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It's mandatory to fight for survival here, so the question is.. Are you the killed, or the killer?
If you are a killer, a survivor, or just an all around psychopath. Our organization would suite you quite nicely.

Recruitment Video

The Khans was founded in late year 2000 in Fallout: Tactics Multiplayer Demo by Viren.
Other, but not all raids include...

Neocron (no longer active)
Star Wars: Galaxies (no longer active)
World of Warcraft (no longer active)
Crossout (no longer active)
Runescape (no longer active)
Das Tal (no longer active)
FOnline: 2238 (no longer active)
FOnline 2
FOnline Forever
FOnline Ashes of Pheonix
FOnline Reloaded

The Khans as a group participate in PvP (RT & TB), PvE, torture, genocide, and being rude.
Outside of Fonline: Reloaded, we recruit many talents to further our cause; artists, rock stars, and writers are welcome to join and express their talents.
Raider Whore Punk Album:

TKs-Mantis Youtube Channel:

Rank Explanation


Raid Commander
The Red Order