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Closed suggestions / [Mechanics] Blessed are the Weak PERK
« on: December 18, 2013, 02:19:50 pm »
According to WIKI, perk enables to heal weakened individuals. Yet, WIKI doesn't explain, what exacly that means, and as far I know, there is no weakened state in FOnline Reloaded. Yet, this perk is deceiving, that weakened is dead person before respawn (atleast, I figured it that way). Can it be removed or changed?

My suggestion is to add cap for negativeness HP from 40 to 80, wehere player can not be healed in any way, except using DOCTOR skill with this perk. It would give more variety of using doctor builds. This would mean that character is not Dead, but Weakened, and HP Regeneration is not active under such state.

Also, Doctor has a limit time to use BatW action, before weakened character will respawn (its 59 seconds to attempt to heal him).

Also, multiplier should be removed for level (imagine 1000 doctor skill to heal lvl 100 character) and changed to random roll with 10%chances  each 100Doctor skill
so 300 would give 30% chances, and so on.

Sell / WTS: Turbo Plasma Rifle 21/77%
« on: December 12, 2013, 12:58:28 pm »
As topic says: condition is 21/77%


General Game Discussion / Q: What Dungeons are in FOnline: Reloaded?
« on: November 26, 2013, 01:22:04 pm »
I couldn't find more info (or any) about aviable dungeons for team playing.

I know of Ares and The Glow...both are nice (Glow doesn't seem chellenging), but are there any other dungeons to go with team?

Closed suggestions / Appartment District
« on: November 26, 2013, 01:17:31 pm »
So, I made this Idea and find it kinda great...

What If each City could have added zone named Subburbs with multiple appartments/houses which could be lended from Landlord in city.

Example: Hub Subburbs

26 flats on 2 streets, each come with bedroom (with bed), living room, storage room and bathroom.

There should be 3 types of house/appartment:
1. Poor flat - for 10k/week
2. Avarge - 30k/week
3. Villa - 80k/week

They would look inside respectivly, to make actuall feel of what they are.

How it could work?

Player goes to the landlord and wants to rent a flat/house, pays caps respectivly to which apparment he chose, then - if there are appartment free, he is given a key and can use it for 1 week untill he extends license or he wont pay and lose ability to (and stuff inside) use it further.

Most of all, RP aspect. Each district like this could be used as a player to player trade zone, also, would be some kind of alternative to Bases and tents/safe houses. And all in all, there would be also nice flow of caps from player market.

Just a though - I believe it would require a lot of work (coding and graphic wise), but such feature would be nice addidtion to FOnline: Reloaded.

Toxic Caves / WTA: 10 CA sets (Armor + Helmet) 100/100
« on: November 24, 2013, 06:41:49 pm »
As in topic. All new, some might have some addons, but I am to lazy to check, so lets say they are all basic type.

Starting bid is 25k / Min bid 5k

Auction lasts 24h

Sell / WTS: Unique Pancor jackhammer -1 AP!
« on: November 21, 2013, 05:13:24 pm »
Brand new, waxed, never used 100/100% UNIEUE Pancor Jackhammer, for everyone who wants to destroy enemy asap. This gun is for you, and its UNIQUE!

Crit Chance +5
Mind DMG 12%
Max DMG 23%
Accuracy: 20%
AP Cost: -1

Price is 15k!

Toxic Caves / WTS 2x Advanced .233 Pistols -1 AP
« on: November 21, 2013, 03:32:24 pm »
Selling two brand new 100/100 Advanced .223 Pistols made by Tereshkova! They are perfect for Fastshoters, leveling characters, criters.. Just buy and kill everything that is in range!

Pistol 1:
Min DMG +12%
Accuracy: +7%
Crit Power: +2
AP Cost: -1

Min DMG: +21%
Crit Chance +3
AP Cost: -1
Accuracy: 6%

8000 caps for each!

General Game Discussion / SUGESTION: Ability to tag 3 items NoDrop
« on: November 07, 2013, 07:26:46 pm »
Simple as that - usefull for experienced players with high level characters, if they want to keep unique weapon/ammo/ or something else, or for me, newbie which lost everything 5 times and even then, I lost my only knife and 96x Healing Powder which I wanted to trade (that dead was was bug or something).

So, the idea of mine is that each player can TAG 3 items inventory (inventory only) except Caps (obcious), which wont be lost/looted upon sustaining death. Seriously, I was farming stuff to buy damn knife, then I had that knife (after 5 hrs of hard work) and I was dead (I still don't know why, exacly) and I lost everything, and was forced to start from scrach - that baing said, It is not easy, or any close to it when I can't kill thing with bare hands and can't navigate to my tent (because I am far, far away).

Polskie Pustkowia / troszkę marudnych pytań nowego w FOnline - HELP!
« on: November 05, 2013, 02:22:14 pm »
Grałem w F1 około roku, i przez wieeeele lat w F2 (przeszedłem grę kilkadziesiąt razy) ale tu się gubię okrutnie. Pomógł mi na początku Polak Assault, dał zbroje, bronie, doexpił, ale wpadłem gdzieś, padłem, i straciłem wszystko...

I teraz tak:

1. Straciłem namiot, który miałem z Quest, bo go nie postawiłem. Co teraz? Wiem, że da się kupić skóry Brahmin i linę, ale Sharpened pole skąd w miarę łatwo pozyskać?

2. Startuje się bez broni, ale nawet ubicie szczura (a postać mam build do walki hth) jest ciężko - zwłaszcza gromadki. Przez 6 godzin grania zaliczyłem 10 zgonów i zupełnie nic nie zebrałem. Jakieś wskazówki?

3. Są jakieś gildie aktywne? (mam 30+ lat zależy mi na dobrym RPG tutaj oraz w miarę poważnym graniu).


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