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Tools and Modifications / Vault 24 broadcast: Pip-boy update
« on: January 16, 2020, 12:25:53 pm »
"Attention all Vault 24 bluesuits! We are updating our pip-boys to the "Printed Circuit Boy Mark II TINY TANK" aka "Jinxed Jack interface".

As you know - if you read the brochure entirely - this year our old pip-boys will run out of virtual calendar space. Everyone is required to get a replacement, either from us at Lander's Point or, well, where ever you find one. If you have one of those high tech pip-boy from the Enclave or the Khans, you are safe. When and if you come back to Lander's Point, PLEASE MAKE SURE that you are NOT followed by anyone, especially by those ghoul crazies or God save us by a Super Mutant pack. Bring as much scrap metal with you as you can, we are all out!

For those not being able to visit LP, we have attached a software update with this message.

It's fully functional, but not entirely finished. Unfortunately our main tech guy, Jinxed Jack, is nowhere to be found. He was reported printing pictures of a special edition nuka-cola all over the place before his disappearance. We suspect he found a location of a nuka-cola stash on one of our returning members pip-boy and left for good. If you happen to bump into him, tell him to return to Lander's Point immediately - we need him.

Attaching installation instructions and a list of known issues after message. That's all for now, over."

  • Copy to '..\FOnline\data\' folder. (Where 'FOnline' is your game folder)
  • Edit the '..\FOnline\datafiles.cfg' to contain the line: data\ right before the line 'include DataFilesReloaded.cfg'
  • Edit the '..\FOnline\Reloaded.cfg' to move the timeouts text area a bit up, so it does not clash with new interface on lower rez than 1600 width. You need to change the values of PositionX and PositionY accordingly.
  • Clean your cache: delete everything in the '..\FOnline\data\cache\' folder.

Known issues:
  • Resolution 800x640 defaults back to old interface, - not to be used anymore!
  • Log-in screen system message displacement if using custom resolutions.

Please report other issues found in this thread, unless reported already.

If you installed the updates correctly, this is how it should look like:


Next pip-boy update will be a forced, auto update! Make sure the Jinxed Jack interface works on your pip-boy as a compatibility check, to avoid loosing pip-boy assistance during a fight.

Game Help / Re: Some help for a new one?
« on: January 16, 2020, 01:36:54 am »
That's how the wasteland is, Bluesuit!

Other ex-vault dwellers reported about some rookie raiders group up along the highway near Junktown, ask the JT scout captain for directions, I'm sure you can handle them solo.
There were report about the Gun Runners loosing their package to some Super Mutant fledglings with big guns. It's not without danger, but usually Mutants aren't too smart. You can hide around the corner and shoot them while they try to get close to you. Talk to Marshal about job opportunities at mercenary level, he'll tell you more.
If still in trouble, use Radio channel 0 to find other vault 24 members for help.

Also, did you forger to update your pip-boy? Bah.. Never mind. We will be sending out mass updates tomorrow. The new design will cheer you all up!

Don't forget to visit us at Lander's Point and bring some scrap metal with you, we are all out.

Toxic Caves / Re: My client crashes
« on: January 15, 2020, 01:38:22 am »
Server is up and running. Ping doesn't work for me either, maybe it's disabled.

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