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FOnline Variable Editor
« on: June 14, 2017, 11:12:37 pm »

After noticing the broken variable tools in the dialog editor for FOnline Reloaded: Season 2, I resolved to have a...
Not broken version.

Here's the preliminary version, with a few caveats:
  • It does not import multiline summaries correctly, though it has some mechanisms to import/export pseudo-multiline summaries. A tool should be released to convert variable files to this format shortly.
  • Its config file defaults to the default FOnline folder hierarchy.
  • The source code is currently unavailable pending a Gitlab upload and a licensing decision.
  • New IDs, regardless of content, are appended to the end of the header/data sections of the variable file--this should be fixed whenever I have more time to dedicate to the project.

Place the unzipped files into their own folder within your source's "Tools" folder and have fun!
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