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Crazed's Bazaar!
« on: September 08, 2017, 07:56:07 pm »
Hello! Some of you may know me by my previous scandals in season one with the reno loot box, but no more! I am now selling various stated versions of weapons and armor! Almost all of my items will me 100/100 quality.

This new season is different so after I sell a few items and get a general idea for how much they're worth i'll put prices next to them, these are estimations at best.


YK32 Pulse Pistol- In stock 5 100/100
~~~~~~~Stated versions (2)
~Max Damage 22%, Range 2, Crit Power +5, Accuracy 20%

~Min Damage 18%, Max Damage 19%, Crit power +4

Assault Rifles
9 in stock many are quality/improved. PM for more info

Combat Shotguns
Normal versions can be bought for 40 scrap for people who may be low on caps

~Crit power +1, Min damage 22%
~Crit power +2, Range 2, Max Damage 12%, Accuracy 6%


~Unique CA

This is just a beginning to this, will add more later. May just start doing pictures and overload the forums... maybe
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