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Topic: *NEW* The Khans: Recruitment (Re-Upload)  (Read 558 times)

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*NEW* The Khans: Recruitment (Re-Upload)
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Welcome to the Apocalypse
It's mandatory to fight for survival here, so the question is.. Are you the killed, or the killer?
If you are a killer, a survivor, or just an all around psychopath. Our organization would suite you quite nicely.

"Dirty, Mean, and most importantly Rude."
The Khans as a group participate in PvP (RT & TB), PvE, torture, and genocide.
Outside of Fonline: Reloaded, we recruit many talents to further our cause; artists, rock stars, and writers are welcome to join and express their talents.
While we aren't noob friendly to your average wastelander, we take care of our own. Newer players who've applied can have experienced Khan Raiders will aid your survival.
That being said, seasoned players are more than welcome to apply for the fight and glory.
The Khans are killers, griefers and raiders. We value loyalty, grit, cruelty against enemies, and brotherhood above everything else.

Raider Whore Punk Album:

TKs-Mantis Youtube Channel:

Rank Explanation

Spoiler: show

Welcome noobie, time for you to settle in and learn about our cause. This is your time to prove yourself to us. Swear your allegiance to us and you will go far.


Obtained by posting 10 killscreens on our forum thread, however this doesn't guarantee your safety. You're still are on your road of earning your place within our brother hood.


This rank is obtained for your understanding of battle. Once you have proved your worthiness within the battlefield, your vote will be casted to decide your advancement.


Welcome Raider, you have proven your worthiness within our ranks. You have shown that you uphold our values beyond all else.


Captains are leaders who hold themselves as examples to all those Khan.

Raid Commander

Those who carry out the will of the Red Order, those who contribute to our culture as Khans and our activity within games.

The Red Order

Your Overlords, their say is law. They are to be feared and loved. Respect is necessary in the face of the Red Order.[/center]

Recruitment Video

IRL Recruitment Video

Requirements & General Rules
*Teamspeak 3 is a MUST!
*No Treachery, (no backstabbing, no scamming, don't play with other factions for PvP without TRO permission.)
*Prospects whom are NOT in Teamspeak will be shot on sight!
*Beware, the main language spoken in the Khans is English. For communication reasoning please be at least, "ok" at your English!
*Respect is earned not given.
*All those who have arguments or disagreements to the point its hindering your time here, must resolve it either verbally or fight it out in THUNDERDOME! Where two men enter and one man leaves.

Some EARLY History
The Khans was founded in late year 2000 in Fallout: Tactics Multiplayer Demo by Viren.
Other, but not all raids include...

[spoiler]CHAPTER #1 - The Beginning
*NOTE* -The early days of the khans are still shrouded in mystery. Using internet archives, and recovered files from multiple hard drives,this is a chronological list of what we can confirm. The farther along the timeline we go, the more we know, but be aware that there are gaps even in the middle, and this is an extensive process that may not reflect all persons and all information and events.
2000-September-01 - Viren founds The Khans

There is a forum war at during the anticipation to FOT release
2000-September-Dec - Xaris founds first Khan Forum at
2000-September-Dec - Khanswebpage hosted at
2000-Late Winter - The discussed intent of The Khans is to stay small and elite
2000-Late Winter - A limit of 11 members maximum is imposed - Community forum spam/hate is overwhelming against The Khans
2000-Late Winter - The Khans successfully create hostile relations with community groups
2000-Late Winter - said groups include: The Order, The Unwashed Villagers, The Mutant Army, The Black Company, The Golden Blade Clan. and The Dragon's Talon Clan
2001-January-26 - Fallout Tactics Multiplayer Demo Released!
2001-January-27- Viren posts news that Khan webpage attacked

2001-January-27- TKs-Kenetik kills TBC-Moonbiter Image
2001-January-28 - Gargantua enlists with The Khans
2001-February-01 - Khan Membership includes:
Viren - Founder
Lalande - 2nd
Grizzly Phase

2001-February- Rei joins The Khans

2001-February-15 - Khans received community hosting at Image
2001-February-15 - Khans maintain their old forums for private function, and V13 for public
2001-Februray-15 - Khans find themselve embroiled conflict with TBC/GBC in game and out
2001-February-17 - Viren steps back from TKs leadership, PTE Lalande takes command
2001-February-18 - Rei causes a multiple of problems in house, allegations of cheating etc
2001-February-20 - PTE Lalande betrays the Khans and creates his own faction with Kenetik "The Scorned"

2001-February-21 - Graves assumes
2001-February-21 - Graves immediately declares war on Lalande and Rei
2001-February-22/23 - There is significant disagreement over Graves decision not to recruit
2001-February-26 - Faction tags are changed to [Khans] for GSA appearance purposes
2001-March-15 - The Full Version of FOT is released
2001-March-20 - Rei is revealed by IP as GBC's Cyrus
2001-March-25 - The Khans fight and defeat the Canadian Ranger

2001-March-30 - There is some dissatisfaction with the full version of the game
2001-April 1 - The entire FOT community is still split between demo and full version
2001-April 5 - Graves opens the door to recruitment, 11 man restriction remains however
2001-April13 - Graves posts a news update

2001-April-20 - Membership and activity level struggle
2001-May-1 - Graves's activity level has dropped considerably
2001-May-2 - Scorned Dissolves, Lalande registers as a member of TBC
2001-May-3 - The Khans are stagnant without activity, events, or raids
2001-May-06 - Graves posts a may update

May-15 - Graves abandons the Khan Raider Leadership, Black Death goes with him
2001-May-15- Only 3 Khans remain, Biohazard, Gargantua, Cass

This is a forum conversation Graves/Gargantua had some time well after Gargantua took command

GRAVES: The clan stayed together because of me.

"Dude, I was there, the clan fell apart, BECAUSE of you, and your refusal to recruit new blood. And if Viren had passed power to ME, we would still be here today.

As for your 'recruiting tacts' Cass and Bio were recruited under Lalande's reign."

GRAVES: TKs did not fall when I was leader, it held strong.

"Yea, till you ditched it, because everyone was inactive, and then laughed at me for 'Riding a dead horse.' Oh I remember well.""

GRAVES: I left on my own terms and for my own reasons. Did I want to leave TKs? No, but I had to

"You didn't HAVE to do anything, you just quit because you didn't have what it was going to take to make things work. Don't think you can weasel your way out, I still have sig pics you uploaded from way back in the day, when you and BD went solo, Don't you remember your whole, 'waking up as a mutant' thing?

I should post those in this thread; as for you leaving '3 men in charge' by technical definition, you left the last 3 members 'in charge' two of which were in active."

GRAVES: Upon my leadership, I carried the true image of TKs.

"You carried the true image, of bastardity, and barbarism, like we do today, but you used Virens flawed concept/organizational model. And if you use it again, you will fail.

Lastly, how could we possibly forget that whole fiasco, of you coming down on this place, with BD and Kenetic, grasping control of the Private Khan EZ board, and deleting the most important parts of Khan pre history.

Oh yea, you've 'Always' looked out for our interests Graves.

Just like when you start your new clan, we are going to 'look out' for your 'interests'.

I bet Panamon's boot will be a loose fit up your sorry ass."

2001-May-16 - Gargantua assumes command of The Khans

2001-May-17 - After being contacted by Gargantua, Cass confirms she has quit the game
2001-May-20 - Biohazard is determined inactive, and is never seen again **NOTE** It is later determined, that Biohazard was a spy - TBC's Stormshadow
2001-May-21 - Gargantua is the sole remaining Khan Raider
2001-May-22 - Ex TKs members, and FOT/V13 community leaders attack the Khan forums with hate/spam
2001-May-23 to 30 - The Khan forums are under constant harassment, as well as khan presence in GSA
2001-June Khans are called a one man faction, a laughing stock and a joke,

*** Last updated August 31st 2015 - Still needs some fine tuning ***

Neocron (no longer active)
Star Wars: Galaxies
World of Warcraft (no longer active)
Crossout (no longer active)
Runescape (no longer active)
The Exiled (no longer active)
FOnline: 2238 (no longer active)
Warhammer Online
FOnline 2
FOnline Forever (no longer active)
FOnline Ashes of Pheonix (no longer active)
FOnline Reloaded

Our Website:
Our Forums:
Recruitment Thread:

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Re: *NEW* The Khans: Recruitment (Re-Upload)
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Re: *NEW* The Khans: Recruitment (Re-Upload)
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Re: *NEW* The Khans: Recruitment (Re-Upload)
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best faction in fonline history. full of the coolest dudes without a doubt. join up, our future is limitless  8)
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Re: *NEW* The Khans: Recruitment (Re-Upload)
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Re: *NEW* The Khans: Recruitment (Re-Upload)
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Re: *NEW* The Khans: Recruitment (Re-Upload)
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Bump!  8)