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Topic: Khans Announce Mercenary POGROM  (Read 469 times)


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Khans Announce Mercenary POGROM
« on: March 02, 2017, 06:58:41 pm »
If you’re guns are for hire, if you sell your sword to the highest bidder, if you fight for whatever cause pays best, then heed this call to arms else you may have yours lopped off.

The Khans are officially announcing a new mercenary POGROM. Mercenaries from all across the wastes will make their names known as they show off their skills and prove their worth in battle. If the glory of battle isn’t enough to draw you in, then allow me to paint you a picture of the all the glorious loot you may attain. Imagine the enemy in the distance. You notice a nice shiny weapon in his possession. You decide you’ll have it off him. Seconds later, you make him swim in a pool of his own blood for having the temerity to be carrying YOUR nice shiny weapon across the wasteland. You then return this lovely new piece of death dealing equipment to it's rightful owner, you. Sound like your kind of day? Join the Khans Mercenary POGROM now!

Perks included:
-The right to LOOT what you SHOOT
-Increased PVP possibilities for casual players
-The much-coveted Khan Mercenary Signature pictured below (Name added)
-Ability to claim rewards and bounties on Khan Forums

Apply for Status as a Khan Mercenary at http://forum.khanscentral.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1406

And remember. We RAID to get PAID.


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Re: Khans Announce Mercenary POGROM
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Sounds good!!!


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Re: Khans Announce Mercenary POGROM
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