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Suggestions / Medic and Field Medic
« on: August 21, 2018, 12:48:57 am »
These require both First Aid and Doctor to be at 125% and 175% respectively, and field medic requires medic

This is extremely high of a cost in comparison to other perks.

Suggestion is simple: make it require 125%/175% for doctor or first aid, not and.

Additional consideration, remove the requirement of medic from field medic. I imagine most people who go for field medic would grab medic anyways, but it might allow a few variation in build options.

Bugs / Blood Soaked Heroes Bug
« on: August 19, 2018, 02:09:43 pm »
At the point where you use the VDU in NCR for the second time, and turn in 12,000caps worth of coins, if you close out of the conversation at a certain point, it breaks the computer usage and cannot be used further it would seem.

-Had all of the coins in my inventory
-Got to the point where it prompts putting the coins into the machine
-closed the window before proceeding
-no coins in my inventory now
-interacting with the machine does not bring up the equivalent chat window, but rather a green text in world over the machine saying "This appears to be a fully functional vault-tek videocom" and can't interact further
-quest still shows "I will have to return to the videocom, and accept those hefty fees"

A little irksome the bug took the coins even before I "accepted the charges"

Closed suggestions / "bonus move" AP used elsewhere
« on: March 24, 2017, 04:01:34 am »

It is mentioned here for an odd amount of AP to be used for bonus move, and that everyone gets the bonus move perk.

Keep the first part about odd agility, but don't give bonus move freely. Instead expand what the "bonus move" AP can be used for (I'm not sure if this is possible from a coding perspective)

-World interaction (pickup/drop/use object)
-Item use (careful with stim SPAM)

basically, allow its use for anything except attacking, although some further restrictions would be reasonable for combat situations.

Toxic Caves / Addiction has no effect
« on: March 22, 2017, 02:50:57 am »
So when you pickup chem reliant, you can get addicted potentially to drugs.

I entered hinkley, took a round of drugs, became addicted. Hinkley will carry over which is troublesome and might be unintended, but that is another matter...

Drug addiction is suppose to be -1ap right? Getting no adverse effect from nuka cola addiction here. And the character is not benefiting from any drug at the moment.

EDIT: Someone mentioned the possibility of armor or weapons, this screenshot is while in bluesuit. It could be the wiki is out of date on the effects of drug addiction as well.

Closed suggestions / Haunted Mansion...
« on: June 07, 2015, 02:03:39 am »
Rough idea, needs mapping and should be low priority. But it seems like a fun idea.

Quest, you and several others have all been mentioned in some crazy old man's inheritance. The only condition is you stay the night in the house...

Quest giver teleports player and party (acting as the other inheritors) to location, automatically night (or they have to wait until night for quest to begin)

All equipment is stashed away, but various pieces to use are sitting around the house to limit their equipment level. At midnight endless walkers begin assaulting the house, maybe a sneaking NPC if that is possible runs around in robes.

Reward is the house as a base location for all that have survived until morning.

General Game Discussion / Theories, Science, and Lessons Learned
« on: June 05, 2015, 06:15:47 am »

The perks More HtH Criticals as well as Better HtH Criticals both specifically mention applying "when fighting with melee weapons or unarmed"

The perks More Critical, Even more Criticals, and Better Criticals do not mention anything similar on the wiki for "when fighting with X." They only have a prerequisite of various ranged attack skills.


Could the critical perks associated with ranged attacks possibly stack with the HtH/Melee critical perks, although not vice versa?

The Test Plan

It would be rather hard without an extremely large sample size to test the probabilities involved with more criticals and even more criticals. However I can more reliably test the better criticals. Assuming the critical tables on the wiki are up to date, then I should only be able to achieve a knockOUT with an aimed torso shot if I have some kind of critical power booster, as a knockout should only happen on a roll of 101+

Attempting the Test

Once I reached level 12 I grabbed better Criticals. Making use of some recently made friends, I sat around punching some people in the torso. I realized my error when some of them had stonewall, so i was rarely getting knockdowns. Much less knockouts. Eventually figured out which in the group had no bonehead, no man of steel, and no stonewall. And so I punched him a bunch. Nothing for quite a while, but it could have been bad luck, as we were doing other shenanigans at the same time and he was wearing combat armor. It should have been -10 to crit roll versus my +20 to crit roll (so should have been 10% of a knockout if the theory were correct).

Went on an expedition. And I punched a bunch of NPCs Geckos. Weird things happened, and I sort of learned that different NPC races may have different critical roll charts.

Found some homeless family, and started punching them for a while. When they were almost dead, I would heal them, and continue punching them (I didn't kill them, I left them bloodied and unconscious in the wastelands is all)

But there were no knockouts.

It was then that I read the in game description of better criticals rather than the wiki description. The critical hits you cause in ranged combat are more devastating.


The wiki is a liar and should not be trusted. Science prevails. It has been fun though.

EDIT: A few people have claimed that the crit chance perks work with close combat. Reading the in game descriptors for them there is no mention of ranged combat like there is for better criticals. I'm not about to test this first hand, as it would be harder to prove with certainty. I will leave it to others, or the developers to speak of their secret plots and plans.

Closed suggestions / Sound file
« on: June 05, 2015, 03:17:09 am »
There ought to be a soundfile of a chainsaw for ripper. Maybe just for criticals or special animation deaths?

Closed suggestions / Standardizing XP and caps value of items
« on: June 03, 2015, 12:14:56 am »
Idea is simple. It makes sense to me, but it may already be this way and I just haven't paid close enough attention, but...

Assign both a cap as well as XP value to each material component. Experience gain and base value are based around these values. Probably assign a small bonus to items which require a blueprint (10% or 15%?). What the value of each base component would be is a tough call, but can be figured out later.

Experience earned and base cap value from items become normalized, so that there isn't any one single item that outshines all others for leveling or making money. An item that has 1metal and 10gunpowder is just as efficient for leveling/making money as an item with 1metal and 5gunpowder. If an item has its components changed, so would its item value.

Spoiler: show

BONUS SUGGESTION: Provide xp/value bonus if it is a quality/improved/superior/advanced/unique item.

Suggestions / Making SPECIAL relevant
« on: May 29, 2015, 11:27:03 pm »
Whenever I show up, I always end up making some suggestion to increase diversity of buildcraft... Right now strength, intelligence, and charisma are dump stats, and basically can be dropped to 1, allowing the "more useful SPECIAL" to all be nearly maxed out.

The most use these stats have are for a very small handful of perks. For strength there is adrenaline rush, and more rarely stonewall. Intelligence has uh....PvE stuff I guess. Maybe some builds which require a really high skill% for multiple perks, but that is usually doable with minimal change.

Other than that these two only serve as a means to reduce grind in the game, which is almost relevant only for newer players and those without a well funded faction to help supply them.

Charisma has more questionable worth, being a dumpstat since the dawn of fonline practically. I'm a little skeptical to touch it though, as I don't know where companion builds stand in the meta these days. I'll leave discussion of this to others, until I have a better opinion of it.

The easiest way to make these SPECIAL relevant again is to have various perks require higher levels of them. But that is boring I think and adds mostly tedium. It doesn't add anything to the current gameplay and should be avoided. Coming up with ideas to fix this is a lot harder than new ideas for perks and traits, and I'm struggling. Here are a handful of possibilities to pick and choose from...

Actual Suggestions rather than rambling below. Pick one or some.

-Larger effect on melee damage, possibly making melee builds more useful or relevant. Right now it only adds +1...5, and only changes from strength 7 to 10. Instead add 1or2 damage for every point in strength (+20 for 10 strength though? Not sure. But only 10 doesn't seem like a whole lot)
-Affects critical rolls for melee combat only, +1% critical roll for every point of strength.
-Partly affect health per level, to a lesser degree than endurance
-Each point adds 1% critical resist?

-Increase critical roll, +1% for every point of intelligence (ranged only? for all? A high intelligence AND high strength character with potentially +20% critical roll with SPECIAL alone would be rather interesting, but I'm not sure about balance. More importantly it would be different)
-Critical resist for head alone?
-this one is tougher, look at some of the radical suggestions set in the spoiler below for more.

Radical changes, to potentially more than just strength/intelligence
Spoiler: show

-Allow for "half" health so that taking an odd number for endurance is viable
-Have the rate of AP regeneration static, the same for all levels of agility. Agility thus allows a bigger initial blast, doing 2-4 attacks in a row immediately. For whatever reason, I associate this with 6pool zerg rush if that makes any sense...
-Alternative to the above, intelligence determines AP regeneration, while agility determines total AP potential. Thinking quick on your feet for intelligence, compared to quick initial reaction for agility.
-Intelligence determines the perk rate. Very radical, would highly suggest adding in more and rebalancing perks in general though. I think it is a really cool idea if perks could be overhauled in general.

In general I would like to see the necessity of agility reduced, without increasing the tedium and amount of time "waiting." If AP were split between agility and intelligence, I would highly suggest a slight increase to both, with 10int giving slightly faster AP gain than 10agility does now, and 10 agility would probably give slightly more than 10AP total.

This is all radical change though, and even I'm unsure if they're any good. But its out there for others to judge, consider, and inspire possibly.

Closed suggestions / Reloading the traits
« on: July 09, 2014, 04:26:07 am »
Many of the traits are rather useless, in part due to the unlimited levels bit which invalidates or makes trivial a few of them, or the ease of storage or alternate characters which invalidates several others.

Plus I'm interested to see what kind of differences people can come up with if some of the traits were significantly changed in general. I love having a variety of fighting styles, I hate when everyone out there is the same cookie cutter build.

I'll post the suggested trait and idea, and then in a spoiler tag following that will be my reasoning/opinions

Skilled- (rename to Gifted?)
* You gain 7 SPECIAL points to distribute as you choose (essentially +1 to each special)
* New perks available every 4 levels instead of the regular 3
Spoiler: show
As it is now skilled is a useless trait and would be replaced entirely by this. There is never a time when skill points is worth more than perks. As far as I know, it is a trait used exclusively for crafter alts to get the desired skill point levels as fast as possible. This would be a very interesting trait, and probably not picked up quite so often considering how valuable perks are. However the idea of a much higher endurance, perception, agility AND luck might tempt some if they're willing to drop some of their perks. It would be interesting option to test/experiment with at least.

Oh and to be honest I did in fact get this idea from the fallout wiki mentioning the gifted trait for the J.E. Sawyer Fallout RPG

Small Frame
* +1 to agility
*  Your Limbs are more easily crippled (+10% [5%?] critical rolls and/or critical chance to arms/legs attacks)
* OR All critical hits against the legs will knock you down
* OR Critical hits in general have a slightly higher knockdown chance (attacks that would knock you down occur one critical category lower on the critical roll table)
Spoiler: show
I'm a little worried that the penalties are a little strong, but agility and AP are so very important that it is important to have an equally debilitating penalty as the bonus. In singleplayer fallout the penalty to carry weight is very troublesome since players are expected to carry around a lot more stuff on their person than fonline. But even then it was an easy pick since players typically got the car, and had multiple followers. Its even worse in fonline considering players typically carry as little as they can possibly manage, and looting a ton of stuff isn't as important as it use to be (especially later into the season as munition stockpiles begin to skyrocket). And finally it doesn't really add a significant penalty that alters how players try and play while fighting, it just adds tedium of inventory management slightly.

* Reloading weapons does not require an animation (run and reload at the same time in real time combat!)
* -10 (15?) DR (And maybe -15AC as well)
Spoiler: show
I'm not even sure if this is possible to code. Or if it is acceptable to have a trait that is effectively only useful for real time. It might be worth having the quick pockets perk wrapped in with a reduction to 1ap to make it somewhat useful for turn based if it is really necessary to make such concessions. Being able to move and reload is already really powerful I think though, so I don't think that is necessary personally.

I particularly like the idea of this trait, as it significantly changes the way players can play. It is easier to use hit and run strategies, or to keep chasing a target without having to worry about reloading to keep attacking. At the same time survival is extremely important, and it becomes a tradeoff of defense for mobility. It gives way more incentive to get the quick pockets perk as well I think

One Hander
*  Aimed and burst attacks with 1 handed weapons costs -1AP when the off hand is empty
* Aimed and burst attacks with 2 handed weapons costs +1AP.

Spoiler: show
This one is a bit more difficult. I wanted to come up with something that allows for some change in play style, that can be actually useful in certain circumstances. With the unlimited level bit, and overall lack of need for skill points in general, it is too easy to get the necessary skillpoints to have 100% chance to hit.

Not particularly keen on this suggested change myself. It is better than the current trait definitely, but it is hugely dependent on the current idea for next wipe that weapons cannot be crafted with -1AP anymore. The power of -1AP grows exponentially stronger the more of them a player can accumulate. If there are still readily available, or even available at all weapons which can have -1AP then I would strongly advise against the first suggestion for balance reasons.

I think it is important to require the off hand being empty. It would be too easy to use up the clip of one gun, and just swap to the other gun. There needs to be a few restrictions, and it makes some sense (I see the second item slot being the second hand, or dual wielding)

I might come back later and post some alternate suggestions to this one if I can come up with something else

That's it for alteration of existing perks. There are a few other perks though that I think should be dropped and replaced entirely. Good natured, bloody mess, bruiser, loner, and maybe one hander would be good fits for replacement entirely I think. I'll come back another time and try posting some wholly unique traits...or just blatantly steal and modify some different ones from other fallout games.

"Good artists borrow, Great artists steal"

Closed suggestions / Keeping companions for build variety
« on: June 27, 2014, 05:10:20 am »
After some update (probably wipe) all sorts of companions, mercenaries and other followers will not attack players - even if attacked directly. At the same time, some nerfs from the past will go away, so it will be easier to use followers for PvE purposes.
And if somebody wants PvP, then he should do that without help of NPCs. It should solve all problems with PvE in PvP, while not making it harsh (again) for PvE players.

Few corrections Mercenaries will be able to engage players, they are one-use anyway. However, as mercenaries are NPC, they could be countered with companions etc.

I really would hate to see companions be basically removed entirely from PvP, and mercenaries just aren't nearly as interesting as they are now to be used to me. It may be too late for any hope of this suggestion if Kilgore has already put a lot of work into a new companion system, or maybe this would be too much work, but would hurt to at least put it out there I figured. Mainly I'm hoping to maintain build variety, and preferably even increase it some.

I just figure put a hard limit of 1 "NPC companion slot" and provide a few more options of variety. Having a companion requires a minimum of 3 charisma so that it isn't just a free bonus for everyone, people have to specifically make the decision at character creation. Preferably companions will respawn back at tent, but would still drop everything they were carrying.

There would be some options of very weak companions, that come as a preset group. Like I can pickup a pack of 3 dogs that follow me around, and will fight players, but counts as the "1 companion." Being dogs they're ridiculously weak, and probably wouldn't be much for PvP but still provides a nuisance with their speed and numbers, like real dogs.

Certain companion types will be limited in weapon options. Such as you can get a squad of 2 tribals, but they can only use fists or spears, and can't wear armor. The individual companion options which you can only have 1 unit would allow more variety and options. Super mutants if allowed are just a hulking meat shield capable of certain weapons as their model permits, but cannot wear armor (think marcus from fallout 2). You can just pick up some average joe who you can deck out in any weapon/armor you might have as well

Charisma would provide bonuses to companions, perhaps something like a natural 3% DR per charisma, but mainly create a handful of perks that have charisma requirements that benefit companions, such as...

3 charisma requirement,
Animal Magnetism non-human companion's respawn time is reduced, and will join you on map generation rather than requiring a trip back to the tent

Spotter- Your companion's vision range is added to your own

Hidden weapon installment Any robot companion you have will occasionally use a hidden weapon you can install (shoot a single rocket, critical strike with cattleprod, flameblast as if from a flamethrower, depends on what item you give in the offhand. Can only very rarely use unexpectedly, but can be ordered to attempt to use the secret weapon when low on health, when master is low on health, when the target is low on health, or at the beginning of a fight.

Emergency repairs You can use the repair skill on a robot companion to heal some damage. Possibly require 1 metal parts and 1 electronic parts in inventory

Painting the target Your companions will attempt to strike the same target/body part that you last attacked

Unexpected strategies Many armor designers never considered someone would actually bring a knife to a gun fight...companion melee attacks has a chance to pierce 50% of the target's DR without requiring a critical

5 Charisma requirement
Like Rabbits Animal companions in groups of 2 or more gain an additional animal (so 2 dogs/geckos become 3)

Follow my lead Armorless companions will enter sneak when you enter sneak. (not sure how possible this is considering sneak currently requires the wearing of leather armor, but I'm thinking an ambush of dogs or tribals would be cool)

Watching their back Your companions bonus DR based on your charisma increased from 3% to 5%

Inspiring attack Your companion's attacks ignore 2% of the target's DR for each charisma point you have

8 charisma
Learning from the best Your companions gain all of the offensive perks that you have (bonus critical, critical rolls, bonus ranged damage, etc

Following in your footsteps Your companions gain all of the defensive perks that you have (toughness, adrenaline rush, man of steel, In your face, etc. Lifegiver might probably be too overpowered with the multiple companions though, although they would be really weak to begin with since their initial power/usefulness is meant to be divided by the 2 or 3 companions

Some of the perks are meant to be strong, such as the last 2. Having to invest 8 charisma is far more than anyone ever does now, not to mention that you would be short of the bonus perks players normally have since presumably they would be investing some into other companion perks, or at the very least short 1 or 2 to grab the 8 charisma perks

It requires some more work and balancing probably, I didn't really detail the variety of companions since the rumors of post wipe update as well as a few of the other suggestions that mentioned things like pigrat companions suggests a planned update some day with more follower types.

Its getting late, but if this is well received I'll put some more effort into it, cleaning up the presentation and coming up with more perk ideas.

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