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Off-topic discussions / Hello There!
« on: May 19, 2016, 12:49:44 am »
Just curious about people and their feelings about suicide.
When do you think its appropriate? And should a person really have a right to be left alone to do the deed even before the time/situation you believe it'd be right?


I found it interesting that I agreed with 90% of her opinions. The divergence occur with genetic/racial superiority, and Jews.
But for the most part her facts on the slave trade, migrant crime rates, and failure of charitable operations are things that I happen to agree with.

It was kind of interesting to see what the otherside believes in, and why. While this is just some teen who can use wikipedia posting a few random videos. Its much different from what I got from The Young Turks.


Suggestions / Ranger Perk doesn't immediately create safehouses.
« on: April 22, 2016, 09:01:52 pm »
Instead it unlocks crafting options to create safe houses, and other improved personal houses.
The upgraded tents would take say 50 metal + the tent in your inventory to turn into a safehouse kit.

And some other buildings that would be cool to craft as house kits.

Suggestions / Temporary Special Encounters.
« on: April 22, 2016, 08:56:43 pm »
Basically every few hours on the world map a red dot will appear with some special dungeon. If no one enters within a certain amount of time the location closes off then respawns a few hours later again.

This will be open for everyone to enter, and have decent T3/maybe T4 items at the end of a rather tough dungeon. After the End treasure locker/chest is looted however the encounter will have a countdown timer, at the end of the timer all players on the map will go back onto the world map. This is to prevent camping entrances, and to encourage people to rush into combat or the goal instead of waiting.

This is to make it more likely for players to get out there, and to encourage people to start exploring the map to make sure that they can see where these locations could spawn.

This should have less of an impact on the wasteland than the warehouse or Reno, but might encourage even more people to go out since you know exactly where, and if the location has something good.

Toxic Caves / Re: Decided to play Fonline Australia. 2016
« on: April 19, 2016, 11:46:23 pm »
I'm currently on Fonline 2. I like what I see when it comes to scavenging, but it uses the same system as Aussie for sharing tents.

Hostile locations are marked red.  Crafting is less based on sci or repair, rather it takes into account weapon skill for crafting the weapons.

Scavanging in FO:2 relies on not finding most items on the ground but touching boxes, cars, and other wasteland appliances to search them for loot. Works like how we get FCC's. Mining is only done in encounters it seems, most items found will increase a non taggable skill known as scavanging. Items found from here vary alot.

There are better base options IMO on 2, but you need to find them in dungeons., Melee is buffed for the primative tools essentially they work as sledgehammer/hatchets and as sledges in combat, very good for starting players.

Damage is higher for melee in FO:2 starting damage might be influenced by STR though, my char is doing 15 damage with his fists, 15-25 on the primative tool, accuracy goes back to normal when using other melee weapons.

All items need workbenches which are only found in towns, if a player dies in town guards will give them their stuff back so its safe. And the killer is kicked out.

PVE encounters are tougher on FO:2 where raiders are more accurate, and hit harder. The game has a sort of plateau effect though. At times caravans/everything are/is actually easier in RT mode due to buggy AI pathfinding, and sometimes the AI has double turns in TB mode.

Events & Competitions / Had some trash laying around.
« on: April 19, 2016, 10:24:13 pm »
I've got a Vertibird, 20~ sets of Desert Combat Armor, 700K laying about somewhere. Might have more, maybe less depending if other faction members didn't already help themselves.

After leaving for a while I sorted though a bit of the stuff I haven't given away yet, and since I'm checking out all the other Fonline games n stuff, to see what they do different than reloaded.

I doubt I'll do much before wipe hits again.

Since I rarely use the stuff I'm giving away here, if a member/faction has a good enough reason, or purpose I'll gladly give them some or all of the stuff listed here. It ain't much by any standard but hey its free.

Off-topic discussions / Decided to play Fonline Australia. 2016
« on: April 19, 2016, 07:07:45 am »
Yes the server is still working, but for the most part I was the only one on.

The crafting system uses different materials gathered in different location, but its familiar enough. There's a higher emphasis on repair, and science skill. With higher rewards as well. Essentially no "balance" as players can straight up craft pulse, Gauss, Bozar, APA MKII. and Vertibirds.

The Wasteland is also easier PVE wise. most creatures instead of Reloaded's 200-300HP have 20-60.

There is a different base design where instead of upgrading a tent, a similiar analogue to the Ranger Shack is crafted from wood and metal. This house is then used as a crafting material for bases. the base kits are then upgraded by combining house kits into them via the Fix boy. Essentially allowing players to create their own towns.

Instead of maps, the location of bases are only revealed to the people there at creation. I personally prefer reloaded's way of handling things. Though find upgrading tents to be a gesture that can only hurt new players, and is merely a formality for veterans on reloaded.

FO:Aussie has real time, and turn based combat. Turn based feels slower in Aussie, and real time kicks in at public location, or cave systems.

When entering a cave in RT, all the critters are immediatly notified and bum rush you. With the ability to craft power armor this should not be a problem for anyone who spent any time leveling/getting equipment.

Aside from killing enclave/Police there's not really much else to do on the server as it is currently since most players don't really play.

Some locations are just random shacks on a map, while some copy resources from the base game. I believe some of which are bugged as one of my disposable characters is current stuck in a vault with no exit. The game doesn't seem to have been updated in years. It was an interesting experience nontheless, and I'll probably still play it until I've done a bit of everything.

The only weapon skill I recommend anyone tag for combat is energy weapons, books handle small guns and big guns up to 170+

Searching for players requires both parties to meet on the same square rather than withing 2-3 squares. So it's harder to find other people when they're out farming. Players are also unmarked, so making a name such as "a traveler" with toss people off of your trail,  Personally I like that the range is smaller, as that means more people will be out farming as it'll be easier to make profits on patrols without interference though the real exp maker are publlc locations full of canon fodder zombies to grind.

Player made bases have materials inside of them, generally they provide less benefit than ones found in public locations, but player bases can be set anywhere meaning it's incredibly easy to set up shot anywhere on the map rather than in key locations.

The wasteland in Aussie is essentally like around the NCR, except the bottom left corner has enclave. Overworld travel is also much faster in Aussie. For such a small map reletively speaking I think that's a bad thing. Unless you're hunting.

Closed suggestions / Private Caravans
« on: April 10, 2016, 01:46:52 am »
Got Slaves? Companions? At your Limit?

Then buy a patented CRIMSON CARAVAN!!!

That's Right! For just 5,000 (Admins will decide) caps you can live life on the edge! Ain't got the limit? Using alts to hold your slaves?

At each faction base there would be a new option to create a caravan. Based on ownership settings officers will be able to include NPC's belonging to lower level (or personal) members. These NPC's can be relocated with the caravan.

What is it? You don't want to or don't have NPC's? Well you can still purchase these caravans!
EXP, Items, Gear will all be the same as if you rode with the normal Caravans. However the purchaser can decide where the caravan goes just like a vehicle!

Caravan Guards will act as normal, and fight with the players.

The thought behind this idea is to increase the amount of caravans on the map, and hopefully allow factions to create their own missions together. Waiting for caravans stink, and people want EXP. Private Caravans will grant EXP in proportion to danger, and distance traveled.

Toxic Caves / Is it horrible?
« on: October 19, 2015, 06:35:09 pm »

General Game Discussion / Single Player Fonline Reloaded
« on: September 28, 2015, 06:01:40 pm »
The source of a previous season is out now right?
How does one go from the source to a single player game?

Closed suggestions / Extend Plasma Rifle Range
« on: September 24, 2015, 05:08:05 pm »
From 30 To 35
It has a smaller range than the burst from a minigun.

Or make the Plasma Rifle have 2-3 round burst options to make it more useful.

Closed suggestions / Reliable Good stuff in TC
« on: September 17, 2015, 10:39:25 pm »
Let's be honest the way TC is right now any group at the right time can take a town.
What if all the interesting stuff a town spawns happens once a day when the most players are on? Maybe not implants or PA, but +1AP CAMKII, and +1AP weapons.

NPC's would sleep, and taxes are collected all at once if it were IRL anyway right? It'd also give less incentive for a group to stage lots of nighttime raids and instead focus for a concentrated attack on towns meaning more epic TC battles.

If a town is captured later after the big daily spawn you'll still find some caps and junk/food/ore. Just nothing else.

Closed suggestions / Rework Implants
« on: September 17, 2015, 10:30:17 pm »
Basically instead of being able to have one of each implant, Each player can have 5 implants at a single time of anykind.

Also instead of each implant being for a specific stat implants are divided into two parts. The Implantation mechanism and the Software encoding for the upgrade.

Software encoding for Str/End changes or resistance changes will be as rare as they are now. The Implantation mechanism will be as rare as all the other implants are now.

While encoding for Charisma/Luck will be more common, not super common but about as common as fuel cell controllers.

Also more implants would be interesting such as Stimpack injector implants that after every 15 seconds will inject a stimpack if health reaches below 50%. People who are killed instantly are not revived, but people who are downed instantly may stand up. (normal stims not Super stims)

Other Drug Injector implants would be interesting to see as well. But each will need specific encoding as well as an almost impossible to find Implantation module.

Motion sensor Implant, the charge is activated by useing Traps on oneself, after the charge is depleted a real hour must pass for the sensor to recharge, this is so that a free hand can be used more easily, and so motion sensors don't have to be replaced if you implanted yourself with one.

If you believe this idea to be over powered then tell me you have 10 phoenix implants, or 10 Nemeans. The potential to be powerful exists, but let's be honest implants seem rare enough where finding both the encoding and modules would be near impossible especially if players decide to take other implants.

This idea is to diversify the implants because implants seem to be all about getting HP, it'd be interesting if they were even more rare, but did even more things. So a person with an Implantation Module would weigh the benefits of extra healing with waiting until he can buy HP Encoding or find it over the next few months.

If this idea were implemented we'd actually have half the implants we do now, since instead of an implant spawning it'd be an implantation module.

I believe that this idea if added would add to player retention as people would work relentlessly to find 5 Nemeans and 5 Implantation Modules. Taking months of time playing the game and doing TC.

Toxic Caves / Re: need lsw blue prints
« on: September 17, 2015, 05:08:07 pm »
GL I'm sure you'll find someone with 10K
Desert CA is really common. I got like 200 sets. MKII is better for general purpose anyway.

These are no secret, but I've never used a train before. Because there's a mission to find them, and no reason to when you get a car.

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