and succeeded with the help of his fellow survivor's, they are not servants or slaves or fodder. He finds his fellow survivor's important. and perhaps they find him important.
Malachai is not a brutal man yet if he must fight he shall defend his people and prevent bloodshed if possible and use tactics to beat the enemy and perhaps convince them he is not their enemy and somehow become allies, but if they betray him he shall give them a fierce warning they get chances but sometimes chances won't work anymore and must be made an example of yet he dislikes doing this yet if he must do it he shall unless convinced not too, by his fellow survivor's or why should not and spare the person, if a possible ally is made and hopefully not betray him he shall try to make trading connection's to the barter grounds. yet Malachai has barely enough to start yet. and seeks those trustworthy and loyal to begin a new age for the wasteland.


Be helpful to one another and try to make progress. even how small any small bit helps, yet do not feel anxious if you're not your part take your time.

Try to collect items and craft even perhaps  and try to get information about other factions but not spy on them we don't want to show as hostile or potential enemies

If you can try to go in a group to scavenge or if you prefer to be alone you may, but be careful and do not do anything that would harm our faction

It's your choice if you want to give or spend currency for the faction, we won't force you but we might need some if it's necessary you can always say no but it would help the faction out. and you if you're part of it.

Look for potential member's that would fit in our factions and observe them or ask them some questions if they are interested in such a faction as ours.

Please do not steal from us we shall not steal from you, it's simple and fair and try to be polite to each other

Desired faction colour if possible or allowed: A dark purple or purple in general if you could provide that it would be very nice and kind of you

(( i can always add more to this if possible also the [rp] in the title is not part of the name just to notify its a roleplay faction.))
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Re: [RP] Malachai's Domain
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2018, 08:28:43 pm »
Long time ago, I'm very surprised because of seeing this topic and roleplay guy :)
I hope you still making roleplay, I wish to contact you


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Re: [RP] Malachai's Domain
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2018, 05:05:01 pm »
Yeah sorry, i lost my character sadly. but I can remake him but it takes a lot of work. i cant log into him.