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Topic: STALKER's advice to not being a kurwa  (Read 2432 times)


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STALKER's advice to not being a kurwa
« on: February 15, 2017, 08:55:02 am »
Hello you damn noob, You probably made some shit build like in Fallout 3 or 4, let me guess. Horrible specials, tagged bruiser or melee as your traits and tagged. I'll make this simple on what to pick and how to be decent in the game. I'll give you tips on how to survive encounters, how to farm while outnumbered, avoid being killed, RT or TB, however I suggest TB if you're just starting. This is my personal way of how I started from scratch, some other veterans may not agree to my methods but it works.

1. Installing helpful modifications

First off, I'm assuming you can launch the game, have it properly working with no errors. First lets get your game cosmetically updated. I prefer for you guys not to use the default interface.

If you got everything to work, your game should look like this.

Spoiler: show

2. Making the right character

It is crucial that you make a proper character, or else you won't stick around that long, I'll give my overview on traits, Special, and skills. Hopefully you get a good build in.


Spoiler: show
Bloody Mess - Useless
Bonehead - Only helpful in PvP
Bruiser -  Useless for any build, even melee
Chem Reliant - If you're a poor man and rarely take drugs, however you'll probably have an abundance of drugs so it's not really needed
Chem Resistant - Useless
Fast Metabolism - Not recommended, healing rate already low as is and lowering drugs is just bad.
Fast Shot - Helpful for TB spammer, recommended
Finesse - Completely useless
Good Natured - Helpful if you plan on taking travellers (NPCs you can recruit and level up)
Heavy Handed - Only viable melee trait, however it's not recommended for newbies.
Jinxed - ehh, not even sure if this works
Kamikaze - LOL
Loner - Helpful if you have one extra trait open (You can still have human's follow you)
One Hander - Not really useful, most decent weapons are 2 handed.
Skilled - LMAO
Small Frame - Depends on what type of build you are.


Spoiler: show
STR - Recommended 5-7, anything higher is over kill and anything lower is bad! Varies on type of build you are
PE - Recommended 6-8, only exception is 9-10 for Snipers but snipers aren't viable in PVE
CH - 1, always 1
INT - Recommended 6 for swift learner.
LK - Recommended 1-3, only exception are snipers but snipers aren't good for PVE, I personally choose 1 LK, some others go 3 LK.


I highly recommend Small guns for your first set of weapons, later on you can reroll and try other weapon traits but I recommend SG. First aid is another recommended skill. Last depends on what you want to do, I suggest go locker hunting so probably picking Lockpicking would be useful. Some might pick outdoors man, but skills like that can be raised with books.

I'm currently starting from scratch with this build right here. Been working well, have abundance of items and only more to come.

Spoiler: show
If I were to make some hybrid build, I'd use this. Use it to farm, craft, locker hunt, cave hunt and other shit. However it does require skill books so you're gonna need to find those or I can give them to you if you want.

Should be using psycho, cigs, buffout and nuka, you can either pistol spam with 223 or burst with XL70E3 or P90, mainly Turn Based. You have first aid skill if you ever run out of stimpacks or something. You can probably fend off other players if you have XL if you were to encounter them due to your bonus range damage perks.

It doesn't require a lot of level so you'll be fine, assuming you won't want to grind up to level 70 which will take a while for a newbie.


3. Starting Out

Ok, so now you have a character (hopefully decent spam build), your game looks nice and now you're ready to start. You spawn near Hub, the town where most people go to chat and idle. Here's a bullent point list of what I did.

While travelling and you get any forced encounter, and if they're not hostile, loot materials such as junk and flint. If you installed that visible item mod, they'll be easier to obtain. Example. Use Flint to make primitive tools, and with that use it to chop trees for wood. Don't need a lot of wood, I say 15 just to get started.


  • Travel to hub to obtain 150 XP
  • Travel to 30:43 and 31:43, use these 2 zones to find flint and wood. Enter encounters till you find flint and find trees that you can chop up, again with visible mod it'll be much easier

If lucky you get an encounter like this, all that wood :D

  • Now do the same thing in the city ruins, find some junk now, enter encounters and pick up at least 10
  • After obtaining wood and junk, travel more south to Boneyard, enter Gun Runners for another 150 XP
  • While in Gun Runners, speak to Marshal to increase your weapon skill.
  • After obtaining weapon bonus, travel to New Adytum for another 150xp
  • While in New Adytum, use the workbench to craft yourself a BB gun or 2. If lucky yours can come out statted like mine :D 

Now that you're able to fight NPCs, I suggest switching to Turn Based mode for forced encounters.

  • After New Adytum, travel to the Library for another 150 XP, at this point you're not far from reaching level 2

4. Glorious BB Gun (Fighting Floaters, raiders, etc. with BB gun)

To be continued...

That's right slut, killing this at level 1 :D


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Re: STALKER's advice to not being a kurwa
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2017, 10:37:36 am »
That's the best guide available right now. Good piece of work STALKER! Remember not to walk around hub and boneyard in encounters cause it's the most dangerous area in whole game when it comes to PK And PvP inside of encounters. And don't trust Khans.


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Re: STALKER's advice to not being a kurwa
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2017, 04:16:22 am »
Some good tips there for new bloods, nice work.


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Re: STALKER's advice to not being a kurwa
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2017, 11:59:43 am »
XL or P90 pve is easier and less expensive.