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Closed bugs / Re: Caravan stopping in minor Special Encounter.
« Last post by Kilgore on Yesterday at 10:09:47 pm »
Not a bug.
Closed bugs / Re: Throwing knife bug
« Last post by Kilgore on Yesterday at 10:02:22 pm »
Closed bugs / Re: Super Stimpack
« Last post by Kilgore on Yesterday at 10:00:23 pm »
Not a bug.
Closed bugs / Re: [Items] Missing icon for water barrels
« Last post by Kilgore on Yesterday at 09:58:45 pm »
They work ok now.
River of Tears / Re: crying about turnbased
« Last post by cthulchu on Yesterday at 06:21:01 pm »
when you get used to RT, you don't wanna go back to TB anymore. Ever. TB is an incredible time waste, which you don't realize unless you try out RT properly.
News and Announcements / Re: Changelog 19/09/2020
« Last post by cthulchu on Yesterday at 06:14:49 pm »
Sounds good. The new old special encounters sounds interesting. I wonder what they are :)

And also, wow, it's been a year since the last update.
News and Announcements / Changelog 19/09/2020
« Last post by Kilgore on Yesterday at 04:25:53 pm »
Changelog 19/09/2020
FOClassic v7, Reloaded rev 1008

- Three new old Special Encounters added,
- New command ~online which displays the number of currently connected characters available,
- Heavy Handed will cause a bit less of knockdowns when combined with Spiked Knuckles, Power Fist, and Mega Power Fist (from 60% to 50% for knuckles, 70% to 60% for Power Fist, 80% to 70% for Mega Power Fist),
- Lowered fire resistance for some armors (Power Armor 60->50, Combat Armor 25->20, Brotherhood Armor 50->35, Advanced Power Armor 70->60, Combat Armor Mark II 30->25, Bridgekeeper's Robe 30->25, Enclave Armor 30->25, Robes 30->25, Desert Combat Armor 25->20, Black Robe 40->35, NCR Combat Armor 30->25),
- Base value of all Blueprints decreased by 90% when selling,
- Fixed a bug where starting location would not reflect current day time,
- Fixed a bug where you could join a caravan without a proper equipment,
- Minor changes in Hub,
- Some armor/helmet names changed for consistency,
- Changed/removed few boring messages.

Updating client is not required.
1.5 FOClassic - Brave New World update (some modifications I made and shared)

Hopefully this will find it's way into Reloaded in some way.

  • Source/Content:
    • FOClassic and PReloaded - source is based on the two repos above. If you had trouble setting them up and working together, you can use this version with some tweaks and a starting proper location. Check installation section for instructions.
    • Lander's Point - this is the tutorial zone from Reloaded S3. Kilgore from the FOnline: Reloaded team shared and allowed me to use this gem, providing I do some updates to it. Improving of this zone is a work in progress... I did more generic changes but plan to improve this zone as well.
    • I think I added half of Hub from Reloaded S2, but I didn't finish it, no other content is available from previous public FOnline iterations.
  • Feature list:
    • Jinxed Jack interface - this interface was created for Reloaded years ago by Stanislaw Bieniek and I have updated it to work on Reloaded and ofc on FOClassic/PReloaded as well.
    • Item highlighter - is a new feature that will show a yellow outline for items and containers, making cave searching easier and community made interface hacks obsolete.
      • Press W for toggle.
    • Quest notifier - quest progress will visualize on the screen as a big tab on the left side. Different colors are used depending if quest has been started, failed, completed or repeatable.
      • The Pip-boy messages will be used, as defined in the /Server/text/engl/FOQUEST.MSG file, lines starting with the following will be processed as:
        • Quest start (header):
          • Story - main quest line, colored orange, prefixed with STORY.
          • Job - repeatable tasks, colored yellow, prefixed with JOB.
          • Quest (default) - not repeatable side quest, colored sand, prefixed with QUEST also if there is no prefix, this is the default for backwards compatibility.
        • Quest progress (message):
          • Done (default) - when the quest is done and player can return for the reward, colored light green, prefixed with DONE.
          • Soft failed - repeatable quest failed, but player can try it again later, colored dark orange, prefixed with SOFT_FAILED.
          • Hard failed - quest failed and player cannot try again, colored red, prefixed with HARD_FAILED.
          • Repeatable finished - repeatable quest finished and player may do this quest at a later time, colored blue, prefixed with SOFT_COMPLETED.
          • Finished - non repeatable quest finished, colored dark green, prefixed with HARD_COMPLETED.
      • TODO: Move quest coloring to ini/cfg file to make it configurable, atm you can change colors in the /PReloaded/Server/scripts/client_questTracker.fos script file.
    • Inventory tracker - items gained will pop up on the right side of the screen, notifying the players if they gain or loose items.
      • There are some minor visual bugs, that I couldn't fix, for example when split dropping something the amount will not be shown.
      • TODO: Make it configurable via ini/cfg files and later on the fly in game.
    • Right click move combat crosshair - mouse behaviour is updated to modern standards:
      • Ctrl + F1 - toggle legacy mouse behaviour. (Bug: you have to press F1 again, because the help screen would pop up)
      • In all cases - except legacy mode - left click will perform selected action, while right click will move to location. While in attack/default mode, moving with right click will show the hex distance and the location the move command was issued. This is for convenience and better look and feel.
      • Q - set crosshair to default interact mode, left click with interact/look, right click will move to location.
      • A - set crosshair to attack mode as before, left click with attack, right click will move to location.
      • M - set crosshair to move mode, both left click and right click will move to location.
      • TODO: Minor - Add a click 'animation' to right click or move mode for look and feel. Atm the indication that the mouse pressed was registered is that the character will try to move toward location.
    • Hard coded default hotkeys changes - keys that are not vital during game play have been moved to less reachable keys, away from WASD keys.
      • Q now sets mouse mode to default interaction mode (the line of sight range outline has been moved to [)
      • W now toggles item highlighter (the weapon range outline has been moved to ])
      • S is now free and later should be used to 'stop' current action/animation (the skills panel has been moved to Y)
      • F is now free (the fix-boy panel has been moved to U)
      • M now sets mouse mode to move (old behaviour preserved in legacy mode only)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Click through fix-boy bug: Fixed a bug where you could click through fix-boy and register it as a move or interaction command, making your character move instead of select which item to craft.
  • Todo:
    • Cleanup - there are some unwanted debug messages, logs that need to be cleaned up.
    • Release branch - currently the master branch is being used as dev and many of the feature changes have cross commits that make it harder to introduce to other repos one by one. Need to add a clean release branch that includes features or bug fixes in one separate commit only.
  • Installation:
    • To integrate to your own repo, you must check the change lists and import the code manually.
    • To just try it out you can:
      • Download the as a zip file from
      • Due to some git phenomenon the, and files need to be downloaded separately as a zip and added to the respective location: /PReloaded/Client/data/
      • As usual, the fallout.dat file is not included, so you need to download that from any other game client or use the fallout data files from original Fallout installation.
      • As usual, delete cache - contents of the /PReloaded/Client/data/cache/ folder.
River of Tears / Re: crying about turnbased
« Last post by DikkeMemme on September 10, 2020, 10:52:12 am »
I too believe that the RT, doesn't realy fit in the fallout 1 & 2 environment. I don't mind it in fallout tactics.

I'm a game developer myself, and from a gameplay perspective you either go RT or TB but not both at the same time, It's confusing. And due to the fact that it's a tribute to the original developers interplay & black isle I would keep it TB.

Also because it's actualy based on a lot of gameplay ellements from D&D, and you don't have RT in D&D for a reason.

If I had the time I would try to remake it more like the original one. I do love all the new places and cities they've created it's pritty insain.
The Workshop / Re: Reloaded 2nd Session Source
« Last post by Seki on September 10, 2020, 05:12:55 am »
anyone know how I can't edit my special stats within files only for when using this source for offline
it have minimal iq requirement
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