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Game Help / Re: How do I detect and disarm traps?
« on: July 06, 2024, 03:17:29 pm »
You see them as you get closer, and it is based on your PE (Perception), so you will see them earlier with high PE, or later with low PE. Sometimes with PE 1, you see them too late if you run too fast to a random footlocker, and get a broken leg, so maybe PE1 guys should slow down as they approach.

And if you're locker-hunting a lot, get Traps skill to 50 and get the Light Step perk. It helps a lot. Carry Doctor's Bag (or Paramedic's Bag) to help correct broken limbs. Disarming Traps can be a nice little boost to XP as you hunt, if you have much higher Traps skill (max 150).

If i read that correctly, this code line says if you do NOT have the Pyromaniac perk, and you attack with fire and your ammo is dragon's breath, then you do 1.25x dmg. To me this does not say you don't get a dmg bonus WITH Pyro.

Unless == means equals and != means NOT equals. If that's the case, then this was written specifically to exclude gecko breath ammo from Pyro's bonus dmg. That means a developer thought about it and said, nope, you should not get a dmg bonus from these fire-based shells even though you have the perk that is supposed to give you bonus dmg to fire-based attacks. We may all find that weird, but we don't all think alike.

Game Help / Re: How do I go further in this game?
« on: June 21, 2024, 10:18:44 pm »
What Tin Man said above, and...

One thing for me is to use a leveling build to level up a new character over 100, maybe 150 or even higher, to make an advanced sniper. Use the online Planner tool to plan the build, but use a leveling build to reach the target level. Then Reroll and try it out. Don't use implants yet (if you have those) until you are sure the build works best. This plan can take a while, but there are ways of faster leveling.

Meanwhile the idea we can craft our own gear and sometimes get some items with excellent bonuses, keeps me going.

Then there's the quest for implants. The search for Special Encounters, especially a Vertibird. Find Bridgekeeper's Robes while Cave exploring, and a certain priceless Baseball Bat while searching thru random lockers in city ruins.

The final quest...the one that is the most challenging. The quest for....a good team you can trust. I won the game when i found my buds here, but don't expect to find yours quickly - it took me years.

And finally, we can all download the developer tools and start working behind the scenes to create new explorable content. If it's good enough, polished around the edges, doesn't break cannon, and Kilgore approves, it can be added in an update.

Character builds / Re: I'm a beginner and I'm looking for a build
« on: May 09, 2024, 09:23:11 pm »
First of all, welcome to the very best minecraft server in the whole wide worldmap of warcraft!

2nd of all, why no drugs? Drugs here do not cause addictions so it's just digital/pixel candy. And you want to play TB so surely you want Jet.

General Game Discussion / Re: Is anyone else playing?
« on: April 09, 2024, 03:02:05 am »
Yes, some are active here. Your English seems good enough to me - what help do you need? Check these servers

Bugs / Re: Quest: Junktown - Optimizing the Power House - minor bugs
« on: December 13, 2023, 11:58:16 pm »
Oh it has an effect: you cannot craft for 30 minutes. I'm glad you're mentioning this, because the bigger problem in my opinion, is the Science skill requirement for optimizing the generators after you repair them. This is a beginner quest, the kind of thing new people might like to do, so the Science requirement should be low, like let's say 50, but try it even with Science 100 and you fail over and over and over maybe 30 times per generator. What player will stand there and use Science 100 times for only a few XP? I believe what happened is...the requirement was set too high a long time ago, but back when Science skill maxed at 300 (the old old days), and then later many skill maximums were decreased which is good but...a few quest requirements were never decreased to scale down with the changes to maximums, leaving the Science requirement for this quest far too high - close to the max. The fix? Simply lower the Science requirement to maybe 50. Done.

Many NPCs walk away from dialogue and it is annoying. Thomas is not the only one. The dad & children in Hippocratic Oath are the worst, but Thrane in Necropolis does it too.

Another easy change i hope for is Water the Farmers in Hub. It takes time to run around the fields, find one of the right NPCs, offer him water, run back to the water pipe to get more water and find 9 more farmers the same way, only to get a grand whopping total of 150 XP. This is not a funny joke - it is simply an old, old quest from the first days, that never paid well even then, and got overlooked as new content has been added with XP more appropriate for the time investment. The fix? Simply bump the XP up to 500 from 150. Done. I'll be glad to add this one to the new players step-by-step route in my Startup Guide, once it pays decently.

While i'm going on this, something happened with joining Vault City so that one of the options is no longer available. I suspect it is another case of a Science or Repair skill requirement that is no longer possible since skill maximums were decreased. We could get the Hydroelectric Magnetosphere Regulator item before, while joining VC, but not any more. As far as i know, this items has disappeared from game, likely due to a now-unattainable skill requirement.

Game Help / Re: How to switch fight mode to turn-based in local server?
« on: October 22, 2023, 06:14:21 pm »
I think this is right: Close client. Run FOConfig.exe and go to Combat tab. Change and save. Re-launch game.

Bugs / Re: Warehouse - Stacked Slags
« on: January 15, 2023, 06:39:04 pm »
Warehouse is very hard. I'm sure it was meant to be that way. I think it was meant to be a place that requires players to team up, to encourage team play. Whoever added Warehouse was maybe thinking we already have fun things that can be solo'd - let's force a few challenges to require teams. A team of 2 is not enough? Okay, recruit more.

I once built a team of 4 BG companions, leveled them all up to 24, gave them all the best incinerators and hit WH solo. All 5 of us were wipe out within 10 seconds. Twice. I abandoned the idea and never go there solo, but only ever go there with at least 4 real players.

Same with Ares: you cannot do it with only 2 (although 2 extreme snipers can wreck the surface with practice!)
Same with California Raiders bunker. Same with Sierra. etc

General Game Discussion / Re: WIKI errors (consolidated topic?)
« on: January 15, 2023, 06:24:50 pm »
Thank you for gathering and reporting this info. Some of it we can fix immediately, but some requires verifying things - more time. For example, i fixed the eparts thing about crafting tesla armor immediately, but GR rep was tested a long time ago: it says you first need 900 to get in, and maintain 500 or more to retain access. If you got access and then checked your rep afterward, it may have decreased to 800 over time (?). Are you 100% sure it's 800 to get in, or could it be 900 as wiki says?

FLD: can you say that another way - i do not understand.

P90: how do we test this? Descriptions should match, and sometimes they don't, but which one is correct? We have seen a lot of cases where the in-game text description is wrong, based on old info, and was not updated after a change to game. That happens a lot more often than the other way around.

Keep posting these! In the past, we had a Wiki Award Credits program where very nice items were awarded to players who made significant enough contributions to the wiki. Kilgore funded it and it worked - some players earned it and were rewarded well. Maybe we can do something like that again.

Also, let us know when you find an undocumented NPC. These are the NPCs who have a name in-game, and thus imo should have their own wiki page, but still do not. I just found 3 more in the last 2 weeks. (Some of these NPCs do not seem to have any function which is likely why their pages were skipped.)


Bugs / Re: Inability to complete "Cathedral: Explore the Cathedral Cellar"
« on: December 20, 2022, 02:40:48 pm »
Confirmed. No plants there, so no way to satisfy the quest's completion requirements. And yes, the plants were once 3D "man traps". They swayed and animated a bit and were very impressive to see. We once had 3D frogs in the game too, and maybe a few other 3D critters, but these were all removed at some point due to them apparently causing some problems. However, i believe the man traps in this basement were overlooked so remained in this quest for a while longer. Then, (prior to last season?) i forget now when exactly, even these man traps were removed and replaced with standard spore plants. This quest was working after that, so i'm not sure what happened or when it happened, but clearly they are missing now.

Also, i'm impressed to see any PvP/PK apes doing PvE quests. Seeing that is worth more to me than missing spore plants, so yay!

Game Help / Re: Character Planner Season 4
« on: November 09, 2022, 12:22:23 am »
Here's another one, meant as a team leader to get 4 human companion NPC followers:

{"buildString":"51a44a527fac","levelString":"9he8.7b4231373i3d3g3e50-22k63506972737c-22k506e-22a506r-22a50-2256b-2fk50-6147l-2fn7m7n506u-2iu506s7e-2ii56-2ic-2eu7g7h7f5a-2ef-2ct7i74_2a275a_2a1e-2875a_282i-2265a-2247t-27u5a-2fx5a-2fk5a-2fj-277#8undefined#82","level":100,"HP":262,"avatar":"CombatArmor","name":"Pyromaniac Captain","class":"Flame-Burst Team Leader","role":"Squad Combat","author":"Henry","notes":"Team Leader build, uses Incinerators +Pyro perk for big fire dmg, leads 4 NPC human Companion followers @Level 100, but gets these @Level 70: 3 NPC human companions, max Lockpick, glide over locker traps, max First Aid, Repair your own gear, fast map travel, Doc 100, multiple crafting professions. Tough and gets +7 bonus Hit Points via \"Mystery Boosts\". Give LSWs to your followers and have them run combat support from a distance."}

I hope this format is what you wanted. I have been using the JSON bottun.

Game Help / Re: Character Planner Season 4
« on: November 03, 2022, 12:02:12 am »
A wiki page for a planner this good sounds good. I can help with that too.

Back when i was working on my offline planner, i included a way to save both builds and characters. They both had a name field. A character named "Punchy" might use a build named "Melee Specialist v1". When i loaded any character that was based on a saved build, the build would show in a field called "Based on the _____ build". If the character was, however, built freestyle and not on a saved build, tat field would default to "Original". The saved characters allowed the user to keep a record of various things specific to that character's performance/experience. Like i might save links to screencap images, and a log of PvP events, what factions he's been in and when he joined/left them, general notes, etc.

When i started a "New Character", i could click a saved build and BAM! that build's data would instantly auto-populate that character's stats. Name him, make a few edits and save.

But a new build might also be based on a prior build, so in each build i included the same field as above, named "Based on the _____ build". If it's truly new, again it would just default to "Original". That idea morphed into the concept of a Build Tree, which i imagined might be a graphic that looks a lot like a family tree illustration, with base builds at the bottom, and how they branch into subsequent builds.

Oh if i only had time for this...

Game Help / Re: Character Planner Season 4
« on: October 31, 2022, 09:09:29 pm »
It's fantastic. It's heroic work, Arronax, you've done it again! I'll gladly be working on this.

  • {"buildString":"51a12aa27iac","levelString":"4231373i3d3g3e7b7c7e5063-22a50727369-22k506e-22f506r-228506d-22750-226-61450-2256u50-224-2i3516y55-2i7-28u7f7g7h5a_281p-2au5a_2a1y5a-2at-2ea5a_2e15747t-2fu5a_2f2651-2f451-2f451-2f4-27152-272557l7m7n-2ct7i","level":90,"HP":255,"avatar":"VaultSuit","name":"A Versitile Hi-DMG Minigunner","class":"Big Gun Burster","role":"PvE, Quester, Explorer, Combat Support","author":"Henry","notes":"Does max damage w/miniguns, solos some tougher quests including Gunrunners mutie cave, travels smoothly on the map, easily opens lockers, glides over bear traps, ususally heals himself, can lead 3 NPC Companion Followers, has best success repairing gear, and heroic Luck, but...very low PE/Sight."}
  • {"buildString":"51a13aa17i7a","levelString":"4131373i3d3g3e7b7c7e506450-21f697273506e-216-2i250-2i8-28a6r7f7g7h50-28y6s50-614-28x50-28e-273-2ca6t506u-2cj-2ea56_2e157i74-2fa5a_2f2q5a-2fc_2a285a_2a1b51-2a27l7m7n7t","level":61,"HP":255,"avatar":"VaultSuit","name":"Multi-Purpose SG Explorer","class":"Small Guns Survivor","role":"PvE, First Character","author":"Henry","notes":"Uses Shotguns, Assault Rifles, SMGs and SG pistols including the Gauss Pistol. Walks the map with ease, recovers quickly from knockdowns, heals wounds, leads 3 NPC Companion followers, picks locks, ignores bear traps, repairs gear w/max success, and gets multiple crafting professions (SG 2, BG 2, Armorer 2, Doctor 2, Demolitions 1, Science 1) and more with more levels."}
  • {"buildString":"51a1aa318i7e","levelString":"7b7c4131373i3d3g3e7a777e5063-21f50-216-2i8-2ek697g7h7f7372506e-2ea-28w78797476-27i506r_2714506u-27a-2id50-614-2dk75-2ct-2aa7i506s_2a25506t-2ax7t","level":24,"HP":255,"avatar":"VaultSuit","name":"A Leveler","class":"Small Gunner","role":"Leveler, Pre-Reroll","author":"Henry","notes":"Levels faster than most, then gets re-rolled. You find a build you want, but it's a high level, so you use this leveler build to reach that level, then reroll this into the build you really want. Get Swift Learner asap w/Science 50. Read 10 Science books to help with this. Leveling methods vary, so leveling builds might be specific to a method. This one is standard, meant for combat leveling, but can craft gear and drugs too."}
  • {"buildString":"91a18a147i6a","levelString":"7b7c44373i3d3e3g3150777e-24j6450697273-24i506e-244-2id7f7g7h506s-2i8-28u506t_281k-27376787950-614-27i5066-27d506c-272_2f1j56_2f1t-2er7l7m7n51-2e9-2d35174-2dd51-2db51-2d17a75-2cj51-2ca7i","level":35,"HP":199,"avatar":"VaultSuit","name":"Turbo Fast Miner","class":"Close Combat/Melee","role":"Miner","author":"Henry","notes":"If you want to mass-craft gear, and you want to mine ore as fast as possible, you might like to have this dedicated support character. He mines with 16 Acton Points on Jet wearing +Charisma armor, wielding a +CH melee weapon (Mega Power Fist preferred). Based on Turbo Miner build from wiki."}

General Game Discussion / Re: Blood soaked heroes quest stuck
« on: September 29, 2022, 09:39:37 pm »
Try talking to Dorothy anyway. Sometimes items referenced in a quest are not actual inventory items. If you met the quest's requirements to get an item, the game engine considers that items yours. Don't always expect to see it in inventory.

Game Help / Re: Reloaded WIKI
« on: July 04, 2022, 07:11:18 pm »
Added a 2-column version of the ammo template, so it's now easier to compare JHP ammo to its AP version. Examples:
* 10mm JHP and 10mm AP
* 5mm JHP and 5mm AP
* Needler Cartridges and Needler AP
* Explosive Rockets and Rocket AP
* .44 Magnum JHP and .44 Magnum FMJ
* Flamethrower Fuel and Flamethrower Fuel MKII

With this change to certain ammo pages, the differences between ammo variants should stand out a bit.

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