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Game Help / Re: Hub quest question (The Lonely Hunting Camp)
« on: April 16, 2021, 10:24:10 pm »
Thanks, buddy! Wiki updated.

There are very few quests that give skill boosts. Boneyard Guard is one, but it never shows up in the list. Helping that sad farmer should be done when your HtH skill is 250 or higher, which is maybe why you don't hear about it so much

Faction Announcements / Re: Faction Emblems & Colors
« on: February 24, 2021, 07:00:09 pm »
Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/IYY7jgO.png
Faction Number: 206
Faction Name : Generic Name 13
RGB: 150, 255, 0
Note: Thanks to Annabella for helping me with this image over a year ago.

Request Status: Requested...

News and Announcements / Re: Server wipe
« on: February 14, 2021, 08:55:14 pm »
I agree with Sham about crafting requirements. It feels like it was changed from understandably heavy to punish-them-all heavy. That's too much. Some of us will do whatever work is required no matter how hard it is, but that's why i feel qualified to weigh in on this: i spent too much time working, over time spent enjoying the fruits of that work.

As for full loot drop (FLD), i and my team (and a few other teams, and many new players) have enjoyed the distinct lack of jackasses that come with removing FLD. We have also missed the non-jackasses, some of whom are dear friends. Should we add FLD to get the non-jackasses back, and get all the jackasses along with them? Nope. This community already has some FLD servers. I hope they enjoy those servers, and live long happy lives. Meanwhile Reloaded is the only PvE-friendly option. But mainly, do i want to play with jackasses? The answer will always be no.

We do have some FLD areas on Reloaded, and playing there can be spicy. And we have some PvE quests that are open to the public, where PvP can erupt anytime. Junktown's Zombie Invasion is one, and L.A. Gold Reserve is another. Anyone can be targeted for unwanted PvP while hunting lockers too. And anyone can tag along in your private quest and mess you up with unwanted PvP there too. Spicy! Fun, but not overwhelming.

And that's what we're really talking about, isn't it: Unwanted PvP. It's the ability for a jackass to ruin your game experience. His enjoyment is not the creative content, or Fallout at all. His entertainment is not the quest or story, or Fallout 1/2 combat mechanics. No, for the jackass it's all about ruining your experience here. In fact, if he tries, and you seem to enjoy it, he loses interest in you, because he's only after someone who might quit over it. He is sick. He needs help. Let him into your party, and he's the one who makes you consider hiring a bouncer next time.

Season 3 is that bouncer: less people, but a better quality party overall.

Bugs / Fr O'Shaughnessy
« on: February 02, 2021, 09:47:34 pm »
Go click on this NPC in Hub's church, and text box says his name is "Too Much Blood and Broken Bones", which is a Quest that has nothing to do with this NPC. Something is broken here.

This problem blocks your ability to dialogue with Fr O'Shaughnessy, so you cannot complete Into the Great Wide Open, and you cannot begin Old Traditions.

This is a very new problem - i have been running these quests on multiple alts with no issues until very recently.

Slowhand had a great idea and we tried it, but the bug persists even after Fr O'Shaughnessy returns to life.

NOTE: The doors to this church open and close, but you can ignore them and run right thru them.

Game Help / Re: Reloaded WIKI
« on: January 31, 2021, 11:09:15 pm »
Wiki Statistics
* 3,374 pages total, on our beloved Reloaded Wiki
* 1,562 pages with content
* 1,812 other pages (redirects, talk)
* On average, 6 edits per page
* 20,293 total number of edits since this wiki was first online
* 9,864 from me!  8)
* 107 total editors
* 2 active editors (recent 30 days)

Big Project
This is the most time-consuming endeavor i've ever undertaken on this wiki: Guide Sandbox

Other Recent Editing Work
* Added a Navbox Template for Quests - most popular quests now have this
* Added info to NPC pages regarding item enhancements: Flick, Marcus, Skeeter, Sulik, Balthas
* Expanded the Levels page to eventually include XP data up to level 300
* Added a Merchant build, for any extremists out there wanting to optimize Barter runs
* Documented a work-around for the Pip-Boy Bug Reading Quest Info
* Added DarkWeek's Forest Adventure
* Improved Credits page so it scrolls nicer
* Added a guide for more irradiated explorers: Glow Attack Plan
* Added some NPCs, like Leurick
* +Quests, like For Medical Science, Hippocratic Oath, The Great American Heist, Who Will You Become?, and more...
* Added image for one of the new Special Encounters: the plain-Jane Nuka-Cola Truck
* Verified/updated items on the list on the TmpPage Traits

Suggestions / Re: Some wiki standard to get new right clicks on play.
« on: January 24, 2021, 12:18:34 am »
Please explain more. I don't quite know what you're suggesting here. Are you saying that we should be able to right-click on things in-game, to get detailed info about how to do odd things, like boot a logged-out player character back to the world map?

Survival Guides / 2021 New Startup Guides
« on: January 03, 2021, 11:17:30 pm »
Arronax posted his Video Guide (YouTube), and it is linked here on the wiki.

Also a New Player Step-by-Step Startup Guide is being written on wiki. It's still in early stages, and this link is to its sandbox page where it is being updated daily, but you're invited to give it a try any time. Check back later for more development on it.

Bugs / Blueprint Bug...
« on: January 01, 2021, 07:33:13 pm »
If you find a stack of stimpak blueprints in Glow (let's say 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever), they work, but only if you use them from the stack. If instead you keep one and drop the others, try using that single stimpak blueprint and see if it fails.

It failed for me, so i dropped it and went back to the stack and used the stack. It worked, and Stimpak showed up in my Fix-Boy, and 1 was removed from the stack. So i assumed one of them from that stack in Glow was just a bad one. Weird. But then i added it back to the remainder of the stack of Stimpak blueprints, and gradually used them all over the next day on various characters. They all worked, including the one that initially did not work.

Theory from this is...a stimpak blueprint somehow breaks when removed from it's original stack where you first found it. Theory is not tested on other blueprints.

General Game Discussion / Re: Mark of The Wanderer Quest cant finish it.
« on: December 19, 2020, 12:18:02 am »
We'll need to figure out how to repeat the problem.

Meanwhile, i have done this quest a few times and have not had any problem yet, but i always do this in Real-Time. I would never kill Mad Max, especially since that's contrary to the story - you're supposed to be there to rescue him. Why would you kill Mad Max?! How could you do that?! You killed Mad Max! Anyone who would do that, deserves problems lol.

First, i dialogue with Detective Rocketansky (Max), then i fight the bikers, then i realize i have to fight Goose too, which is obviously some weird mistake since Goose is Max's best friend, but oh well. Then i go talk with Max again and quest is done. Exit and progress to next chapter of this awesome story.

Game Help / Re: New Player Guide for Season 3
« on: November 04, 2020, 10:18:43 pm »
Man, thank you so much! I added this to wiki:

A Video Startup Guide, by Arronax!

Good timing too - i've been working a lot on my new guide which has a different route, but watching yours, i see a few improvements i can make. (Control+P to plagiarize lol)

Game Help / Re: Reloaded WIKI
« on: October 08, 2020, 06:39:09 pm »
A lot more time has been spent updating the wiki and adding content, and not all of it is from me, so thank you to all who contribute by editing the wiki. To all players, thank you for reporting things regarding the oracle *ahem* i mean the wiki.

Here's a very partial list of newer pages, added over the last year. Much of this is content from Corosive, our enthusiastic Canadian developer (is he still mia?):
* No Child Left Behind, awww
* Into the Great Wide Open is one of the two Starting Location quests you get from the caravan leader (J.D.)
* Hello City is a good one for a new player at low level
* Find William's Daughter (jarok's quest) is fantastic, and finally added to wiki
* The Lonely Hunting Camp
* The Anguished Man is one of those easy things a new player can do for some early XP
* A Light in the Darkness. I'm speechless. This is a fun, well-written crime investigation in Hub
* Too Much Blood and Broken Bones is the Shady Sands' extension of Light in the Darkness
* Damn Vault Dwellers is a tough challenge ammo sink, also found and added to wiki
* Newer features available in Barter Ground have been added, along with images
** These do not appear in-game atm, so check back later
* More than a few missing items were added, using the item templates
* More than a few NPCs were added to wiki, using the NPC templates
* The Great American Heist is so clever! Added to wiki, and i suggest you all try it.
* Love, or Something Like It is another easy way to get some early XP in Shady Sands
* Ol' Yeller is an easy one, and the dog lives if you bring 1 RadAway.
* Last but not least, expansion of the Blood-Soaked Heroes, main quest page - what a great job he did on this

* A new Startup Guide is in the works, motivated by Arronax's helpful YouTube video for new players, and things found by other friends too.
* A new template was added so that shops can be documented. The Maltese Falcon was added, for example. This won't be done for a long time - there are many shops. If all people, places, and things are interlinked on our wiki, then it's a nearly complete info network.

Also found these quests and added them...
* To Open Pandora's Box, supposedly in Hub
* Hippocratic Oath, supposedly in Junktown
* Shell Shock My Hyper-Vigilance, supposedly in Shady Sands
* The Thousand Yard Stare, supposedly in Shady Sands
* Legacy of the Vault Dweller, supposedly in Shady Sands

Still Looking for this Quest
* Whispers in the Dark, supposedly from Jeremiah in Junktown

News and Announcements / Re: Changelog 19/09/2020
« on: October 08, 2020, 05:58:11 pm »
Kilgore, what happened in Barter Ground? Most of the newer NPCs added to Barter Ground are not there after this update. The Skywatcher is not even there, so we cannot shoot down Enclave aircraft atm. I recently added the NPCs to wiki with images.

Events & Competitions / Re: Double XP Easter Weekend!
« on: July 26, 2019, 11:39:07 pm »
I tried to score us a July 4th double-XP weekend. Maybe some other event soon...

Game Help / Re: lost ALL ITEMS AFTER LEAVING tutorial?
« on: July 26, 2019, 05:54:20 pm »
Yes, it's supposed to happen. (Maybe it should change, but i think devs wanted to prevent "Lander's Point abuse" which could be simply creating numerous new alts, gathering stuff easily, and exiting - repeat.) So no, you don't keep the items you gathered. You only get their survival kit, which hopefully includes a tent. What you get in the kit is driven by which tasks you completed before leaving.

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