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Game Help / Re: Reloaded WIKI
« on: September 01, 2018, 03:23:07 am »
If it is try again later, there are 2 possibilities I've seen.

You lack in intelligence or charisma, you might need a minimum of 3. I'm not sure but try popping mentats and see what happens

Or the guard is attempting to walk somewhere (even if they're standing still) literally come back and try again later.

It might be something else, but I've seen similar responses from NPCs that were tied to these two. It can be a kind of generic catch all response.

Suggestions / Re: Medic and Field Medic
« on: August 23, 2018, 11:45:54 pm »
I have a build which picked up medic, it is useful for PvE and saving money on Super Stims, but even with this change I don't think it would make it very viable.

Why bother when you can grab other perks and just get super stims? It is one of those perks which can be replaced with enough money/superstims, but nice for those who want to save some money or effort of carrying.

The proposed change at least means you don't have to have a ridiculous intelligence just to reach. Making it more viable in comparison to other perks would probably involve a more radical change across the board to perks. Little steps for now.

Suggestions / Medic and Field Medic
« on: August 21, 2018, 12:48:57 am »
These require both First Aid and Doctor to be at 125% and 175% respectively, and field medic requires medic

This is extremely high of a cost in comparison to other perks.

Suggestion is simple: make it require 125%/175% for doctor or first aid, not and.

Additional consideration, remove the requirement of medic from field medic. I imagine most people who go for field medic would grab medic anyways, but it might allow a few variation in build options.

Bugs / Re: Blood Soaked Heroes Bug
« on: August 20, 2018, 01:54:14 am »

Getting new coins, and waiting whatever amount of time between the original post and now

I can at least interact with the console again. I was able to proceed. Bug kind of still persists in that it takes coins and has trouble interacting again if you exit in the middle of the conversation.

Bugs / Blood Soaked Heroes Bug
« on: August 19, 2018, 02:09:43 pm »
At the point where you use the VDU in NCR for the second time, and turn in 12,000caps worth of coins, if you close out of the conversation at a certain point, it breaks the computer usage and cannot be used further it would seem.

-Had all of the coins in my inventory
-Got to the point where it prompts putting the coins into the machine
-closed the window before proceeding
-no coins in my inventory now
-interacting with the machine does not bring up the equivalent chat window, but rather a green text in world over the machine saying "This appears to be a fully functional vault-tek videocom" and can't interact further
-quest still shows "I will have to return to the videocom, and accept those hefty fees"

A little irksome the bug took the coins even before I "accepted the charges"

Closed suggestions / "bonus move" AP used elsewhere
« on: March 24, 2017, 04:01:34 am »

It is mentioned here for an odd amount of AP to be used for bonus move, and that everyone gets the bonus move perk.

Keep the first part about odd agility, but don't give bonus move freely. Instead expand what the "bonus move" AP can be used for (I'm not sure if this is possible from a coding perspective)

-World interaction (pickup/drop/use object)
-Item use (careful with stim SPAM)

basically, allow its use for anything except attacking, although some further restrictions would be reasonable for combat situations.

Toxic Caves / Addiction has no effect
« on: March 22, 2017, 02:50:57 am »
So when you pickup chem reliant, you can get addicted potentially to drugs.

I entered hinkley, took a round of drugs, became addicted. Hinkley will carry over which is troublesome and might be unintended, but that is another matter...

Drug addiction is suppose to be -1ap right? Getting no adverse effect from nuka cola addiction here. And the character is not benefiting from any drug at the moment.

EDIT: Someone mentioned the possibility of armor or weapons, this screenshot is while in bluesuit. It could be the wiki is out of date on the effects of drug addiction as well.

General Game Discussion / Re: Strange things after rollback
« on: July 21, 2015, 09:02:53 pm »
On the invader in your base...

A long long long time ago, back in the days of 2238 my group and I noticed we were all able to see a base that was not our usual. We looted the hell out of it...

We later found the owners, and were generous and gave the stuff back. Got in contact with admins and learned that we somehow managed to accidentally get the same faction name when we applied for one, which apparently would reveal their base to us.

I do not know if this is relevant, when I say a long time ago, I mean back in 2238 days, so this was years ago. I don't know how much of the faction code is the same, or if that glitch was ever solved.

Closed suggestions / Re: Introduce apa
« on: June 28, 2015, 09:00:06 pm »
To be honest we would have to change half of our items stats...

Honestly I think half of the item stats should be changed regardless.

Adding in APA makes sense balance wise I think if it were specialized towards some other damage type as others suggested,


it has the same stats as other power armor, and it exists more as an alternative skin to standard power armor.

Game Help / Re: WIKI Editing
« on: June 08, 2015, 02:22:45 pm »
As I understand, you have to be given special wiki editing powers. You can achieve this power by begging the powers that be to share some of their power with you (ie message kilgore)

Closed suggestions / Haunted Mansion...
« on: June 07, 2015, 02:03:39 am »
Rough idea, needs mapping and should be low priority. But it seems like a fun idea.

Quest, you and several others have all been mentioned in some crazy old man's inheritance. The only condition is you stay the night in the house...

Quest giver teleports player and party (acting as the other inheritors) to location, automatically night (or they have to wait until night for quest to begin)

All equipment is stashed away, but various pieces to use are sitting around the house to limit their equipment level. At midnight endless walkers begin assaulting the house, maybe a sneaking NPC if that is possible runs around in robes.

Reward is the house as a base location for all that have survived until morning.

Survival Guides / Re: Combat Difficulty Staircase
« on: June 07, 2015, 01:51:20 am »
A little late, but there are people in the reno sewers to fight as well. Not sure where they fit on the list.

I have the files now, but half of the fun is testing an idea in game and doing things. Had I gone straight to the source, I wouldn't have as strong of a first hand experience of how effective or ineffective certain other things were along the way. Gotta find fun somewhere when people are just hiding in caves.

General Game Discussion / Theories, Science, and Lessons Learned
« on: June 05, 2015, 06:15:47 am »

The perks More HtH Criticals as well as Better HtH Criticals both specifically mention applying "when fighting with melee weapons or unarmed"

The perks More Critical, Even more Criticals, and Better Criticals do not mention anything similar on the wiki for "when fighting with X." They only have a prerequisite of various ranged attack skills.


Could the critical perks associated with ranged attacks possibly stack with the HtH/Melee critical perks, although not vice versa?

The Test Plan

It would be rather hard without an extremely large sample size to test the probabilities involved with more criticals and even more criticals. However I can more reliably test the better criticals. Assuming the critical tables on the wiki are up to date, then I should only be able to achieve a knockOUT with an aimed torso shot if I have some kind of critical power booster, as a knockout should only happen on a roll of 101+

Attempting the Test

Once I reached level 12 I grabbed better Criticals. Making use of some recently made friends, I sat around punching some people in the torso. I realized my error when some of them had stonewall, so i was rarely getting knockdowns. Much less knockouts. Eventually figured out which in the group had no bonehead, no man of steel, and no stonewall. And so I punched him a bunch. Nothing for quite a while, but it could have been bad luck, as we were doing other shenanigans at the same time and he was wearing combat armor. It should have been -10 to crit roll versus my +20 to crit roll (so should have been 10% of a knockout if the theory were correct).

Went on an expedition. And I punched a bunch of NPCs Geckos. Weird things happened, and I sort of learned that different NPC races may have different critical roll charts.

Found some homeless family, and started punching them for a while. When they were almost dead, I would heal them, and continue punching them (I didn't kill them, I left them bloodied and unconscious in the wastelands is all)

But there were no knockouts.

It was then that I read the in game description of better criticals rather than the wiki description. The critical hits you cause in ranged combat are more devastating.


The wiki is a liar and should not be trusted. Science prevails. It has been fun though.

EDIT: A few people have claimed that the crit chance perks work with close combat. Reading the in game descriptors for them there is no mention of ranged combat like there is for better criticals. I'm not about to test this first hand, as it would be harder to prove with certainty. I will leave it to others, or the developers to speak of their secret plots and plans.

Closed suggestions / Sound file
« on: June 05, 2015, 03:17:09 am »
There ought to be a soundfile of a chainsaw for ripper. Maybe just for criticals or special animation deaths?

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