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Tools and Modifications / Re: Enclave Outpost Map
« on: April 02, 2017, 12:41:33 pm »
Could you post a screenshot of map, please?

ye internet on my desktop is okay now so it okay

Surface Level of the Outpost:

Sublevel of the Outpost:

I can guarantee that a 1920x1080 resolution for FOnline will require zooming in for the Sublevel, my ole goofy ass can't even properly size a map


i rushed the fuck out of the mine, and the map the manhole leads to at the end there leads to an exit which is just a clone of a cave map with some mutants and a bugged door of my goofy ass doing, you can't exit the cave apparently, so you have to come back through the Enclave base and leave from the entrance

Tools and Modifications / Re: Enclave Outpost Map
« on: March 30, 2017, 08:04:54 am »
alright boys well,

this shit fucking sucked
Map's done, just really disappointed at how much I rushed it, fucking yeeted a cave map to finish the exit up for the entire map, basically it's just something someone with minimal knowledge of the mapper and world editor can use to attach to their game if they want and to fix it up if they'd like

keep in mind this is my first map, uh, criticism is welcome, no matter the severity

also I'm too lazy to go back and fix one of the doors on the exit location but if I manage to get my sorry ass to do it I will

hopefully if you somehow attach this to your game you get it to work properly and enjoy it to its fullest extent no matter how small it may be

General Game Discussion / Re: multibot PK
« on: March 30, 2017, 05:15:13 am »
FOnline Reloaded Funniest Moments, Part One:

"yeah uh"

"i'm on fonline 2 and not reloaded"

*laugh track ensues*
Spoiler: show
when you die your voice is added to the Fonline Reloaded Funniest Moments laugh track

i don't want to do this

but I have to

you posted in the wrong neighborhood

please forgive me for I have sinned

Survival Guides / Re: Being tracked by the same PK in random encounter
« on: March 30, 2017, 05:07:02 am »
When you're in an encounter, anyone can enter it without you knowing. There's know way to avoid him from entering.

Also your encounter I believe is like 3 zones wide all around, at least from experience I know this (might be right or wrong LMAO)

afaik I am pretty sure the encounter is restricted to the one same zone, but I also thought it happened when the party markers touched or were in very close proximity, but with the case of continuing to run into the same player over and over I doubt the latter is the case

also, for OP, if you want to be wary of possibly encountering someone, you can enter the area you're in (clicking on the party marker to enter the area) and leaving to check if anyone is currently on the world-map, but don't always rely on this; players can still be in the same zone and just in an encounter

name jeff
Thanks for the reply.

I assume that I am not being tracked down. The PvP Player just entered my encounter muilt-time by chance, is it correct?

And how do a player enter others encounter?

whoops you just posted sorry about that uh

It's impossible to be tracked down so long as you don't really stay around the same zone, and it should be chance just because you both are in the same position

i said name jeff

Tools and Modifications / Re: Enclave Outpost Map
« on: March 29, 2017, 03:06:26 am »
Screens? Updated download link?

sorry for the very-late reply (dealing with a couple of suicide attempts rn, with a month-long stay in a mental institution) fella, the download links work fine rn but I've been working on it on my desktop, but unfortunately the wi-fi adapter for my desktop got nutted on and the internet hasn't been working properly for the last week or so

i'm hesitant to work on this on my laptop because I've done a lot of work on my desktop since the last time I updated the D/L link

I'll see if I can somehow find an external hard-drive and move any screenshots on my desktop to my laptop I'm using instead for you, if I'm not able to find an external hard-drive I'm sorry, I'll try to use my border-line autistic words to the best of my ability instead


yeah my man I can't find it, I'll probably buy one soon so you're not out of luck just yet

but basically, I've messed with the mine/dungeon, not nearly complete, I am uh, really afraid that the clutter there might destroy someone's processor or something (there are nearly 30 dead enclave soldiers scattered around and I'm not even half-way done with the map)

there's plenty of super mutants and centaurs, and walking out of the entrance in sight of some of the Enclave soldiers and being fired on will result in a fight between the base-entrance guards and the mutants, which is pretty entertaining.

there are little bits of military checkpoints scattered around that house a couple of footlockers in certain rooms, and I'm in the process of it generating some high tier gear, including a APA helmet and gauss rifle

because of the nature of the Enclave basically controlling any entrance to the mine, there will be very little PvP, so long as the soldiers there fire upon any attackers

and, the only way to gain entrance to the base at all is to be a member of the Enclave faction, giving more privileges to players oriented that way

like for a free quantum processor


yeah I moved the map to my laptop now so we're all good in terms of working on it currently

Not bad, but Stalkurwa is best pixel maker.

i concur big fella

i do concur

yeah yeah


alright I'll try whipping something up for you.

HAHA yes i am the big bum whom collapsed from exhaustion after getting beaten from his overweight exotic wife everyday you make my day

thank you i thank you

the emoji in which the universe is presented but without a God

haha yes

i'm a lazy ass bum and should probably grab my Mosin and shoot myself unironically, but anyways, i honestly thinks this gives combat armor an appearance on par with power armor,


Check these out also

Aaayyyy lmao it's nice to see some people actually enjoy my stuff :D Unfortunately this Woodland replacer for CAMKII won't work on reloaded because it uses different files. However the Black combat armor will work if added to Reloaded files.

As for mass renaming, I suggest googling a program total commander, has a mass rename tool that's very helpful to do this. I honestly forgot I made this full body covered black CA, I accidentally deleted them but now you reminded me!
you uh really make good shit better than anything i've seen on nma imo truth be told

I'll look into maybe finding a frm. converter and might tinker with the black combat armor and make it a greenish tint for the Mark. II, and using or some shit and just adjust the hue and saturation on it.

Thank you for giving me something to mass-rename stuff, that really helps though, a lot.

Yeah I honestly really do love your critter recolors, I used the Operation Anchorage combat armor for FOnline, then I said "shit i remember using something even better than this" and I said "oh it's probably on nma"
and then i spent 4 hours on NMA doing nothing but looking for this exact combat armor
(also if you're still taking requests i would love a full-body woodland or full-body green version of this, the latter would probably be easier though)

what it do fellas what it do

yeah yeah

may or may not get back into fonline after uh disappearing (2 suicide attempts since quitting fonline (bag over head and OD on mirtazapine, mosin chambered with wrong bullet cartridge)) but uh, anyways, i came across a really amazing combat armor mod, originally for fonline 2 (oh christ), made by S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

i'm a lazy ass bum and should probably grab my Mosin and shoot myself unironically, but anyways, i honestly thinks this gives combat armor an appearance on par with power armor, covering the full body. Regardless, it would make more sense, rather than leaving your face and perhaps your neck uncovered. I'm sure uh, whoever manufactured the combat armor would have done something about it.

all work for this amazing shit goes to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. over at the Fonline 2 forums, I take absolutely no credit and will remove the direct link to the mod and leave the link over to his post instead if asked by him.

If anyone really wants me to, I'll remake the black combat armor for use with the MK. II Combat Armor and other similar armors. But good god renaming the frames will take some time but I'm willing to do it because I really just have a lot of time on my hands doing nothing at all except contemplating the existence of my life.

Original Link:

Full-Body Black Combat Armor

Full-Body Black Combat Armor Mark II

i cannot reinforce that i absolutely did nothing but make this post

ALSO:the inventory icons do not work, i may or may not do something about it if my lazy ass will do something for once

Install Instructions:
Once downloaded, go to your Fonline Reloaded folder (for example, E:\FOnline Reloaded), and find the data folder. Extract the art folder from within the mods into the data folder. As I said, the icons will not work.

Hope you enjoy this mod by S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Other mods by S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for FOnline Reloaded specifically:

If it means anything I didn't know this was on the fonline 2 forums and I spent 4 hours fucking looking for this on NMA.

The Thunderdome / Re: Forum PvP
« on: August 13, 2016, 08:18:39 pm »
Oh? Such bullshit is this, Mengelito? Hmm...? You can't tolerate dissent yourself so you throw Butcher out of Khans when he complain about your "leadership" in Hub back in February. You couldn't handle a post made by an undercover agent deputized by Bison, so then you banned  over hurt feelings. Really really cute, you know.

I've had six months to think about things as an ex-khan.... And the more I've had time to watch, the more I've seen that you are a shit leader, a shit person, and you have such shitty self-respect that you can't stand criticism. It's ironic; when Bison (of all people) called for moving towards being more professional, you goddamn voted him off the island.  If there's anybody to blame for the death of TKs, it is you, Mengelito. Your "leadership" was a disaster. You cultivated the worst team culture I've seen apart from The Pain Gang.

But sure. Act like a shitheel on forums, continue to whine and be hypocritical. Nobody fucking cares about you Mengelito.

degenerate PvE (i fucking hate muties lol) national-socialist chiming in,

i stopped reading here

i didn't think me, the man who browses fucking gore in the most unironic sense, would have a cringe overload like that

also, lash, if the attachment of you is actually you, i've been seeing that on /b/ face threads on 4chan, I shit you not, and you're not getting good ratings, highest one I've seen so far was 3/10

inb4 someone believes this is a personal attack and chimp-outs

Tools and Modifications / Re: Enclave Outpost Map
« on: August 13, 2016, 02:19:14 pm »
here's a picture of the sub-base with tech enabled

you can see where my ass tumbled and didn't place all the cave tiles

i plan on adding a brotherhood and prolly an NCR counterpart to this where you can buy their respective armors

brotherhood will probably sell APA but for some high-ass price

i also may add a dungeon where it's somewhat possible to break through this base and npcs can be looted, the npcs here with the navarro_guard@critter_init script are unlootable.

(shit the png turned out like ass lmao)


the stairway in the captain's office (it's almost impossible to see on the screenshot) is going to lead to what would likely be a dungeon that contains mutants and a small quest where you can obtain advanced power armor, it will likely be unmarked, and only for players whose level is greater or equal to 20, but recommended for levels 35+

Tools and Modifications / Re: Enclave Outpost Map
« on: August 13, 2016, 02:05:12 pm »
here's an image of the upper level of the base, I changed a couple of things since I took the screenshot yesterday, but they're pretty minor.

Also, some things I didn't mention:

* Enclave Infantryman will ask for your ID if you somehow managed to get in the base. You can just say "Uh, me sorry, me left ID at home!" if you int is <3, and he will respond with saying sorry for the hassle 'coz nobody wants to hassle a retard on his business.

* An Enclave Lieutenant is eternally performing physical training with a couple of his soldiers. The wasteland is not politically correct, I can tell you that.

i think that's it I'll update it if my dumb-ass can think of something I forgot to mention

hope you enjoy the map tho mangs, like I said, it's the first one I took seriously and didn't quit after 6 hard days of work.

also, if you have the time, if you can walk through certain corners let me know, I've tried to use the wall tech on each corner to make sure characters can't just walk around a building into it through some corner

also, I had some trouble with the scroll blockers, I had another entrance map that led to this but I scrapped that because it was literally 70x70, that explains why the northern part of the ground level part of the base is empty, tech is disabled from sight tho mangs

Tools and Modifications / Enclave Outpost Map
« on: August 13, 2016, 01:54:34 pm »
what it do fellas

tried to post this in the workshop but I didn't have permission mangs sorry if this is incredibly disturbing and I only knew after I spent 15 minutes typing the topic out

This adds an Enclave Outpost location with its own custom dialogs and the like (unfortunately not its own custom scripts, it uses Navarro scripts). This outpost allows players to purchase Advanced Powered Armor, Powered Armor, and Enclave Combat armor for some cheap prices. (800k for for both the helmet and suit of Advanced Powered Armor, almost 25k for Enclave Combat Armor, and 600k for Powered Armor and a Hardened power helmet) I would have him issue APA for free, however, I just used the excuse that you do not stay and act as a soldier within the base, and you act on your own accord.

Like I said, it uses Navarro scripts, so players not of the Enclave faction will be fired (you can't survive it without upgrades like me) upon if they attempt to enter.

If I get time, I'll have the Outpost Captain and the Enclave I,E,A give out repeatable quests like the Gun Runners shipment quest.

I'm also a lazy-ass bum who doesn't want to add floor tiles to the outer part of the sub-level of the camp, so pardon for the lack of work on the cave tiles outside the complex underground.

Another major change to the Enclave here is that the technicians and off-duty troops do not wear lab-coats and combat armor respectively, they instead wear fatigues using the leather armor sprite.

Another change that I thought was for the better is that there is now a lack of female infantry, however, there are plenty of female technicians.

I have no clue if the map files adds the location to the world map, if not, you may have to add it yourself. See the image below to see where it is supposed to be located.

You will also have to add the dialogs and replace the current dialogs.lst with the one in muh dropbox, unless you edited yourself, in that case, you should be able to add the following dialogs:

$   2050   tut_rr
$   2150   tut_soldier1
$   2151   tut_tech
$   2152   tut_trainer1
$   2153   tut_recruit1
$   2154   tut_emory
$   2155   tut_emilee
$   2156   tut_tech2
$   2157   tut_soldieroffduty
$   2158   tut_muller

here is muh dropbox link:

it's my first map so destroy me with criticism ples

(shit I just realized I couldn't post in the workshop because my log-in time expired)

(i uh don't mind if this is used in the game when the final product is finished ahhh, i really wouldn't want anything, maybe the skin 71 (APA skin) if anything, but I would love to see this somewhere in the game, especially since time is going on, and the Enclave would probably be trying to establish new areas of control)

The Workshop / Re: Reloaded Mapper problem
« on: August 10, 2016, 08:21:00 pm »
if it's possible, save your map and edit your fonlineconfig.exe so you are on windowed (mapper uses settings from client such as resolution, etc.) mode, and see if minimizing the mapper and maximizing it/re-opening it will return it not only to fullscreen but also with the functional panel

Toxic Caves / Re: How to remove items desks tables carts etc.
« on: August 10, 2016, 03:13:18 pm »
  how can i delete items i spawwn into server? asking because one of my dev team member thought it would be funny to set desks all over the hub but the idiot didnt have the insight to figure out how to remove them first
Use Game Master Tools

this, gmtools is the shit for quickly performing actions that otherwise would require an extended amount of typing and information retrieving

if you have trouble getting gmtools into your server just add GMTButtons.txt into your client folder and copy-paste the code into it, it should load GMTools each time you getaccess once you load it once, which is simply ~gmtools menu load GMTButtons (may need to add .txt to end of GMTButtons)

also, is there an extended menu in GMTools that isn't just accessed via ctrl-click? I swear I saw a menu open when I pressed a key with more than just teleport and airstrike.

post here instead of making multiple topics mang

The Workshop / Re: Reloaded Mapper problem
« on: August 10, 2016, 03:05:02 pm »
alt-tab so all running applications are visible and click back into the mapper, for some reason some of the critters do not appear when this happens to me

good luck on your server mang i'll definitely gib it a try

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