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Toxic Caves / Re: Our pets
« on: October 20, 2017, 07:36:50 pm »

This is my little pet i call him pertreks, my GF is walking him

River of Tears / No Loot Drop - Kilgore Read
« on: September 03, 2017, 01:01:10 pm »

I wish to bring real reasons as to why the no loot drop is a bad idea, i understand as to why you wish to make it different from other fallout servers and its great that these kinda things get tested but would like to bring to your attention a few things,

1. no loot drop, i can do a dungeon and keep exploiting the no loot drop as soon as i loot everything i commit suicide or a friend comes and kills me and i re spawn with everything i looted

2. Example Enemy faction takes a town or starts to take it, we enter kill some it will be endless amount of waves fighting, people will make tents with car near respawn, enter car to get to town fast and enter as backstab team and the other faction will also do this making it impossible to win fights on both sides as we do not drop loot and when we die we are ready and kitted out

3. Take your mind set back to 2238 when fast relog was allowed, everyone would set up 5 - 10 chars each on the world map ready for PvP all complained about this the whole server until they fixed this problem the no loot drop will be very similar to this as mentioned above

4. Some people enjoy doing PvP others do not, it makes it for PvP players no enjoyable i used to go for PvP and sometimes for the loot as some other players have better items then you like T4. (maybe make it that if you do TC you drop loot like northan towns etc i dont know)

5. Example Vault 15, people are above waiting for enemy's, all the guys have to do is commit suicide or kill each other go re spawn back to world map and attack from behind, eventual then this will stop these kinda fights which everyone enjoys so much

6. later on in the Game when people are implanted and have HPA and Tier 4 weapons this will make it impossible for PvP fights to be fair and enjoyable as mentioned in reason 2

7. People can carry shit loads of Super Stims! and just make tanks and keep using supserstims, eventually people will just make superstim chars for opposing factions to focus on because all they will do is supserstim not caring because they wont loose them when they die (balance bring back supserstim abuse where you take hit point damage but again people hated this feature back in the day also)

8. No loot drops makes the PvP not worth it, i know you say that you can make videos and that will be awarding enough but i do not think so specially for the newer factions who want to PvP and need the good loot from the better players.

9. there is no consequence in me dieing except my armor breaking a little bit which i can later on repair, if i wanted to all i have to do is be blue suit with flamer and farm centars and floaters for like 3 hours and im level 30 with no regard if i die because i can go straight at it

10. if you die there should be some kind of band thing, which makes you not wanna die, ill go into a encounter happly now knowing fuck it they can loot me so ill just go in, it will just get boring over time

you can do all types of fixtures like bring weakened back when a player dies with cool-down of 3 mins or something but people with docter skill will over ride it you can do these kinda of things and try to balance it out but in the end you just get same result that the balanced features end up being no good

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