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Sell / Selling Junks and ressources
« on: October 09, 2017, 08:48:58 pm »
Me and my friends are opening a ressources shop
Every week we will sell an amount of ressources depending on our players activity.

- Trades will take place in barter grounds for safety.
- The more ressources you buy, the cheaper it will cost ! But we sell exact amount.
- We can refuse to trade with you if you call us for trolling like "sell me 1 electronic part and 1 metal part"... :facepalm OR if we don't have the ressources because we already sold them.

For now we started specializing in junks since it is used in a lot of crafts, and will for other common ressources if the shop is working :

- Junks
- Metal parts
- Minerals

Prices :

Metal parts :
- Pack of 100 = 95 caps each = 9500 caps
- Pack of 250 = 85 caps each = 21 250 caps
- Pack of 500 = 75 caps each = 37 500 caps
- Special current max quantity price (580) = 70 caps each = 40 600 caps

Minerals :
- Pack of 100 = 25 caps each = 2500 caps
- Pack of 500 = 20 caps = 10 000 caps
- Pack of 1500 = 15 caps each = 22 500

Junks :
- Pack of 100 = 55 caps each = 5500 caps
- Pack of 1000 = 50 caps each = 50 000 caps
- Pack of 5000 = 45 caps each = 225 000 caps
- Pack of 10 000 = 40 caps each = 400 000 caps

If you want even more junks, you can ORDER it but you ll let us a delay of 1 week - 2 weeks to collect it :

-Special price for more than 10 000 junks : 35 caps each !

General Game Discussion / How to do "tild" "~"
« on: October 08, 2017, 02:55:26 pm »
Since the start of Season 3 I can't do the tild anymore. Is it because of new french keyboard imitation in FOnline ? Things like this were implemented : é , è, ç etc... But the combination to do the tild disapeard.

Toxic Caves / Want to buy Mirrored shades
« on: October 03, 2017, 09:05:01 pm »
I need more charisma to idle at Hub entrance.

I pay 10 000 - 15 000 caps. Can negotiate the price !

River of Tears / Third season debate
« on: September 02, 2017, 07:14:24 pm »
 ??? No drop is the worst idea ever APPLIED to this game ( FO). How can you ruin a game so much...
Even if I was an enemy of this game, a person that really hated this game and wanted to destroy it. I think I would not even dare to be so cruel and apply this outrage.

I am an old player of FO, I have a good memory of the bad ideas and things. But here we are attacking the CORE of the game. Ruining PvP was not enough. It is never enough as I can see.

-Shitty implants were not enough !!!
-Having to level up to lvl 130 if you want good snipers is not enough !!! At the beginning the idea of being able to level up more than 24 was to prevent alts. Ok np it was a good idea. Same for the no cooldown in crafting, but the fact that you continue to gain skill points and that you can PUT these skill points to combat skills ruined everything.
-Nerfing snipers and making them unable to fight in one versus one in PvP + making them shitty for PvE compared to bursters was not enough. And don't tell me that it has always been like that ( bursters > snipers/cripplers in PvE). Because in 2238 when you had to go hunt San fransisco patrols to loot LSW, you were happy when you had a guy being able to cripple the strong arms Npcs or knocking them out. But sorry last season when you wanted to farm, it was ONLY enclave patrols because it was the best thing to do ( and NCR army for armors..). How to kill them ? Start in TB and one hex them with burst weapon. Good job.... Cool. And of course they don't react when you got closer since Karma is deleted. Nice one.
-What about crafting abuse like deagles extended capacity during all last season. That was fine ?  In previous season to level up you SHOULD NOT go farm for xp. WHY ? It was 20 times faster to collect junks in multi logging.
- One hexing disabled :facepalm , it was funny and skilled. Hex bots sorry ? People were banned for using that. People created bots for mining, should we delete mining ? People created bots for collecting ressources, should we delete ressources ?
If you want to do something good, increase a little bit damage from bursts when you get closer and closer to enemies ( it's more realistic and not a bad idea) and LET the one hex mechanics. Cause right now people will not move anymore in combats, wtf, they ll just stay and shoot cause when you move action points does not regenerates !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Tesla Helmet, yes it was op, yes it is shitty, yes it was another indirect nerf of snipers  because you can crit on it for 4 hit points with plasma rifle if you don't bypass. BUT WAAAAIT nooo, I see you coming saying that it is supposed to counter energy attacks so it do it well. But ALSO against small guns it is VERY OP because of drugs that adds damage resistance and the toughness perks and due to the fact that small guns damage are less than energy dmg which makes it a better overall helmet.
-T4 ! Enemies that you can't fight at all because they camped magic lockers for years because they don't have lives and were not able to use everything before wipe  ;). Nice frustration.
-Best of the best, the no drop. Ah, you are now creative in your destruction ! No more adrenaline in PvE and PvP, you just have to care about ammunitions and have high repair now. Everything are for the newbies now ? Tell us please. And the worst thing is that now the newbies will not even enjoy the beginning of the game, which is supposed to be exciting, to be hard.
-No stealing  :facepalm , you are altering the original universe.

 Players who spent all these years on FO didn't understand what FO is(in the mind of players) and should be. I lost faith in these people, no one can help them anymore.

Kilgore...You said something, and you lied. You lied on this webpage :https://www.fonline-reloaded.net

In the part features you said :  FEATURES
"FOnline: Reloaded expands on the well-known and liked gameplay mechanics of FOnline: 2238 while simultaneously doing away with the elements of the previous game that weren’t really popular with the players."

So full loot was not considered popular by the players of 2238 ?( and players of last season ) Players had problems with full loot ? Who ? 2 lost idiots ?
Stealing skill on players was considered as a big problem by players of 2238 ? ( and players of last season)

The truth is that we are all playing a server directed by ONE GUY, in 2238 it was a team of devs called the rotators with 7 people :

Grzegorz "Atom" Jagiella.
Markus "Ghosthack" Öberg.
Stefan "Lexx" Keßner.
Slaven "Lisac2k" Ostojic.
Bartosz "scypior" Przygoda.
Ben "SlimCharles" Jenkins.
Tom "Solar" Jones.

Kilgore, ask people to help you with choices please. Build yourself a team of true old veterans that know this game very well. Your own vision is not the vision of the majority as we noticed many many times. It's OVERPROUD to want to do this work of balancing, and implementing new features just by yourself and asking 2 guys one evening on a teamspeak !

Last thing, we waited years for this wipe. Years with xp exploits, with map bugs like in the north spawn of junktown where your fucking screen is stuck against the scroll blockers. And now in your release of third season you tell us that it could have new exploits/bugs and all ?
But wait, how long this season will last ? Because if there is an exploit and players are using it at the beginning of the season, even if you correct it after it's too LATE. It already gave an unfair advantage to them for all the rest of the season, and if it last 6 years again, please imagine the frustration about that. The first teams to take towns will have caps, better gear and all and they ll be able to recruit players more easily etc..

 This is very important and can ruin a season so consider this problem please. I don't know, try to take a group of 10 players and test your server for one week or something.

The words are : Shameful, hideous, ugly, bad, sad after all  :'(

My goal is not to say, OK guys lets leave this shitty game. Understand me please, my goal is to make things changes for the better. I hope that bad features will be deleted. And there are some good features and quests too I have to admit.

About the new sneak system I don't know if it is good or not, tell me please..

Is it allowed to kill people in secured towns using ways to slow guards reaction or to kill them or both...

Game Help / Critical chance modifier explanation
« on: November 22, 2016, 10:48:44 pm »
Hello I want to know exactly how is working critical chance modifier.

If for example I have 15 crit chance and enemy target is wearing an armor with -10 critical chance mod like combat armor.

Does it means that I ll have 5 percent chance to crit on him ? Like the critical chance modifier just substract from your final critical chance ( after adding your perks, luck,aiming part, weapon bonus blabla).

If yes, what is happening with a guy that have 6 critical chance and burst another guy in combat armor that have -10 critical modifier. Does it means that this time the guy bursting will NEVER be able to crit on him because his crit chance was reduced to 0 percents ?
So to be able to actually have a chance to crit on someone you would need to have higher critical chance than his -critical chance modifier ?

Thanks for your answers and reply only if you can bring proofs of what you re saying please.

Faction Announcements / The Ada Lovelace Lovers recruitment
« on: June 28, 2015, 10:12:23 pm »
(Image made by "Buster")

Description :

Ada Lovelace Lovers is a PvP oriented team who plays in turn based and real time. We are an anti player killer faction to wit we shoot on sight known player killers and defend ourselves under attack.
Although Ada Lovelace Lovers was initially founded by french players, we are now an international team. We aim to spread the science of Ada into the wasteland and establish peace.

Structure :

To prevent stuff problems and base rapes we have set a rank system for our members based on seniority and activity within the group with a particular rank you have access to a particular base, particular crafters (who used blueprints) etc..

Enrollment :

We are an international team looking for new players, we require :

- to speak a bit of english
- to use mumble when you play
- to be a minimum active
- to respect our anti player killer vision
-to be 18 years old + ( we can make exceptions if you prove yourself to be serious enough..)
-to have a working microphone
-to be funny when you do jokes

Contact :

You can join us on our forum : http://ada-lovelace-lovers.forumgratuit.org/  (Forum made by "Noir")

On our Mumble Adress : AdaLovelace.upmania.eu 
Port : 51084

Old channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/AdaLovelaceLovers223/videos?view=0&flow=grid
New channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/adalovelacedivision
(Video editing by "Manowar")

Usefull link :
Get Mumble at the official website http://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Main_Page

General Game Discussion / Laser gatling discussion
« on: May 30, 2015, 10:27:34 am »
Hello I would like to talk about a weapon that is not so hard to obtain in my opinion and that does not requires any specific perks to do a lot of damage in PvP.

Please be openminded and say the truth about it, we are here to improve the game not to defend laser gatling because we have a laser gatling build that we have levelled up.

When a lot of people are talking about the efficiency of the new weapon the grenade luncher and using it because at the time I write this message there is a bug that double its damage. I know that the bug will be solved soon but I want to talk about the laser gatling cause it's became totally normal in people's mind to use laser gatling and deal 80-100 damage per burst at distance on CAmk2 (considered by me like the best armor in the game that you can obtain excluding the TC's armors,PA etc..armors that you use rarely).

Years ago on 2238 the laser gatling was considered as totally useless, it didn't make any damage and one day the developpers decided to rebalance the weapon...This session was a total fail for me in PvP because there was a problem with the critical bursts and most of players created laser gatling critical builds and if they were able to get a bypass you were basically dead in one shot, even without bypass you were dead too sometimes. When something is unbalanced you have two choices, using it too with all your team, or not using it. Personally I was using it but what I want to say is that we always have a third option, us the PvP players is to denounce it, talk about it.

I know that the developpers wanted to struggle about these problems even here in reloaded you didn't ask yourself why spray and pray perk is not availbale anymore ?

In my opinion we can't talk about this subject without talking about other really essential things. What are the weapons that can "burst"(shoot multiple bullets) in the game ? Some big guns like LSW, avenger blablabla we know it, few small guns like HKP90, maybe Xl, pancor blabla and laser gatling. If you think about it the burst weapons are divided in two categories only : Normal damage, and Laser damage.
Now I feel like the issue is that in almost every combat builds it is really easy to  put at least the perk toughness or even tougher to counter the normal damage dealer. But if you think about it the only way to protect yourself against the laser damage that come from one unique weapon is to wear an armor that have higher resistance to laser. The only perk that can protect you from laser damage is adrenaline rush, the problem is that of course adrenaline rush protects ALSO against the normal damage so no advantage for the normal damage dealer.

When you are a normal damage dealer and have tougness perks and you face an energy damage dealer with laser gatling the fight is not equal at all because you fight with two perks less, your toughness are totally useless against him but his toughness are totally usefull against YOU. Of course it's not psycho that will helps, because even psycho don't add laser resistance so as I said only adrenaline rush in perks you have can help but it's not a perk that help you to resist from the beginning.

The developpers of 2238 changed the toughness perks from fallout to protect only from normal damage.
Now let's ask ourself why the 2238 developpers changed the toughness perks this way, because in the original game toughness added resistance to every type of damage. In my opinion the answer is simple it is because at this time they wanted to make possible to counter the bursters but laser gatling was not used by bursters because it was too weak.
But now the laser gatling is probably the strongest weapon in game excluding all the very rare weapons (that you use only in TCs and when you have 20 friends with you so if you die they can loot you back weapons that you dont use so much) so laser gatling was changed but toughness perks remained unchanged, why ?

I asked on 2238 a developper about the laser gatling and he told me this exact sentence : If you take too much damage THEN wear metal armors !
So that's what I tried and you can try it too if you want but you will see really fast that you will get blown by explosions and other type of damages. What this developper didn't understand I think is that every good teams will try mix their damage and I feel that the only role of the avenger minigun holder or the normal damage dealers is to prevent enemy from coming with metal armors or to punish an opponent without toughness so it forces you to wear combat armors so the gatling laser can dps and it's very sad for the normal damage dealers.

I think that we can't talk about the best and unique laser bursting weapon without talking about the best big guns bursting weapon so let's compare them :

Avenger Minigun :
Avenger requires 3 perks bonus ranged damage to be effective.
Avenger's range is 35 hexes
Avanger damage is reduced by armor, adrenaline rush, psycho, toughness, even tougher.

Laser Gatling :
Gatling does not requires any perks to boost its damage.
Gatling's range is 40 hexes.
Gatling damage is reduced by armor, adrenaline rush.

At equal skill in one versus one it is the laser gatling characters that will win at distance because he has less hps since he took 3 brds and also his toughness are totally ignored by the laser gatling holder. At one hex the laser gatling guy holder can one shot the avenger guy but he can get one shot avenger too BUT he can use pshycho to reduce damage of the avenger holder to not die from one hex !
What we can see here is that the problem is not the high damage of the laser gatling because avenger do high damage too, the problem is that the laser damage can't be reduced while the normal damage can be reduced a lot.

Important subjects I want to call into question :

Do the pseudo"rarity"(let's be honest this weapon can be farmable at enclave and it's not so rare, even easier for big teams that can go there with more players.) of laser gatling excuse the fact that the weapon pass through toughness perks and can do more damage than the best bursting weapon of another category ?

(Then lol make some other weapons harder to get but as powerful as the laser gatling, why should be only one weapon that is "rare" but do more damage than others)

Things I don't want to hear again because it don't solve the problem in any way :

-If it is op you can use it too.

Yes I am using it but when everyone were using fast relog in pvp in 2238 because there was not punishment I was using it too but it was not a good thing for the game. I am happy now that fast relog is forbidden and that you can get banned for it and I will be happy when laser gatling will be balanced.

-Wear metal armors
As I said the people who says this are not doing what they says for themselves.
Teams mix their damage type.

-Gatling is not op

Gatling laser holder can do more damage on tanks than any normal damage dealer in the game without relying on luck !
Gatling laser do 235-240 damage at one hexe on CA mk2 you can do your tests.

I try to bring also solution, not only complains. A good solution would be to add little bit of laser resistance in toughness perks or to reduce a little bit the base damage of the laser gatling.
I think that no one wants a useless laser gatling that would be too much nerfed but please no one wants an over powered gatling that counters normal damage dealer and some perks ( or maybe the people that uses them of course).

Please bring your solutions too.


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