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Suggestions / Fighting Caravans 1
« on: April 30, 2020, 03:31:12 am »
It would be very cool to meet in this game Fighting with each other caravans. For example I walk around Vault City and with some chances I meet this type of encounter - such is 2 caravans fighting with each other. One of these caravans is non-hostile to player and there are more chances that it will win battle and I will be able to loot all items that caravan driver was carrying. Other encounter is - caravan fighting super mutants and caravan  usually win. non-hostile Caravan VS Bandits, Marauders, Fire Gecko, and other. Items drop from loosing caravan driver: medium tier and high tier items - money, Assaut Rifle, Laser Rifle, small chances to get some blueprint, other items from big variety.
This type of encounter should be Near every city.

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