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Closed bugs / Re: Dead Char Stuck wm and so is vehicle
« Last post by Kilgore on Today at 08:21:41 pm »
Closed suggestions / Re: "bonus move" AP used elsewhere
« Last post by Kilgore on Today at 07:39:53 pm »
We'll try our version first.
Closed suggestions / Re: Introductions forum
« Last post by Kilgore on Today at 07:35:48 pm »
Just create an introduction topic in general game discussion or somewhere.
Closed suggestions / Re: Re-Add ghost town
« Last post by Kilgore on Today at 07:33:11 pm »
I have no time for this and there are no good reasons to do so.
The Thunderdome / Re: Pvp Movies & Screens
« Last post by Urukhai on Today at 04:26:23 pm »
Suggestions / A few pre wipe suggestions..
« Last post by Ray on Today at 11:00:10 am »
Hex repair. We already have hex science so why not hex repair? It would save an enormous amount of time trying to repair all the farmed gear prior to sale. And I don't think it would be too hard to implement.
Sierra Army Depot. Its a very cool location but sadly its currently useless. I strongly think that its a great candidate for another dungeon. There are already mobs of robots inside and plenty lockers. Why not make use of it?
Item count in containers. We have "Space Taken" which is great to know how much space is left in the container. But could we maybe also get an item count? To know exactly the amount of items we have in that container? Right now I have to put my armors on the ground to keep track of them.
Пожалуй попращаюсь со своим огнеметчиком и создам этот класс.

не смей удалять огнметчика! Огнеметчики - посланники Богов. они созданы для того, чтобы карать тех, кто не понимает Сути Пустоши !
The Thunderdome / Re: Pvp Movies & Screens
« Last post by KompreSor on Yesterday at 09:33:10 pm »
Sell / Re: wts hpa
« Last post by Dende on Yesterday at 06:55:05 pm »
The Thunderdome / Re: Pvp Movies & Screens
« Last post by The Trooper on Yesterday at 10:58:33 am »
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