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Topic: Canadian Counter-Communism Police [CCCP]  (Read 949 times)

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Canadian Counter-Communism Police [CCCP]
« on: July 07, 2017, 10:38:07 am »

A terrible scourge is attempting to manifest itself into the physical realm of this tired wasteland. It sees the hardship and suffering that is being endured throughout, seeking to use this as an incentive to cradle the victims under a mirage of "hope" and "prosperity." The most recent surge, although incredibly small and individualistic to a high degree, composes itself out of whimsical psuedo-intelligence in order to ascertain more victims for it's very unclear goal. It is with amateurism and nonsensical thinking that they seek to do nothing more than being a nuisance upon the wastes.

This recent "threat" is also very contradictory to itself, imposing the question of whether or not the benefactor of this surge understands the concept of what he/she/it seeks to employ. It is understood that there are ranking systems set in place to ensure the submission of the few sorry souls, however Socialism in itself is, in essence, the deconstruction of class and rank in a form less intense than the real world perversion of Communism. This 'oxymoronic' structure is very demeaning and belittling to the extremely minor threat that this is trying to be, but it must be noted that it only takes a single reading of a brief history of Communism to become an expert in the field, and to then employ this upon anyone and everyone in sight.

About us, we are the Canadian Counter-Communism Police, or the CCCP for short. We get alerted when we receive logistics of any singe "Socialist" surge or "Communist" corruption that is taking place on any and all freely accessed online content, ranging from games to forums, emails to hosting sites. We would personally like to thank who we believe to be the owner of this particular forum - Kilgore - whom have righteously located this relatively weak threat appearing in his rightful ownership.

We can only take this so and so far, and it is now up to you to seek out whoever it is that is a part of this fallible fable and to disconnect any and all ties to them, both in game and out, else you will be subject to real life annoyances that, with the new added feature of blocking, should not be much of a problem at all.

Communism is not a joke, but the followers are. If you find one, report to your local CCCP officer at once so we can find a relative cure that consists of a single trip helicopter ride.

Taking Commies for a one way helicopter ride.


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Re: Canadian Counter-Communism Police [CCCP]
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Haha Nice One  ;D


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Re: Canadian Counter-Communism Police [CCCP]
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I started to laugh :D very kindly :D