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Toxic Caves / Re: FOnline Engine support
« on: May 09, 2020, 06:31:35 pm »
Shared on Aftertimes Discord too.

Suggestions / Re: Let players help fixing stuff?
« on: March 22, 2019, 10:51:43 am »
To be honest - Reloaded S2 was released on my ask to Kilgore. On this source I've created the Aftertimes, but keeping it too close to their predecessors, like 2238 or Reloaded wasn't the good idea and better is create something else than clone.

I know the stories where people said "I will work when sources will be released". And then...?
I'm always telling - if someone have some idea and knows how to do it then sources are unnecessary.
Before the open of FOnline engine source by cvet you can hear many times "FOnline engine is broken, and I need the sources to work" what was a complete nonsense. Now it's open, and what? Same persons who told those words still don't do anything.

Lets get back to Reloaded.
Releases of working game provides some of players to find the way how to use the cheats, what's really unwanted.

And Aftertimes:
Comparison this situation to Aftertimes doesn't have place here. It was created like you said at Reloaded S2, it worked as officiall release and guys from Reloaded (what I know) are thinking about implement some of features to their game. Important here is that those features were written by myself from line 1 to EOF, not on some source-base. So Reloaded S2 SDK is enough when someone want to start writing or fixing some elements of the game.

Current asks about game source looks for me like:
1. I wanna see the code for "better play".
2. Finally I'll update my unicorn private server.

Especially when this one was started by someone who even doesn't know how to start but can read the elements of the code.

Suggestions / Re: Let players help fixing stuff?
« on: March 21, 2019, 12:15:51 pm »
You don't need to believe anything. It's code. It's in front of you. Open your eyes. Do peer review. It's also only data we're talking about. Almost no logic there. So hard to cheat. Also we're talking s3 stuff. S2 didn't have that many trivial bugs. Well, it's to be expected. S3 added lots of new content.
Looks easy - when you know how it should work then just write the replacement and send it for rewrite. Documentation is public, many SDKs are public, forum is public, where other devs are ready to answer on any question... Only the lack of willingness and laziness, huh?
S3 has a new mapper or something? I missed it, lol.
Damn, you missed it. lol? That's why the code isn't public - it's a waste of time for FOnline devs and causing unwanted questions from lazy people who don't really want to even look there. Public S3 Mapper was released during S2 run but it seems it's not in your business to know about it.
It's in front of you. Open your eyes.
Yeah, who's talking about. Mr FixIt who don't know even how to start.

S3 repository must stay in non-public state - with this there's some higher chance to make something different in FOnline. S2 release showed only that players started looking for usable bugs and exploits, but not fixing or adding new ones features.

Suggestions / Re: Set of suggestions
« on: March 14, 2019, 03:33:48 pm »
When some players are cheating in 100% free to play game made by hobbyists it only testifies to the fact that you are dealing with life losers, who have not succeeded in anything, don't have any success now and will not have any success in the future - they are nothing.

Suggestions / Re: Gasmask
« on: February 24, 2019, 09:49:04 am »
Normally (irl), the mask is attached to the degasser by pipe and it has nothing to do with radiation.

Suggestions / Re: Let players help fixing stuff?
« on: February 19, 2019, 03:31:17 pm »
Those bugs could be fixed during run of S2. Someone should believe now in that you will do it in S3? I have an experience with it and can't trust the "contributors" anymore.

And one more thing - you can make some fixes of bugs at S2 SDK and import them to S3 easily. You don't need to have the S3 files here. Maps? If you're really so good mapper then just rebuilt them - S3 Mapper is a public tool. Good Luck!

Suggestions / Re: Let players help fixing stuff?
« on: February 19, 2019, 07:15:10 am »
! ! ! N E V E R ! ! !

It will be permission to ruin the whole game. Better start realize your own vision of the game.

Closed suggestions / Re: Reloaded Mapper and FO1 Maps
« on: February 16, 2019, 04:27:51 pm »
They can't be read correctly because there're some differences F1 <-> F2 map formats and in object's prototypes. Included maps with FO1_* and FO2_* prefixes are not reworked after conversion and you have to do it on your own.

BTW. This is not a game suggestion. Try find the answer (or ask about it) on fodev.net forum or at least go there: https://forum.fonline-reloaded.net/index.php?board=27.0

The Workshop / Re: Needed: Local Server Setup Guide
« on: September 25, 2018, 05:23:18 pm »
Router setup for machine in your LAN:

1. Find your dedicated PC on router.
2. Set static IP to DCHP (by MAC).
3. Set it up as your LAN's object.
4. Make protocols:

Name: FOnline Server //example name
TCP Any -> 4040 //updater's port
UDP Any -> 4040 //as above
TCP Any-> 2238 //game server's port
UDP Any-> 2238
TCP Any -> 80 //for vtdb (if you want to use it, by http server with php)

Name: Remote Desktop //if needed
TCP Any -> 3389
UDP Any -> 3389

Name: FTP //if needed
TCP Any -> 21

And idk, TS3: //just a curiosity for different port config
Name: TeamSpeak 3 Server
UDP Any -> 9987-9997 //port range here!
TCP Any -> 10011
TCP Any -> 30033

And maybe, Wake on LAN: //another curiosity, works with forwarding
Name: WoL //or Wake on LAN, or WoLAN, or whatever
UDP Any -> 9

5. Forwarding...
Sign those protocols to your LAN object!

6. Reboot your router device

Updater.exe, client side, v.1.6 - you can put it in main game's directory. Updater.exe takes address and language settings from FOnline.cfg, f.ex.:
Code: [Select]
[Game Options]

Default updater's port is 4040.

UpdateServer.exe, server side, v.1.9 - configure it in UpdateFiles.lst file, f.ex. if you want to update your client by missing game OST:
Code: [Select]

Then, put these files in correct directory tree, run UpdateServer.exe, set port and press "Start listen".
Files will be downloaded by Updater's Client when:
1. Client doesn't have these files.
2. Files on client side have different size (update is needed).


You can also use UpdaterServer 2.0, where you can configure the launcher game (own patch is needed), but it still works with old version of Updater on client side. Here you don't to make file with whole list of updates - server side can refresh it automatically.
http://files.fonline-aftertimes.net/tools/UpdaterServer20.zip (includes my cfg as example)

MySQL database and VTDB pages:
I'm using WampServer 2.5 with small updates/reworks from my own. It works on olders desktop (like Win XP) and newers server systems from Microsoft. You can set up there VTDB pages and database for Backend extension.
http://files.fonline-aftertimes.net/tools/wampserver2.5-Apache-2.4.9-Mysql-5.6.17-php5.5.12-64b.exe (not modified version)

I've described those tools bcs we're still talking about Reloaded SDK. ;)

Polskie Pustkowia / Re: Pytania i odpowiedzi
« on: July 21, 2018, 01:43:06 pm »
W takim razie czy sa jakies plany dostosowania gry pod wyzsze rodzieczlosci skoro "dziala ale jednak nie"? W sumie nie wiem na ile to wykonalne ale caly interfejs moglby byc skalowalny. Np w opcjach se zaznaczam skaluj interfejs o 10%, 20% i tym latwiej byloby czytac dialogi oraz teksty. Czasami oczy potrafia zabolec czytajac malutki tekst, ale taki urok gry z konca lat 90. Mozna byloby jak to popularnie dzisiaj sie mawia "zremasterowac" gre hehehe.
Interface'y gry czy nawet kroje i wielkość pisma w nich zastosowane mogą być customowe, wykonane nawet przez niezależnych modderów zupełnie nie związanych z tutejszym devteamem. Podobnie jest z mapkami.

Ja sie nie orientuje jak ta gra jest rozwijana ale jak patrze to ten licznik graczy na dole jest malutki. Nikt juz nie ma ochoty grac czy cos sie ostatnio stalo oprocz lata i pogody, ze ludzie wyjechali i dlatego tez nie graja w gierki. Troche gram odskoku tu i tam zrobie zadanie ale jak patrze to w grze tylko co jakis czas kogos spotkam a tak po za tym nie widze wiekszej aktywnosci.

Ale fajny jest ten Fallout online, lepsze to niz ostatnio zapowiedziany Fallout 76 i przynajmniej dobrze dziala na moim leciwym laptopie.
Każdemu nie dogodzisz. Jednego zrazi, że to jednak 2D, drugiego obecne w tej grze community, trzeci będzie mieć swoje oczekiwania, ale te będą mieć się nijak do rozwiązań wprowadzanych przez devteam, czwartemu nie podpasuje przewaga brązowego koloru (beznadziejności) w grze, piąty będzie mieć pecha i po prostu nie znajdzie towarzyszy do gry, szósty przez pierwsze dni gry będzie nękany przez innych graczy... Itd... Tych powodów może być na serio dużo. Ja na ten przykład na poprzedniku Reloaded, czyli 2238 wytrzymałem parę godzin - kwestie techniczne. Odpaliłem grę trochę się pobiegało, ale coś tutaj rozłączyło, a jak połączyło to już w innym miejscu byłem, potem też jakaś krzywa akcja była. Pomyślałem sobie, że tamtejszy gamestaff potrzebuje jeszcze paru lat i sobie odpuściłem. Po tych latach chciałem spróbować ponownie, ale to już był Reloaded. No i też zderzenie było takie, że zastosowałem na początek build z singlowego F2, jeszcze od innych dostawałem baty, ale jakoś był ten fun, bo działało lepiej jak poprzednio. Zaczęła się gra z wiki, tworzenie nowej postaci, do gry znaleźli się kumple, a sama gra i jej eksploracja stawały się coraz fajniejsze. Nie wszystko jest więc zależne od gamestaff, pór roku czy pogody, ale też od graczy.

Polskie Pustkowia / Re: Pytania i odpowiedzi
« on: July 21, 2018, 08:00:26 am »
Jak na ekran załapią się Tobie scrollblockery (takie hexy techniczne, niewidoczne z poziomu klienta), które otaczają aktywne pole mapy gry, po którym możesz się poruszać to nie jesteś wstanie przesunąć ekranu. Zoom in/out pozwala na ominięcie tego zagadnienia. Inaczej zaś jest z samymi krawędziami mapy, które nie są liniami pionowymi czy poziomymi i tworzą płaszczyznę dla rzutu izometrycznego. Gdy na ekran załapie się pole z poza zamkniętego obszaru tej płaszczyzny, to po jakimś czasie klient najzwyczajniej w świecie zaliczy crasha. Niestety mapy i pewnie także gui nie są jeszcze dostosowane do wielkich rozdzielczości - stąd ostrzeżenie.

The Workshop / Re: Once again about translation
« on: May 23, 2018, 06:48:02 pm »
You can't talk about prices or time in 100% free project made by hobbyists.
And ofc I'll stay with my "it's not so hard"

An example of "not so hard" work @SDK Reloaded S2, with regional characters @391 rev (new fonts for polish alphabet).

Polskie Pustkowia / Re: Pytania i odpowiedzi
« on: May 23, 2018, 05:29:03 pm »
Dzieki za odpowiedz.

Na angielskiej czesci forum dostałem link do poradnika. Troche rozjasnilo sytuacje.

Mam pytanie czy mozna zmienic rozdzielczosc na wieksza od 1280x1024 czy to maksymalna oferowana przez gre?
Nie wiem jak teraz jest tutaj, ale FOnline ogólnie do gracza wysyła ostrzeżenie o zbyt wysokiej rozdzielczości. Ma to związek z dostępnym interfacem gry, a nawet mapami poszczególnych lokacji. Jeśli te drugie będą zbyt małe na Twoją rozdzielczość, to klient gry po kilku sekundach stania na takiej lokacji wyrzuci błąd.

The Workshop / Re: Once again about translation
« on: May 23, 2018, 05:13:26 pm »
It's not so hard, and more importantly not impossible but it can take lot of time.

I saw FO-MSG files in official FOnline: Reloaded's Mapper so he can start from there. You can also compare S2 and S3 dialogues and list here those which are the same for both seasons. If someone really want to translate them to his national language he will do that part first and then you can send to him the rest of files to translate.

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