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Topic: Got surprised while hunting for Footlockers, to my surprise, I wasn't killed.  (Read 1349 times)


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So, for reference, I used to play FOnline 2238 for some time way back in 2013. I never got good at the game, and I think I never reached even level 24 (which I think was maximum). So, yesterday I felt the sudden urge to play some real apocalyptic survival game. No, not any of that Fallout 3 or 4 shit, I mean, they're good but they don't bring me the sense of despair. So, I decided to pick up on Fallout 2 again, which then reminded me of FOnline 2238. Unfortunately, it had already died out. Luckily, FOnline Reloaded had been born. So, I read up on the wiki, figured out good way to get loot was to look for Footlockers around city encounters while killing some mobs for XP. I've been killed a couple times while doing that, no big deal, as such is the life in wasteland.

Then, after a spending way too long trying to lockpick a footlocker open, I just though "I'm gonna' get dropped soon." and about 20 seconds later, this happens:

So, what happened was they knocked me down to about -15 HP, then instantly revived me, unlocked the container. At this point I'm like "Ah, they just want to goad me. No biggie. I'll let them have their fun." Then they tell me to take the box. "Wait, what, are you serious?"

I've played a couple online games before where trusting anyone is generally a mistake. So here I thought they were giving me some hope before finally bursting me to death. Instead, they let me run back to the exit zone and return to world map with the loot.

So, big shoutout to Mr. Craftit and Peter Pain. That was completely unexpected. I never thought I'd see such mercy in FOnline.
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Haha :) We thought that you might appreciate us NOT killing you more than we could enjoy killing you for nothing. And seems like we were right ;)


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You might wanna thank them on discord as they use it very often :)