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Suggestions / Skin mechanic and rethinking.
« on: March 10, 2017, 04:10:22 pm »
Heya Peeps,

This topic is most likely about suggestions towards a few skins that you are able to acquire by the barber.

Wouldn't it be neat to be able to really play a role, a skin you've picked? well, why not discuss if this is a good idea then.

My thinking was, it would be very interesting to be able to equip Armors towards certain skins, yes those are not designed usually for (Robots, Super Mutants, Aliens etc.)

But I wonder if it is possible to just suppress the change of skin, as in if you are a robot and put on Armor should it not be possible to actually maintain the Skin you have at that moment?

I am aware that maybe it is impossible, but i would like to know what you guys think of this idea and maybe what your suggestions are.




Take a first looker on the new Stage 01 as you can see it will be quite increased size :)

Hello People, this is a New Chapter, from here on i will actually rebuild Stage01, as i was very unhappy with it, in matter of size and style. so yeah it will be delayed a lil more ! woohoo

Closed suggestions / Re: General thought on a new Newb policy
« on: February 12, 2017, 02:52:48 pm »
Someone should welcome them and give them some advies, even protect them...anyway there should be no full protection from dangers of wastelnads as NPCs or blood-thirsty players.
If you're not learning on your own mistakes or go into "dangerous" places be sure you will die. We can't treat newbies as disabled people, they should have some brain to stay alive or die if they act in stupid way. Let's call it natural selection of wastelands ;)

It should be as it is now, there are raiders and psychos and there are also carebears and justice warriors. Don't fix something that's not broken, am I right?
Gimper? ;)

True, should have focused more on the point that that some veteran players just try to prevent newcomers to enjoy the game and learn it, actually They focus only on hunting them down, which is not okay i say. It could ruin a potential increase of players for the game which would be good for everyone.

Closed suggestions / General thought on a new Newb policy
« on: February 12, 2017, 01:07:41 pm »
Heya everyone this topic is about the protection of newbies, Yes FOnline is a game where you shouldn't be trusting anyone anyway but there is a big chance coming up for the Game.

So look at this, As many have heard about it already, a quite big Youtuber "Bluedrake42" (218k Subs) has uploaded a Video about FOnline, it is nice to see because it will give the game a lot of new players, but that is the point of this topic. Shouldn't the Noob Policy be rethought at some point, i know the Veterans will go on this topic *fuck that i do not like new players" but think about it, at some point the Game could die out because no new blood is coming, knowing the game is easy to start but hard to master is the best way to introduce it For the new players.

I want to point out that fucking noobs over, etc is okay. It is the Spirit of FOnline to abuse Noobs, But hunting them to get them to leave the game "as in killing as soon as you see them" just kicks off a potential Player base for the future and the Sake of the Game.

I want to hear your thoughts about how we could improve the Experience to players and if the South area in the Areazones of (Hub, Junktown and quarry etc.) should be PK Protected by Rules and enforced by the Mods and Admins as well. (no i am not talking about the Boneyard Area go blast every newb you can see there for hell i care.)

NexusWulf! Where have you been mate?! It is wonderful to see you return and bring with you some more content :) I'm glad you are back, maybe this time you will be trapped in these dark depths  :D Nice addition as always my g

Aye cheers man, well i thought why not get started again and finish what i have started ^^

Look who just started to map again.

This time have a tasty treat and the first look at the 3rd Stage of Hanging Hills ;)

Real life is quite distracting, but i try to come back and finish what i have started.

Cheers, NexusWulf

The whole point of mapping contest and contribution is show design of maps. If you put one screenshot which shows small part of the map, other people can not give you suggestions. However if you show your work private to developers then it is ok.

You do realize this is not for the mapping contest, this is my personal project, which i will send the devs when it is done, how they implement it, is their thing

Good maps but take another screenshots which could show all area of map.

Certainly not. In that case why should you try to look around on the map and discover new things if everything is presented to you ?

I am aware that many people would like to see more and more of it but in the end i cant just show you every feature, else you wouldnt want to go and check out EVERY area in the Dungeon, yes ;3 ?

As somebody here mentioned radiation is already done for Glow so all you have to do is check Glow map script (map_glow.fos).
It can be added later if needed so you don't even have to worry about it because you can't do this in mapper.

Why yes i took a peek there and in all honesty, i wont add radiation for this dungeon just because i dont know how and i am not that well educated with scripting so yeah ... if i maybe make projects in the future with devs even (who knows one can only dream) i may can get some radiated areas done cause they know how to script that shit :p

Wow you really are doing some amazing progress dude! I am totally stunned with the bunker interior; it looks and feels like a fantastic ruined bunker dungeon, especially with the gaping hole in the middle. What I also like is the barricade at the front of the bunker; it makes it appear like it is guarded and is in use.

+1 dude, I am enjoying your latest creations thus far!

I also just noticed your signature...
Zek fan club? Haha thanks for promoting my quote  ;D

Certainly man and i am happy to hear that it really fulfills the purpose it was intended to have, all over thanks for the positive feedback i will be working on Stage03 from now on after a few tweaks and fixes.

ps. yep of course that is a wonderful sentence you have there and it is true, if you can make content, do it and dont do complaints.

This being made for Reloaded? If so, when can I expect it to be complete? I'm pretty sure we could implement it. Very easy to add locations...

I wouldn't bother adding radiation spots though. You could just use goo that has a step on and receive damage trigger.

Ooooh mighty Corosive !! ... uhm how do i do that now ?

Besides all of that i am starting shortly with Stage03 and give you the first pictures. besides that i have a request  ... HOW THE FU...DGE DO LOCKS WORK i cant get em to work propely which pisses me off badly xD.

So where is it made if not inside of mapper? For example SE with military bunker has it only in small part of map, so it has to be made somehow in mapper...I think.

It's been a while since I tinkered with my own FOnline server but I believe it is a script function.

I believe this is it: void r_Irradiate   (   Critter&    player,
                                                                Critter@    npc,
                                                                int    val   

certainly thanks so i have to search the Script folders and look for a radiation script. OR i start to learn script... welp i wanna keep it as vanilla as possible but oh well i give it a shot.

Thank you alot, if you can find out anything let us know right here :D

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