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Off-topic discussions / Fallout 1.5: Resurrection
« on: July 11, 2016, 12:50:37 pm »
A new total conversion Fallout 2's mod is coming this Friday. While you are bored playing Reloaded, check this out!

Website: http://www.resurrection.cz/en/

Suggestions / Sort alphabetically items in FixBoy
« on: June 25, 2016, 08:44:23 pm »
Simple idea: make sortable alphabetically items in FixBoy just to make it easier to read. Can also work as optional checkbox for enable/disable.

What do you think?

While I was playing on AoP, I have seen nice looking weather effects such as rain and desert storm. Both of these effects probably affect on player condition, his/her aiming, fov, moving and so one. I am thinking about topic and ihmo Reloaded should have something similar. Improved rain same like in AoP (darker light) with some effects could give different experiences and impact on gameplay. Just random everywhere: cities, random encounters, bases, tents, quests places. Look how you could adjust atmosphere on specific places. Heavy rain in Den at night or creepy, quest place.

The main question is how those sexy effects affect performance issues? Can we get weather effects without losing fps? Can people with wooden pc play comfortable?

For me:
+ variety and sexy effects
+/- open path for modifing combat aspects (probably hard to balance)
+ better immersion
+ something new in this 7 years old fonline-like game

- performance issues, fps
- hard to code  (?), ask for AoP stuff?

Let me know what are you thinking.

Tools and Modifications / Uncover worldmap
« on: April 19, 2016, 08:27:46 am »
Can I uncover every square of worldmap via mod? If not, I will suggest something later.

Toxic Caves / Re: Wipe serwera w grudniu 2015?
« on: November 11, 2015, 08:45:15 pm »
Z jednej strony dobrze, że można uniknąć spotkań z innymi, z drugiej jednak jest to sprzeczne z podstawowymi założeniami rozgrywki. Problemem jak zwykle są ludzie, bo w większości przypadków gdy spotykasz kogoś to automatycznie włącza się czerwona lampka - aha strzelamy albo uciekamy w drugą stronę, kto pierwszy ten lepszy. Oczywiście są wyjątki od reguły jednak w większości wygląda to jak wygląda. Nie wiem czy są tu jeszcze osoby, które grały od początków fonline obojętnie czy był to 2238 czy life after - moglibyście opisać czy od zawsze tak było czy może kiedyś ludzie do siebie nie strzelali i w takiej Norze, Broken Hills można było spokojnie handlować itd.

Toxic Caves / Re: Merge Brof and Bhtha
« on: November 03, 2015, 02:27:43 pm »
+1  :)

Suggestions / [Quests and maps] jarok suggestions
« on: September 19, 2015, 03:08:01 pm »
I was working on custom quest for 2 weeks in my spare time. I did background story and maps. I can not make scripts but I assume scripts are not hard to do for reloaded programmers. In short it is simple quest but I will expand it to full storyline. Network of pervers kidnappers, slavers and weird people. Heavy Fallout atmosphere.

1. Quest details

Difficult: easy/medium
Suggested lvl: +/- 10lvl
Repeatable: no
What to do:
- Find William's daughter
- (optional) kill kidnapper and bring his head to William
- (optional) join kidnapper and kill William's daughter
- (optional) "kill" William

Number of enemies: 6
Enemies: 5 dogs (40hp - 100hp), 1 man (200hp - 250hp)

- 1) 2000 exp for complete quest + exp for killing enemies (dog 100 exp, kidnapper 1000 exp), lockpicking lockers, 2000 caps from William + items from kidnapper's house (weapons, misc items, ammo, armors, medics caps) + reputation
- 2) if you do not kill kidnapper you can help him rape and kill William's daughter, you will get 1000 exp, Trap Man suggests you join his group and kidnapp people (you can get caps and exp)

Locations: Junktown (in bar), Gun Runners, secret bar (you can not attack anyone because you will die and quest can not be completed), old farm house
Main NPCs: William, James, Rick, Jeff, Trap Man, Sandy (daughter)


William - you see a white man in bar. He has broken leg and is depressed. He tell you that his 16 years old daughter Sandy was kidnapped by bald guy with tatto on the head. William thinks he is a kind of slaver, murderer and probably pedhophile because month later few children were kidnapped too by bald man. Some people think there is mysterious group which kidnaps young people (especially children) in the nearest area of Hub/Junktown and Boneyard.

He wanted to search his daughter but he was shot leg, he can not go for a longer trip. He asks you for help. Find his daughter and optional bring cut off truncated (sorry for my poor english) hid head. He tell you go to Boneyard and talk with James which is friend of William and guard in Gun Runners. He might know something more.

In Boneyard James (30 years old) tell you about group of kidnappers. He heard about person called Jeff who might know more. He suggests you talk with thugs in secret bar. He tells you secret bar is place when all pervers, thugs meet. Gun Runners bosses know about place but do nothing. James does not know why (good for expand it to another quests line) but nevermind, he marks location in your pipboy.

Secret bar is place for thugs and all kind of deviants. If you want to go inside you must pay 1000 caps to Rick - bald guy with whore next to him. Main guards are wearing metal armors. In basement you can meet criminals, slavers, drug dealers. Player can not go into last rooms because it should be used for new quest line but now forget it.

There is person called Jeff (24 years old black man with scars on his face (red shirt), he loves Jet and vodka). You start talking with him, you know what he is doing here, what is this place etc. You give him more beers, vodka then later you ask him about kidnappers. He is offensive and simply tell you fuck off because he does not know anything. You have option to bully him or bribe him with caps and Jet depends on barter, speech skill, charisma or both.

Jeff takes caps, Jet and tells you about Trap Man and his group. He knows him very well, Trap Man is middle-aged slaver from NCR. He went to Junktown/Hub/Boneyard areas because he was expelled from NCR slavery guild. Trap Man is frequent visitor in secret bar and works along to other thugs, they kidnapp children and young women in wasteland. They also attacks weak caravans from Hub and Junktown. Few of them are psychos, criminals and deviants. Jeff is one of them, he is looking for new people who like "that things" (slavery, drugs). You ask Jeff about Trap Man location, he marks location on the map (old farmhouse) to the west from Hub. It is well hidden, only some people know it place including Jeff who has many connections with people who visit secret bar. You can work for him after completed quest when you choose 2) optional ending.

In farmhouse there is few dogs. In small house you find out killed children (very brutally) and boy who is knocked out. He is almost dead. In the main house you find Trap Man. When you enter building script starts and dialog window is shown. Trap Man is good speaker, he tells you he needs person like you. He encourage you join him "performance" which means let you rape and then kill William's daughter. Now you can decide - kill Trap Man or join...

1) When you kill Trap Man you can cut off his fucking bald head and rescue Sandy. She will follow you to exit grid and appear in bar next to William. Go to bar, take price and act like a superhero!

2) Screen is black for while and you see dead daughter. Trap Man is thrilled and think you should work with him because he needs people like you. If you agree you can sell Trap Man slaves (children and young women) for caps. However your reputation will lost and you get childkiller perk if you make much more "performances" on children. You are fucking monster and people hate you! If you talk with William you have options to tell his daughter can not be saved (no price) or you killed her, the old man give heart attack and die (500 exp). You lost reputation in certain communities but get more in raiders etc etc.

2. Quest locations

Secret bar
Spoiler: show

Old farmhouse
Spoiler: show

3. Others characters

William is simple farmer who lives in Junktown or Hub. He is 50 years old, her wife die few years ago. He has 16 years old daughter, Sandy. He try find his daughter but he was shot in leg by raiders in trip so he must return to Junktown.

Rick (circa 37 years old) is very talkative bald guy who like fucking new asses, he is sex fiend. He is officer guard and you must pay him caps to enter secret bar. He boast about how many chicks he scores.

Others chcaracters are unknown until I drink few beers and start writing, lol.

Maps in attachments. Free to use.

Please comments and share ideas.

Off-topic discussions / Van Buren single player game on fonline engine
« on: September 18, 2015, 05:19:26 pm »
Not sure if was posted but I discovered interesting game.




What u think wastelanders? I wanna try it hope they will release game in early 2016.

Polskie Pustkowia / o nieistniejących serwerach
« on: September 03, 2015, 01:15:34 pm »
Wystarczy odrzucać każdy pull request ;D

A tak serio dość już było w FOnline różnych narzędzi po których słuch zaginął wraz z autorem - bez możliwości ich aktualizacji z braku źródeł~ W tym przypadku byłoby to o tyle pomocne jako że oficjalny InterfaceEditor w SDK nie wspiera [i nie będzie wspierać] zapisu do .ini, a póki co każdy anglojęzyczny server tego właśnie używa.

...no dobra, starczy tej propagandy OS :P
I się potwierdziło i przepadło. Nie znam się na programowaniu ale ten cały github i licencja opensource to błogosławieństwo przed zapomnięciem. Fonline2238 i Reloaded są idealnym przykładem.

Closed suggestions / Add something from desert europe?
« on: September 01, 2015, 07:19:20 pm »
Howdy wastelanders. That https://bitbucket.org/Koniko/fode/overview can some things be added to Reloaded? Did you browse repository?

Closed suggestions / Transparent walls via hotkey
« on: February 16, 2015, 10:30:12 am »
I see few screenshots with transparent walls mod. Can you include similar feature via engine?

Tools and Modifications / Better resources and footlockers (REUPLOAD)
« on: February 15, 2015, 08:35:53 pm »


Download via attachments.

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