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News and Announcements / Re: Server wipe
« on: February 14, 2021, 05:41:41 pm »
Of, f*** irony. When I got back here and got time to GRIND (AND MORE GRIND) resources and all shiet needed to actually play Reloaded (instead of grind), I see there will be wipe.

I hope Full pvp drop will be enabled.
I also would like to see to cut down resource usage on basic crafting:
- Metal parts = 1x Iron Ore + 1x Metal Junk
- Alloys = 1x Iron Ore + 1x Mineral Ore + 1 Metal Junk

At S2 1h of grind could give 1h of playtime (so to speak), at S3 there is around 3h of grind to get 1h of playtime. Session2 was too easy in terms of gaining gear (but allowed to do a lot of PvP), but Session3 is WAY to grindy when speaking of gearing character.

General Game Discussion / Doubled XP?
« on: February 03, 2021, 08:06:09 am »
From saturday till yesterday I had doubled XP for every kill. Was it some feature or a bug? I am not mad - was quite happy to see aliumz giving 1k XP :D

WTB this again. I am at 45 lvl and leveling in Season 3 is PITA.

Game Help / Re: Servers down or IP Bans?
« on: March 19, 2020, 10:16:25 pm »
that is huge long downtime :/ Been like 12 days offline now

Game Help / Re: Servers down or IP Bans?
« on: March 05, 2020, 07:25:26 pm »
I see Servers down since 3 days... wth :/

Game Help / Re: Special Encounter: A tree and a house?
« on: February 24, 2020, 07:51:57 am »
Yep. Got it the other day and there is no dialogue option - he just says something in "vicinity". Crap.

Game Help / Special Encounter: A tree and a house?
« on: February 18, 2020, 09:27:47 pm »
I just got this encounter in middle of desert. Very old man asked me to shop 100 wood (he gave me axe). I did it, got some junk and 1250 exp. reward. Is there anything else to get from there?

Toxic Caves / Re: Does anyone still play this?
« on: February 17, 2020, 05:35:42 pm »
You put it better than I could with my language skill. Thank you.

I did forced myself to try that 3rd season. TS ain't THAT bad I was writing, but junk usage is imho way off chart. In earlier seasons I did cursed a lot easy access to weapons and armor, but now I guess its kinda hard, so it fits "fallout" theme. But I am 101% sure that nodrop takes so much from this game that there is - like you have wrote - no satisfaction from getting cooler/better gear. I was slayed in caravan 5 or 6 times by human NPCs - well, okay, I will go pee and get on the road again. It used to be a freaking pain to be looted by NPC... now its just... meh. I posted on forums just when 3rd session begun - there is no thrill whatsoever in this fallout world.

I will be playing occasionally. 

Game Help / Re: Servers down or IP Bans?
« on: February 05, 2020, 08:41:10 pm »
Well, I think I got same issue as OP. I see servers online, I try log with old toon (or even create new) I see server Authentications and after 15-20 seconds I got back to loading screen...

EDIT: I had to download clent again and run it on fresh folder - it worked.

Toxic Caves / Re: Does anyone still play this?
« on: February 03, 2020, 06:30:31 pm »
Loot drop was the golden time - some deny it, but just check numbers then and now (or after making loot nodrop). I would really like to get back here, but just wont. Tradeskill is overcomplicated atm too...

General Game Discussion / Re: Season 3 Thoughts
« on: March 12, 2018, 04:07:05 pm »
I don't feel wasting time writing this - I have high hopes that there will be change for No Loot system, that's all. It's the same thing I had high hopes as a teenager to play and compete online with other players - that dream come true when I found FOnline. You should see my face when I loged for the first time. Since last September I visit forums and the game to see if there is change that will give me what I (and not only I) want to see :)

General Game Discussion / Re: Season 3 Thoughts
« on: March 11, 2018, 04:40:16 pm »
It's funny when people who used to abuse certain game features by running multiple game clients are talking about average player number as indicator of anything  :D

I know you aiming at me. At some point I used  1 (one) account to run through desert in order to find SE, which gave me 5 SE during ten days and It was NOT against rules, but I believe (and admit) it was abusage - turned out with ban for that account and I agreed with that. Second account was played without any distortions. So, if you hint that 1 character logged for around ten days was boosting playerbase count for almost 2 years of Season 2... that makes me laugh :)

By reading your post I noticed one thing, in history of mankind there was a person who ruled some part of globe and spoke like you: No people, no problem :) At this moment FOnline has 75% player base shortened, and you are happy because people don't bitch/do stupid post? Well, forum seems to be abandoned, game is deserted, and Fallout 2 stand alone seems better option because of story (and some much better gear gained there). I will tell you a secret: if there will be no players at all, there will be no post/messages ect. Great, don't you agree?

There were some problems with Session 2 (I don't know the talks about cheating, because I never knew about cheats here), but seems S3 did good job in getting it fixed and I liked new features. Except no loot. And I am speaking from position where I can honestly say I am average player in terms of skill, thus this I was cannon fodder for most experienced players. I produced more gear then I could get of players by killing them and I still liked it. The thrill of a hunt was essence of Fallout online. Since it's gone and 75% get off board, seems not only I was here for that feature.

News and Announcements / Re: 3rd Session Info
« on: March 10, 2018, 05:10:30 pm »
Actually, things are going great over Discord. It's only the Forums that suffer from such negativity. Most people now are very pleasant to deal with, and interact with. It's very refreshing. In game atmosphere has improved a lot too! We've even started hosting regular Player Events with the Community! We've having a blast!


That's it - number says it all. 2017 January it was 88 average and 2016 102 average players. And it was with season that lasted long time. I spoked with two friends I've played S1 and S2 if they still play and response was "no lot - no thanks" in both cases. Also we spoke about crafting and junk usage (I don't mind it). basically, I logged onto forums to see If I was wrong. If I would see same +/- number of average players It would mean me being pissed-off for no loot system is just pure ranting and I didn't understood changes. but seeing playerbase dropped by 70% shows clearly that that was Bad decision. Pity, becuase I still wanted to play the game with new features...

General Game Discussion / Re: Season 3 Thoughts
« on: March 10, 2018, 11:14:24 am »
Hm, just dropped by to visit server and to see if players love the changes (no loot, in particular) and since September 2017 playerbase dropped by 70% of what Season 2 used to have. That was BAD change. Yes, I said that before multiple times, even when S2 prima aprillis fun was made for No Loot and yet most people bitched at me, arguing that no Loot is a must. No, my friends:

I will repear shortly. I started play F1 and F2 in 1996 and I loved those games. As a teenager (I was 16yo that time) i dreamed to have it multiplayer (well, there was no internet in Poland, but young boy can dream of his own party in the wastelands). So, when i found FOnline I was more then happy. Game was HARSH for newbies, many things worked different then in original games (F1 and F2), but the thrill of being pray or a hunter made it worth of play. In season 2 I had lots of fun with my friends from Peacekeepers, and I wanted to see some changes in upcoming Season 3. Well, PVE changes were great and PVE change of Hexing was even good too, but No loot killed this game for me - I see no point for playing multiplayer game that feels like singleplayer, where interaction between players is based only on some trading (if there is) or dumb shooting.

And if there are some players who LiKe this change, well maybe that 35 average/day shows how good that change was.

General Game Discussion / Re: Season 3 Thoughts
« on: September 25, 2017, 06:23:29 am »
Wichura, this particular game has its fans. This particular online mod has if fans. Combine both and you have playerbase. I don't care if somone reads this or not - I gave feedback. Player above me gave feedback as well. He pointed that game is newbie friendly. I will add one for this:

Was this game made for newbs? Lets all play F2 and enjoy great PVM and quests... save system and no need to talk dirty with other players (aka no loot - no risk).

And there is no statement about implants. S1 had added implants 1 month before wipe. S2 had them for 1 year. And they all come without any notice prior change, which is f*** because I have bought in S2 4 imps for 22 mil caps - shitload time was spend to get them and two weeks later thy were buyable in SF... I could implant at least 4 characters...

Polskie Pustkowia / Re: Brak Dropu, co o tym myślicie?
« on: September 24, 2017, 06:42:16 pm »

Swoją drogą mnie to mega cieszy, miałem dość włażenia do Glow, czyszczenia całego dungeonu tylko po to żeby dostać kilkanaście serii na raz z minigun'ów bo przy kraterze na spawnie siedziała rozlokowana grupa Khanów czy innych trutni prując mnie na kawałki i kradnąc cały urobek. To samo z WH i Reno, ja się mega cieszę.

Nie wspominając o dziesiątkach innych smaczków jak np. statted armory ściągane czasami z losowego NPCa :D
Nawet jeśli są "broken" :D

Wyjscie z Glow było skopane i powinny być 3-4 opcje wyjścia - walka toczyłaby się w środku.

Ja w tej chwili nie widzę sensu grania - po co mi był sprzęt? Aby móc walczyć w PvP i mieć szansę. Po co pracowałem na lepszy sprzęt? Aby mieć lepszy sprzęt niż większość graczy? Dlaczego chciałem mieć lepszy sprzęt? Aby wygrywac pojedynki z lepszymi graczami i zdobywać dobry sprzęt także z nich. A dlaczego polowałem na PKowcow? Bo jak gineli wiele razy w tym samym miejscu, to ich to odstraszało.

No, tego... teraz sobie biegam goluśki i się śmieję, jak ktoś mnie ubija - gość polował godzinę na mnie i stracił amunicję, a ja w tym czasie zyskałem masę junków itd. Zero ryzyka - ale też funu zero, bo po cholerę mi sprzęt, skoro idę sobie na pustynię i po prostu biegam jak godlike z opóźnionym zapłonem. Padnę? Phi, zaraz wrócę i o nic się nie martwię.


Pozostałe zmiany, zwłaszcza craftowe - in plus. Bronie, z tego co czytałem, też pozytywnie odebrałem. Questów jeszcze nie robiłem, tych nowych, ale jakoś nie widzę sensu grania, jeśli nie ma celu wyższego niż zbieranie materiałów, które nie są potrzebne do niczego mi w tej chwili.

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