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Topic: *NEW* The Khans: Recruitment  (Read 103 times)

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*NEW* The Khans: Recruitment
« on: April 26, 2017, 04:04:11 am »

It's mandatory to fight for survival here, so the question is.. Are you the killed, or the killer?
If you are a killer, a survivor, or just an all around psychopath. Our organization would suite you quite nicely.

"Dirty, Mean, and most importantly Rude. The Khans as a group participate in PvP (RT & TB), PvE, torture, and genocide.
Outside of Fonline: Reloaded, we recruit many talents to further our cause; artists, rock stars, and writers are welcome to join and express their talents.
While we aren't noob friendly to your average wastelander, we take care of our own. Newer players who've applied can have experienced Khan Raiders will aid your survival.
That being said, seasoned players are more than welcome to apply for the fight and glory.
The Khans are killers, griefers and raiders. We value loyalty, grit, cruelty against enemies, and brotherhood above everything else.

Raider Whore Punk Album:

TKs-Mantis Youtube Channel:

Rank Explanation


Welcome noobie, time for you to settle in and learn about our cause. This is your time to prove yourself to us. Swear your allegiance to us and you will go far.


Obtained by posting 10 killscreens on our forum thread, however this doesn't guarantee your safety. You're still are on your road of earning your place within our brother hood.


This rank is obtained for your understanding of battle. Once you have proved your worthiness within the battlefield, your vote will be casted to decide your advancement.


Welcome Raider, you have proved your worthiness within our ranks. You have shown that you withhold our values beyond all else.


Captains are leaders who hold themselves as examples to all those Khan.

Raid Commander

Those who carry out the will of the Red Order, those who contribute to our culture as Khans and our activity within games.

The Red Order

Your Overlords, their say is law. They are to be feared and loved. Respect is necessary in the face of the Red Order.

Recruitment Video

Requirements & General Rules
*Teamspeak 3 is a MUST!
*No Treachery, (no backstabbing, no scamming, don't play with other factions for PvP without TRO permission.)
*Prospects whom are NOT in Teamspeak will be shot on sight!
*Beware, the main language spoken in the Khans is English. For communication reasoning please be at least, "ok" at your English!
*Respect is earned not given.
*All those who have arguments or disagreements to the point its hindering your time here, must resolve it either verbally or fight it out in THUNDERDOME! Where two men enter and one man leaves.

Some Basic History
The Khans was founded in late year 2000 in Fallout: Tactics Multiplayer Demo by Viren.
Other, but not all raids include...

Neocron (no longer active)
Star Wars: Galaxies (no longer active)
World of Warcraft (no longer active)
Crossout (no longer active)
Runescape (no longer active)
Das Tal (no longer active)
FOnline: 2238 (no longer active)
FOnline 2
FOnline Forever
FOnline Ashes of Pheonix
FOnline Reloaded

Our Website:
Our Forums:
Recruitment Thread:

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